Best Work from Home Job Options for Women

February 4, 2021
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work from home for women

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Since a lot of people had to switch to the online mode of work due to COVID-19, society realized the potential of work from home. According to reports, people have been more productive while working remotely. This is because working in the comfort of home is much more convenient. A person is able to handle household chores simultaneously; and also cuts down on the traveling (to office) time. Companies started to offer positions for more work-from- jobs and there was a 30 percent rise in March 2020 as compared to the same month last year. The rise has been particularly seen in metropolitans including Delhi, Bengaluru, Chennai, Mumbai, Hyderabad, and Pune.
Professional women have primarily applied for job roles such as journalists, content writers, customer service agents, telecalling, etc. Some of the most popular industries for women while searching for jobs have been education, IT, e-commerce, advertising, and PR.

Therefore, a lot of opportunities are opening up for women who are tied up with familial commitments or want to begin their careers. There will soon be a time when multitudes of women working from home will be the new normal. There has already been a fifty times increase in the number of job applications as compared to the previous year.

Work from home opportunities for women

Women are extremely hardworking and motivated beings. Despite all problems that come their way, they are able to tackle them smoothly and progress further. Now, due to COVID, work from home for women is the way ahead.

Let us take a look at some work from home jobs for women:

Freelance Writing

work from home jobs for women

The perfect job for any writer is the one where she can sit comfortably at her home and write at her own discretion. Freelancing means to have multiple companies as your clients. These companies assign you a task and give a deadline. You can easily finish the task from the comforts of your home and according to suitable timings. In freelancing, you don’t have a boss, neither are you someone’s employee. You have the power to take a job as and when you feel like it! So simply hop on to different companies, write according to their needs, deliver your piece and time and you’re set. With time, you can make multiple clients who will keep coming back to you if your job is good. If you have a knack for writing, freelance writing is one of the best work from home for women.

Beginners earn about a few paisas per word.

Create an Online Shop

This is one of the best ways to start a business without any investment! A lot of women are great at artwork, painting, embroidery, postcard making, creating show-pieces, making clothes, etc. This is the time to cash in on your talent. You can very easily open a shop through your social media account such as Facebook, Instagram, or create a personal website connected to your Paypal account. Exhibit all your creations on your website/ social media for people to buy them. It is a very easy way to earn money sitting at home. The more orders you get, the more motivated you will be to make more stuff. This way, you’ll not only monetize your hobby but also utilize so much of your time for something productive.

Remember that you need to be consistent for your business to flourish. It’s not easy in the beginning but keep on promoting and sharing it with your peers and acquaintances. Also, make sure that you have some very unique items on display that people would want to buy. Something that is already available in the market won’t really be in demand. So be exquisite with whatever you make!

You can even register with Amazon to become a seller through their website. Your items will be put up on their portal and all orders for them will be directed to you.

You can earn according to your sales per month.

Online Tutoring

Isn’t teaching one of the best jobs to earn easy money? You just need a stronghold over your subject and you can easily tutor little ones. Due to COVID 19, since all classes have been shifted to the online medium, so has tutoring. Parents want to tutor their kids in all fields- academics as well as extracurricular. So you can easily teach a child English, political science, maths, science, etc or even yoga, music, art, dance, aerobics, and so on. And all of this can be done within the ambits of your home! How? You only need a working laptop along with a strong internet connection and voila! Set up a meeting on Zoom, skype, google meet, and take the class online.

With so much technology and convenience, online teaching gives a similar experience to that of physical classes. You can even stand with a blackboard if you like or simply share your screen with the students.

To start working as an online tutor, you can register with websites like Myprivatetutor, Bharattutors, and that will enable you to interact with and teach students.

As an online tutor, you can even become a subject expert!

If you think you have a very good command of your subject, then becoming a subject expert is the best option for you! Enroll yourself as a subject expert with Chegg and get going.

So the more you answer, the more you earn! Isn’t this one of the best home-based work for women?
After completion of all the above steps, you can start your work as a subject expert. There are about 20 subjects to choose from. Students will be posting academic questions and the subject expert needs to answer them. They will be paid a certain amount per answer.

Online Counselling

More and more people are succumbing to depression, anxiety, panic attacks, and other mental issues. A lot of this is because of the circumstances COVID-19 has put us into. People are seeking therapists to help them cope up with these changing situations.

You need to have a degree in medical sciences or psychology to be able to become a counselor.  A diploma, bachelors or masters will be sufficient. You can provide online counseling through video calls or through chat/email. You can charge hourly for each session. Since the need for psychologists is growing manifolds, this can prove to be the best work from home for women.

Enroll yourself with online portals that help with mental health, get your credentials verified and you’re set to go. This is a great job if you want to help out people or give your services to the ones in need.

A counselor earns per session with a patient.


This job is for people who do not have much training or expertise in a particular area but want to earn money. It requires two very easy to learn skills- quick typing and good listening ability. You need to listen to a speech and convert it into text format. These speeches can either be live or recorded.

You need to listen to audios and type them up for researchers, reporters and others. Although to become legal or medical transcriptionists, you do need a degree as well as a good amount of experience.

You earn according to per hour of the audio that you type. Many transcriptionists job are available online.

One can easily earn a few thousand per month by this job.


Telecalling is again a job that does not require previous training and can be done if you have strong communication skills. The person has to answer inbound telephone calls and convert them into sales. Their job duties include:

  • Advising present or prospective customers by answering incoming calls; operating telephone equipment, automatic dialing systems, and other telecommunications technologies.
  • Influencing customers to buy or retain product or service by following a prepared script to give product reference information.
  • Documenting transactions by completing forms and record logs.
  • Maintains quality service by following organization standards.

A lot of women working from home are already into this job. More and more companies seek female telecallers as women are much better at communicating with customers. You can simply sit with a working headset and a laptop and answer all queries.

You will earn according to your online timings.


home based work for women

Proof-reading is another easy job if you are looking for work from home for women. All you need is to have a good command over the language in question. You should have the ability to pick out grammatical, typing or spelling errors very quickly. The job of a proof-reader is to produce a piece that is without in mistakes. They need to correct all the written material.

However, in order to be a proof-reader, you might have to write for the company a test or have a degree in the concerned language to qualify for the job.

So, if you think you have a good hold over a language, then this is definitely your go-to online job.

You will earn the base on your clientele network and how big the client is.


YouTube is one way to make a whole lot of money online! But you need to be very consistent if you dive into this work from home for women. It requires a lot of effort initially and may not give the best results, but with continuous hard work, you will reap great benefits.

You can start your own channel on YouTube and upload videos. These videos can be about anything and everything. But remember that they should be unique and interesting so as to hold the attention of the audience. YouTube already has content on every topic, what you need to think is how can you make your difference?

Take cue from various top YouTubers such as Bhuvan Bham, Dr Vivek Bindra, Kabita ka Kitchen, Nisha Madhulika etc to understand how you should follow.

Your channel will showcase your talent- whether you’re a great comedian, motivational speaker, chef, baker, make-up artist, painter etc. Choose whatever you like and start making interesting content.

You must begin by building up your audience. This can be done through extensive promotions and consistent presence. After building your audience, apply for Google AdSense from the AdSense website. Google AdSense allows publishers to present text ads or video advertisements on your videos. As viewers click on those ads, you get paid. It is one of the best ways to earn money online.

YouTubers earn a few hundred per thousand views.

Graphic Designer

This job requires trained professionals who are well versed with applications such as Adobe, Photoshop,Illustrator and Indesign. These are the basic requirements. These are animation software’s that require some amount of practice. This work from home for women can turn out to be exhaustive but if a person has the skill, it can pay extremely well. You only need a laptop with either of the software’s to be able to do this job.

People who are into animation, design or even cartoon sketching are going to love this job. Graphic designers create visual concepts, using computer software or by hand, to communicate ideas that inspire, inform, and captivate consumers. They develop the overall layout and production design for advertisements, brochures, magazines, and reports. The entire layout of a website such as color tones, flowcharts, tabs etc are all developed and thought out by graphic designers.

This work from home for women enables them to earn quite a lot of money.

Final Thought

The concept of work from home for women became a norm about 20 years ago and it’s time for yet another change. All those who have not been able to work because of societal pressure/familial commitments or lack of opportunity have something new in hand. There are certain options of jobs for housewives sitting at home. They can very well add to the household income by putting their talents into work. The world has digitized enough that almost anything can be monetized and exhibited online. So why stop? Go on and make some money!

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