Top Highly Paid Jobs in India for Freshers and Experienced


Students often get worried about their careers and future jobs. Students start searching for employment after completing graduation. They are passionate and determined to get an excellent job in India. There are various graduate jobs available. If you are a student or searching for graduate jobs, multiple paths are available. For different categories, different job roles are available. It would be best to choose according to your field of interest and passion. You can work in a Private Company, or work as a Government Employee, or as a Freelancer, or you can make your own business. You can choose your career according to your interest. So in this article, we will mention some highly paid jobs in India for freshers. I will mention some highly paid jobs in India for experienced professionals too. 

highly paid jobs in india
January 14, 2022
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Table of Contents

Top highly paid jobs in India 

Combined Defence Services- One of the top highly paid jobs in India 

It is one of the top government exams in India. Also one of the most prestigious and highly paid jobs in India. If you want to serve your nation, it’s a great opportunity. Any graduate can apply for this job. To get a job in defence services, you have to clear NDA, CDS, AFCAT different exams. Combined Defence Service conducts examinations for  Indian Military Academy, Noval Academy, And Air Force Academy. This position is very prestigious, challenging, and responsible. And the salary package is also good. The salary of defence services is around 60,000 to 70,000 per month. Also, extra perks are included. 

RBI Grade B Officer- one of the best highly paid jobs 

RBI is one of the accessible banks in India, and Grade B of RBI is the best post for this job. This exam is one of the toughest government exams in India. If you are interested in working in banks, it is one of the greatest graduate jobs. Also, it is one of the highly paid jobs in India. A Grade B officer gets an average salary of sixty-seventy thousand rupees in a month. You will also get additional perks like- accommodation, free education for children, tourism packages every year. It is a highly respected and responsible job. 

Bank jobs-one of the great, highly paid jobs for anyone 

Maximum students prepare for bank exams after graduation and paper in the examination. Bank Jobs are high in demand in India, so it is one of India’s top government highly paid jobs. Also, vacancies are significant, so it is one of the good graduate jobs for anyone. Every year Bank conducts several examinations for different banks and posts. Like IBPS PO, IBPS Clerk, SBI PO, SBI Clerk, iBPS SO, IBPS RRB, etc. Salary of Bank jobs is also good. One can get up to 40,000 per month. 

State PSC Exams- Top State Highly paid jobs 

This is a great chance for any graduate student looking for a good and respectful job. It is a State exam, but lakhs of students prepare and appear in the exam every year. So the competition is very high. Different states conduct this exam for SDM, ETO, DSP, etc. It has a high reputation. So undoubtedly, it is one of the highly paid jobs in India. A State Service Commissioner gets around Rs 50,000-60,000 per month. Also gets additional perks like- travelling, accommodation, medical, etc. This is the same as UPSC, but different state conducts their exams for the posts. 

State Service Commission-One of the best, highly paid jobs everyone can apply for. 

It is also a State exam. State Service Commission includes SSC CGL, SSC CHSl, SSC JE, MTS, etc., exams for different posts. This is also one of the top government exams and great graduation jobs as lakhs of candidates prepare to get a job. Salary is also high. So it is one of the best and highly paid jobs in India. You can get up to 40,000-50,000 per month. It may vary for clerk posts. 

Highly paid Jobs in India after Engineering 

Core Jobs 

There are lots of opportunities for engineering graduates also. If you are a Fresher from an Engineering background, especially in core subjects like- Civil, Electrical, Mechanical, then this is a great job opportunity. It is also one of the great graduate jobs, highly paid jobs in India. Every year GATE exam is conducted to select the candidates in PSU. Some of the top PSU companies are- IOCL, ONGC, Indian Oil, NTPC, Power Grid Corporation, Coal India, GAIL, Hindustan petroleum, etc. This is a highly respected job and the toughest one also. GATE Exam is one of the toughest government exams. The salary is also good. Almost 70,000-1,00,000 per month if you are selected in top PSUs. 

Some Highly paid jobs in India for Freshers and Experienced 

Software Engineering Jobs 

There are lots of highly paid jobs in India for freshers and experienced. Especially for Engineering students in Computer Science or IT branches. 

Data Scientist-one of the best Software Engineering highly paid jobs. 

One of India’s best graduate and highly paid jobs in private companies. If you are interested in working as a Software Engineer in any company, you can choose Data Scientist as a career. If you are a fresher or experienced, you can apply for this job in top companies. A data scientist gets Rs. 8-10 lakhs per annum. If you have experience, you have more scope. 

Full-Stack Developer

Suppose you are a student from an engineering background and are interested in programming languages. Then, it is a good option for your job after your graduation. We consider it one of the highly paid private jobs in India. A full-stack Developer gets Rs.10 to 15 LPA.  As a Full-Stack Developer, you can work in IT companies. If you are a fresher or experienced, you can apply for this job. This is also one of the great jobs in the private sector and highly paid. 

Software Developer-high demanding and highly paid jobs in India 

If someone is interested in coding, they can choose a career as a software developer. This is the best graduate job opportunity for software engineers. It is a high demanded job in IT companies. Also, a highly paid private job in India. As a Software Developer, one can get up to Rs.10 lakh per annum. It may vary. If you know some programming languages like C, C++, JAVA, Python, Ruby, then you can try for good companies for this role. 

Machine Learning Expert- 

There is also one great opportunity to work as a Machine Learning Expert. Nowadays, it has become a more demanding job. And one of the highly paid jobs in India. So this is a good opportunity for an engineering student after completing graduation. If one has advanced knowledge of programming languages and Machine Learning, this is a great career option. If you have experience, you will get more salary. 

Cyber Security Analyst- 

If you want to become a software engineer, this is also a great option. The main work of a Cyber-Security Analyst is to check the security of all important sites and to secure them. One must have programming knowledge, basic programming skills, app development knowledge, etc. As a Cyber-Security Analyst, you can work in good IT companies, non-IT companies, and Banks.

Game Developer- 

If you are interested in gaming, you can make a career. But you have to know programming languages, good coding skills, and advanced knowledge of computers. As a Game Developer, one has to develop new game applications according to market needs. It is also high in demand and has a good salary package,  Rs.10-20 LPA. 

Many job opportunities are available for anyone who wants to become a Software Engineer. They are interested in working in top IT companies, especially know programming languages and interested in working in these fields. You can work as an Information Systems Manager, Multimedia Programmer, Blockchain Developer, IT Consultant, Software Tester, etc. All these job roles are high in demand and have good salary packages. 

Some more highly paid jobs in India 

Chartered Accountant 

Suppose you have completed your graduation in commerce and now finding top job opportunities to grow your career. Then Chartered accountant is one of the best graduate jobs available. Chartered accountant job is one of India’s best and highly demanding jobs. It is a dream job for a commerce student. CA exams are one of the toughest exams also. But the salary package of a chartered accountant is very high. A CA gets Rs 7 to Rs 8 lakhs per annum. 

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Investment Banker-one of the best graduate and highly paid jobs for commerce students 

Nowadays, Investment Bankers are the most demanding jobs in India. So if you have completed your graduation in commerce, it is a great job opportunity. If you are a fresher or experienced, you can apply for this job role. So if you are a commerce student, this is a great career opportunity for you. Also, it is one of the top highly paid jobs in India. An Investment banker gets almost Rs 8-10 lakhs per annum.

Chartered Financial Analyst 

It is also a great graduate job opportunity after completing your studies in the commerce stream. CFA is one of the highest-paying and demanding jobs in India. To become a Chartered Financial Analyst, you have to clear the CFA exam, one of the hardest exams. And you must have 4 years of work experience. As a Chartered Financial Analyst, you can work in several banks, insurance companies, Investment firms, Private companies, etc. Freshers and experienced both can apply for this job role. 

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Post Graduate Jobs in India 

Lecturers in Government Colleges 

You can become a lecturer in any government college after graduation and post-graduation. This is a great job opportunity for post-graduate candidates. To become a lecturer in Government colleges, you have to qualify for UGC Net and JRF. It is also one of the top graduate jobs in India. But the job is very satisfying and relaxing. You get enough free time, and the salary is also good. Compensation may vary between 40,000 to 1 lakh per month. They get additional facilities also like- medical, accommodation, etc. To appear in the exam, one must complete a Master’s in any domain. It is also a high-level examination. Every year, lakhs of students prepare to become Assistant professors or JRF. 


Nowadays, freelancing has become another opportunity to start your career. It’s a good career opportunity. As a freelancer, you can work with your interest and make money. 

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So in this article, we have mentioned all possible highly paid jobs in India anyone can apply for because every student starts searching for jobs after graduation. Jobs play an essential role in fulfilling our dreams and creating a great career. If you have completed your graduation, there are many opportunities available in India. You can choose according to your stream, field of interest. So you can start your career according to your preference. So in this article, we have mentioned some jobs after graduation for streams like engineering, commerce, and other branches. In addition, You can apply for any graduate job according to your eligibility criteria and preference. We have also mentioned government graduate jobs as well as private graduate jobs. I hope this article will help students looking for jobs, especially after graduation. Because finding a good job is very important to start our career. 

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