Important Things to Remember During Salary Negotiation

salary discussion with hr
February 2, 2021
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More people and companies are laying off their workers and employees due to less profit. Therefore, getting a new job this year can be a hard task. If you are lucky enough to find a desirable job, you do not want to risk it at all due to some basic salary negotiation. Salary negotiation with HR or any employer might sound like a small thing. Usually, it gets ignored but it plays a very important role in your new job. It is a challenge as it not only affects your new job but also the entire career prospect of the employee. But right preparation can help resolve this. This article is very helpful for everyone who wants to do salary negotiations with HR for the first time. Also, for employees who are going for promotion negotiations with HR. So, stay hooked to this article till the end to know everything about the salary negotiation with HR.

5 Important Things to Remember During Salary Negotiation


Every type of capital, resource, or asset of the organization has some value to it. The people getting hired are human resources and also hold some value to themselves. So, knowing your worth before entering into the conversation of salary negotiation with HR is a must. This is because if you do not the employer may lead the conversation and have full control. You may fall into the hands of the employer or HR for your salary amount. Knowing your value before getting into the salary negotiation with HR is a wise option. This will give you the opportunity to actually discuss your salary amount with statistical facts. Also, you have a better chance to get a desirable amount. You can search for the average salaries for the post you are applying for from other employees working in the same company. Also, you can get them online from sites like etc.


Before approaching an employer, HR, or any recruiter for your salary negotiation, organize your thoughts. Prepare for what you are about to say. You need to prepare for anything that might come up. You need to know about the questions you need to answer correctly. Also, you need to be aware of things that might affect your salary discussions. Your thoughts can play a huge role in your salary negotiation. If you know about your worth, the range for the post, you can convince HR properly. This can provide you a better chance to your desired salary amount.

Remember, practice your thoughts before going in salary negotiations with HR.


It is possible that you may find a bandwidth range for your post while searching for the salary. It is a general notion to quote the median of the range in salary negotiation with HR. However, it is not always true. You should always pick the top of the range.  And just picking the top range is not going to work until you bring your desired amount to the table as if you mean it. And the way to do so is to believe that you deserve the top range of the salary. The HR may offer you less than what you asked for. It might be something which lies in the middle range or something around what you asked for. Either way, you get a desirable amount for your salary.


While negotiating your salary with HR it is highly unlikely that a person can lose the job offer. However, you should not take it as a final seal on your job and should react in a certain professional way.

Acting immature by using wrong words, wrong attitude or an unreasonable request for your salary can make your job offer in high danger.

How would you ensure that you are being perfectly professional? Well, for that you should research what is the salary range for the post that you have applied for.

One of the important things to remember while salary negotiations is that be reasonable about what you are asking and act professionally.


When it comes to salary negotiation with HR a thing that you need to keep in mind that you are not the only one who will be getting affected by this, it’s them(employer, company) too, as the money for the employee comes out of the company’s pocket only. So, just stating that you’d take ‘x’ salary would not be enough.

You will have to state all the reasons why you are worth the salary that you are asking for, what are the things that you bring to the table, and what are the things that you planning to bring to the table in the future.

Come up with examples or real-time event to prove your point.

It will not only give you an edge in salary negotiation discussion but you will also be seen as a reasonable person.


Before jumping to the salary negotiations with HR you need to ensure that you have read all the necessary information in your job offer. There may be a chance that the company might have compensated for your low salary in the other perks.

So, if that is the case then the total expenditure that a company is doing on you might seem considerable for the company and they might not agree to a further increase in your salary at that time.

So, give your job offer a good and thorough read before you go to the table for your salary negotiation.


Getting mere a job offer is not enough because a poorly executed salary negotiation with HR can blow up your whole interview. Salary negotiations with HR can bend to the wrong side too and to avoid that you should avoid using some words or statements that I am going to mention below.

Currently,” as in “I’m currently making…”

Desired,” as in “My desired salary is…”


“No” and other negative words

“Later,” as in “I can deal with that after I start.”

“Try”, as in “Can we try…?”

”More”, as in “I want more…”


Important Things to Remember During Salary Negotiation

Many companies may not get too flexible with the salary negotiation even if everyone went right, they will be stringent on the low salary offer that they are paying you.

You need not worry. You need to focus on the fact that it is just a job and a company who is being unreasonable and stringent with your salary negotiation enough to exploit your skills but not compensating you, will also behave irrationally in the future also, and who would like to work in such a company where employees are not happy.

So, remember the fact that you are allowed to walk away from the table if you are not being paid enough to your skills and offerings. This will show self-confidence on your side if done courteously.


As important it is to behave courteously, honestly, smartly with your other rounds of the interviews, it is as important to behave rationally during your salary negotiations. As poor salary negotiations with HR can lead to bad effects afterward and not a satisfactory salary amount to you.

So, remember being not cocky, tempered, immature or anything else that can make the employer feel that you are not fit for the job. Do not use wrong words or sentences, research extensively before entering into the salary discussions with HR or any other employer, find a good way to explain why you are worth the job, and the desired salary.

Remember being confident and if not projecting it. The negotiations might be scary but by being reasonable in you can get it your way. Be positive but do not be pushy.

And you are good to go.

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