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Being an entrepreneur is a life changing decision. Business ideas for beginners includes ideas that are less risky. Owning your own business means being your own boss. Hence, you won’t have to answer any body but yourself. You can build your own sense of pride. You’ll learn new things and money is just the top of the cherry.

There are no wrong or right reasons to start and own a business. Except for the fact that if you believe in some idea and you think that it can serve your purpose then you should go for it. However, starting a business can be hectic as it comes with a lot of responsibility. Thus, before starting a business one should have an experience for the responsibility.

Why is it necessary? It is necessary because starting a business means handling risks. And handling risks requires experience and expertise.

How different beginners’ business ideas can help you in earning money?

business ideas for beginners
June 16, 2021
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Teaching has been considered as one of the most noble profession since the beginning. However, online teaching has been gaining more popularity these days. Because of the advantages of flexibility, economically and comfort. Hence, modern days have shown us the extent of the use of internet. Internet can be used very wisely to make money.

Online sites like CHEGG can make that happen. How?  It is known as subject matter expert.

You can make money through CHEGG by teaching online. CHEGG acts as a bridge between the students and the teachers. CHEGG is a common platform where students and teachers come together. Its main aim is to improve the education provided to the students with less cost and time. With its use, education becomes accessible and affordable to many. Therefore, becoming a subject matter expert contributes to that.

How can you earn money through it?

CHEGG invites students from all over the world to ask questions about their concerned subjects. Subject matter experts are hired by CHEGG for answering these questions. And it in the return the teachers are paid for the questions that they have answered. You just have to register yourself.  Then, take a test for the subject you are applying. Read all the guidelines carefully. Take a guidelines test. Submit the scanned soft copies of your documents. Get your documents verified. And hence, you are hired as a subject matter expert.


One of the simplest yet money making business idea for beginners is starting a cooking class.

A cooking class well explained by the name itself is very clear. The big fat cooking shows on TV are big examples of how successful one can be. You can start your own cooking class, if you have knack for cooking. You will have to experiment with new dishes and spices every day. Hence, a new dish or a new flavor can bring you handsome amount of money. Therefore, anyone who believes in their potential can start this business as it doesn’t involve much risk.


Owning a cab service is another easy business idea for their beginners. If you have good driving skills and a license then you can start your own cab service. With the scorching heat, the cab business will run a long way.

Buy a decent looking car and start earning. You can pay a lot of your bills through this. Thus depending upon the service, you can expand your services and hire more drivers. You can either be self employed. Or you can apply for the big companies like ola or uber. Ola and uber hire drivers and pay a decent amount of money for it. However, I suggest you to go for your own. If you want to start a business you should be self employed.


With healthy being a focus point for many people, fitness centres have grown very popular. Every business centre doesn’t require much investment. But there are some fitness centres which are highly successful and very less equipped. As a fitness centre you can start Zumba classes. Zumba or dance classes will not require much investment except for music system and a place. But it will pay you a lot of money.

Therefore, the place will require certain dumb bells, some mats and a music system. It can be used 16 hours a day. People will walk in and work out for entire day. And you will get the monthly subscription of the clients. Fitness center can be another one of the successful business ideas for the beginners.


A computer training centre can be opened in a small place. By putting up some screens and internet. You can use the place for training elderly and children about computers. Specially the elderly people of our society are still behind the knowledge of computer. Hence, you can use the ways to help them as well make money through it.

This business will be driven by subsequent knowledge and a little investment. You can run multiple batches in the morning and the afternoon which can match the time convenience. Hence, you can have a lot to teach to the people. For example, excel, power point, word and other microsoft tools.


There has always been high demand for personal hygiene, fashion and grooming related services. Starting your own fashion boutique or spa is another business idea for beginners. Some initial investment in the mirrors and chairs will be required. However, after that you can start earning through it very easily.

Therefore, if you know the art to groom people then you should try your hand at this.


A social media influence or a blogger is person who writes post and blogs. Blogging enables people to speak about things freely and do whatever they like. It can include writing, photography, and other media and self-publishing it online. Blogs and social media serve the same purpose. therefore, you can add your views about fashion, food, social topic, songs and movies. And if people like your content, you might attract traffic to your page. More the traffic there is, the more you will get paid for it. Hence, all you need is some time to think about the things that you want to write. And you are good to go.

As long as people like your blogs and posts, you’ll remain relevant. And the more time you remain relevant, the more popularity your posts will gain.


If you are good at making handicrafts or even if you are not, you can still own this business. The most common but money making business idea for beginners is to make money though selling or making handicrafts. Every household in India makes handicraft.  They sell these handicrafts for cheap price. Therefore, you can either make these type of handicrafts yourself and sell it. Or you can buy it from rural people and sell it for a good price.

People from all over the world comes to tour INDIA. Selling these handicrafts to these folk men will pay you a handsome amount.


Home made chocolate is always a huge demand in the market. If you are good at baking you definitely should try this. Make chocolates at home and with pretty packing, it can be sold for a nice amount. If people like your cookies and chocolates, it will take up. Hence, you can expand your business. With a little investment in the raw material you will be able to earn much more. May it be an occasion or any party, chocolates are a must. And your hobby of baking sweets will bear you some sweet fruit.


Another business idea for beginners would be to start your own lunch service. In big cities like Mumbai, Delhi, or Kolkata, lunch service is a big hit. You might wonder why is it so! Every year, students come there to stay for their further studies. Hence, the younger population comes there to work and study. Hence, leads to the huge demand for good food. Good food has not only the power of removing hunger but also to earn well. Starting a lunch service will require some investment in the raw material and delivery service. Lunch service can earn you a decent amount of money. And in some time if people like your food, you can open a shop of your own.

Final Thoughts

There are much more business ideas for beginners. Ideas which requires less investment, less risk and more profits. Though the initial investment in some business can be high but the same things will be used every time. The success of these ideas mentioned will depend upon many factors. It will depend upon your skills, talent, networking and communicative skills. It is important to study the demand for the product you are offering before making any investment. In today’s world learning is required as well as essential. Hence, starting your own business will give experience as well as learning.

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