HR interview questions and answers for freshers- Detailed guide


The interview process requires many more other aspects to select a candidate. It is not a single process. This shows different layers of the process. So, the hirer tests our skills by asking several questions. But the plan of being successful depends on how you answer the questions. So, we should prepare ourselves for answering the questions. The more talented you are in answering the questions, the easier they hire you. The following article explains the HR interview questions and answers for freshers. This also explains some tips on how to crack interviews. To know that, let’s step into the article. 

hr interview questions and answers for freshers
January 28, 2022
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What is an HR interview? 

HR interview is nothing but a session where hirers test candidates upon their skills. This can range from your info to technical questions. The HR interview questions and answers for freshers are an important aspect of these days. So, the crucial aspect is to improve the communication skills of candidates. Candidates attending HR interviews must tackle any situation given to them. So, the interview deals with greater priority to freshers. Above all, candidates now understand how to handle hirers. 

Questions for freshers in interview 

The HR interview question and answers for freshers include: 

Introduce yourself 

The basic question for any candidate in an interview. The introduction must be clear and concise. Candidates should prepare a note for the introduction purpose. The introduction can create the best impact on the hirer. The introduction must be short and impressive for HR. This helps the hirer how his communication is likely to be in a session. For example, here is a sample introduction: 

Greetings, I thank you for providing me with the opportunity. I Mr X pursuing my XYZ in YAY college.  

So, the introduction should be formal. Hirers should see the correct format for taking candidates. The candidates must prepare for such situations. This is the first agenda for HR interview questions and answers for freshers. 

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Hiring purpose of candidate 

Often, this is just one of the many questions asked in HR meetings for the beginner. Most people get it wrong. The answer to these questions, human resources, for starters, is very simple and easy. They will better understand what you have in the interview and talk about its idea and value to an impressive start. In addition, many newcomers think that, because they have no experience, no company shall agree with them. Fresh is of the highest quality that you have. Be a simple intro ready to make your beautiful work of art. To provide you with exactly that, prepare yourself. We should mention the role the hirer looks for in us. 

For instance, 

Sir/Madam, as you are keen on my resume, I mention the skills you require for this role. I know (Artificial intelligence/business/data analysis/digital marketing) that is required for this job. I am interested in learning a new skill. So, I don’t have practical experience, but I have deep knowledge of the subjects. 

These are some ways you can answer ”Why should we hire you?” questions. Above all, be bold to answer these questions. 

Strength and weakness 

There should be a correct way for answering this question. This is the important question asked in every interview. The strength and weaknesses we mention should not portray us negatively towards hirers. So, the more you think and answer, the easier you attract hirers. For example, 

I consider my strength to be an excellent communicator, quick resolver of the situation, a great observer, etc. 

You should also mention your weaknesses so that it is easier for hirers to analyze you. For instance, I am weak when I rush through my work within a time. I feel stressed when the situation falls apart in deadlines. 

So, the question asked is “What are your strength and weakness?” for the candidates attending interviews. 

Purpose to work in the company 

These types of hr interview questions for freshers intend to quiz you on whether you have done some homework or background research on the company. Here, the interviewer expects you to explain why you think you would be a valuable addition to the company. 

Here, you don’t always have to only talk about good things about the company. Big firms are always open to criticism about their functioning and admire the people who provide them with new directions. So, if you have some faults that you have found with the company’s workings, you can mention them politely. Otherwise, you can always use this answer if you don’t find any errors. For example, 

”I think your company provides a friendly workspace. New skills started can bring out successful employees. You provide onsite for employees best works for the company. This is the reason I would like to work for your company” 

The purpose must be meaningful and worthy for hirers. Blabbering of unwanted things can lead to irritation for employees. So, be short in whatever you tell them. 

Goals in our life for freshers 

Within the list of HR interview questions for freshers, usually, one query continuously pops up. Companies always try to get the long-term objectives of every interviewee because it gives them an understanding of if you’re a profitable expansion to the company and can work for a long time inside the company. The goals that we mention should apply to HR. This increases your hiring possibility. Understanding one’s goals can make HR choose the right interview candidates. So explaining your goal requires proper preparation. We can do it by practising ourselves. 

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Qualification related questions 

Sometimes HR meets questions for freshers uses this address as a case to test the humbleness of an interviewee. Here, they ask you to think about what you’d rate your abilities out of. Whereas a few people think it’s distant better, much better, and stronger; an improved, distant, better alternative to saying no, my reply positively turns on your reaction. The qualification can make hirers think you are fit for this job. So, they can ask, “Are you overqualified for this job?” these are possible questions asked in interviews.

For example, 

“I think I am overqualified for this job. But I just want to learn a new thing. I wanted to aim high and skill myself towards your requirements.” 

The more you speak confidently about yourself, the easier you to get hired. 

Motivation towards job 

These meet questions for freshers prevent the range of your inspiration. The questioner is inquiring about this question to discover what will drive you once you connect the company to do skilled work for them. 

For example, 

“I got motivated through the work culture you offer the employees. The job satisfaction is high that motivated me more to take this job.” 

Be prepared to answer the question so that it impresses HR. 

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Managing situation 

The chief aim of a company is how it handles the pressure situation. So, HR asks “How do you manage pressure situations?” to the candidates. So, candidates must be prepared enough to answer such questions. The answer should be like: 

“I don’t get tensed during such situations. I first try to solve problems and then find a better way to handle them.” This can make the hirers think you are a cool guy. This can widely impress hirers. 

Relocation for the job in an interview 

HR meet questions for freshers to test the comfortability of the many changes that the company will bring in your life. The greatest is that it might inquire you to move from your hometown to a distinctive city in a distinctive portion of the nation. The questions can be like,” Which location are you interested in working with us?” 

The answer should be like: 

“I am comfortable in working in my native or nearby places. I like to live with my friend, family members, etc.” This shows how you dedicate yourself to jobs. This is a bonus in interview sessions. 

Night shifts and works 

We expect these questions in most interviews. Some candidates like day shifts and others night shifts. HR asks us to decide whether to work on day or night shifts. They mostly filled HR questions for freshers with questions that look for the length to which you’d go to total assignments for the company. Here could be a great time to reaffirm your commitment to your objectives and make them accept that you will work your best. 

Expectations from company 

My essential point is to memorize from the company. So, I expect a parcel of input from my work. As I had clarified, I flourish on feedbacks as I get the things I am doing off-base and thus can put my intellect to making them right. 

Any start of own business in an interview 

I have continuously needed to begin a company of my claim. But as of now, I am a fresher and proposed to pick up a few important abilities for my improvement. Hence, I think I am not prepared to start a company of my possess. The dream is still alive. 

Questions for you in the interview 

They can ask you whether you have questions for them. If you require asking them, you can ask them. But properly ask them— HR questions for freshers continuously conclusion on this note. So, it would be best if you did not let this opportunity get out of your hand. It would be best to address the things that pop up in your intellect, approximately the company. Otherwise, you can go with this answer. So, this can also impress the hirer. So, this HR interview questions and answers for freshers. 


The HR interview session is an important part of a candidate. We must prepare ourselves to answer the questions. For that, self-preparation is very important. One must be confident in understanding what HR needs. He should revise introduction notes before attending interviews. The above article explains the major questions asked in interviews. I hope you understand how an interview is essential in your life. Be formal and answer the question boldly in the interview. The destination of work must be the decision of your in an interview. The more you attend interviews, the easier you get hired in a company. 

HR meet questions for freshers spin around things that offer to help the questioners get your identity. So, be yourself. You ought to use these questions directly to the questions you vacillate in. You must continuously attempt to form each reply personally. So, be realistic in interviews. Thus I conclude that be confident to answer every question in an interview. The more confident you are, the brighter is your life. We hope you got a better idea about HR interview questions and answers for freshers.


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