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You must be wondering, how vital can a subject for job application be? If not structured properly, it could stand as a huge block for getting the interview. An apt job application email subject can decide whether your email will be read, and hence, you will be enlisted as a suitable candidate. Subject for job application acts like your first impression that the hiring manager will capture. If you are applying for jobs and sending out resumes, consider this article essential. This article will mention all the do’s and don’ts and the proper guidelines for writing a proper subject line before you send out your job applications.

subject for job application
January 20, 2022
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How relevant is the email subject for a job application?

Nowadays, where time counts for everything, several companies regulate the hiring process digitally. One is supposed to send out their resume’s to companies via mail. Hence, the firm then filters out eligible applicants for the job. But since the competition is excessive, the recruiters receive many applications for just one vacancy on average. It automatically becomes essential that you present yourself to stand out among others.

According to the Campaign monitor, the email subjects are “actually more important than the body copy of your email.” Don’t let your hard work go to waste by getting lost in the pool of spam emails or, worst of all, getting ignored by your employer. You want to develop a subject line that catches their attention and makes them intrigued by you.

Keep your job application email subject crisp yet informative.

Bear this in mind. You want the subject line to be brief and equally efficient. The subject for a job application should be precise to the point. You don’t have to insert too many words. It should be visible in one go. It is suggested that the job application email subject line have less than 50 characters. The first few words should give away the impression that you are applying for a job in the respective firm.

Include referral information

If you are referred to a certain position by someone, do not forget to mention that referral name in the subject line. Many firms or managers will consider you once they see that you come highly recommended by someone who has a big name in the sector. This will also ensure that they don’t confuse you with someone else who might have the same name as you. Various firms offer an employee referral program, considering that there is, in fact, some high credibility to that referral. Moreover, by doing this, you develop an edge over other candidates, even before they read to put your resume, and you land up with an interview. This will 100 per cent guarantee that your email doesn’t get disregarded.

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Remember that you have to covet this information quite subtly. It would be best if you didn’t come across as boastful. Mentioned below are a few examples for the same:

Referral from Young Trainee Campus Program, Sakshi Mehta, Resume for Senior Research Analyst

Referral from Agastya Mehta, Vidushi Kapoor, Applying for PR Manager

Strictly adhere to the guidelines

When you read the job profile, there must be a set of instructions the company would have asked you to follow before you apply. It would also have mentioned what you need to include in the subject line of your mail. If that’s the scenario, then there is no need to worry about creating the subject line. Write exactly point to point what has been asked of you, and you are good to go. Following instructions is more vital than anything when applying for a certain job. Every firm has its own rules and regulations.

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Tips to keep in mind

Here are some points you must consider before sending out your job application through an email.

  • Make sure you have a professional email address
  • Carefully read and adhere to the instructions
  • Mention the purpose of you sending the mail
  • Include specific keywords
  • Include your name
  • Keep the subject line concise
  • Modify it accordingly
  • Provide your referrals and follow-ups
  • Be professional
  • Proofread

Steps to writing a professional and well-structured subject for job application

  • The reason for you sending this mail
  • Job title you are applying for
  • Your name
  • Location (if mentioned)

Mention below is some examples for you. Please go through them. These will give you a clear idea of writing a perfect email subject for a job application.

Internship Opportunity at Oxford Publishing House, New Delhi

Applying for Senior Marketing Analyst, Mumbai, Vidushi Sachdeva

In case you have certain queries related to the job, and you are not applying for a vacancy, in that case, mention the below details:

  • The reason behind you sending the email
  • Brief information regarding the job you wish to inquire about
  • Your name
  • Referral (if any)

For instance,

Job inquiry- Vidushi Sachdeva, 6+ years experience in IT

HR Operations Manager Looking for Next Position

Inquiry- Quality Assurance Manager- Referred by Jaya Oberoi

Inquiry- Ved Sharma, PR Manager, Open to New Opportunities

Importance of a professional email address

Consider your email address as the backbone of your subject line. It will act as a catalyst as well. You may think you are coming across as a bit friendly and frank. However, many recruiters and hiring managers frown upon seeing unprofessional email addresses. Chances are, they will straightaway ignore your mail, and you will end up in the trash bin of their mail ids. That’s certainly not anyone’s aim.

Refrain from using amusing or childish and immature email addresses like, or

Your email address should ideally be your name along with your birth date or a specific number. Incorporate both your first as well as your last name. If that is not available, use some numerical digits that are relevant to you. For instance,


Job application email subject examples

If you are still wondering how to properly conclude everything you just read above, see the below-mentioned examples.

  • Applying for Senior Developer- your name
  • Job Inquiry- Your name, Current position
  • Referral from (insert referral information) – your name – location
  • Inquiry- your name
  • Content Writer Looking for Next Position
  • Operations Manager seeking New Opportunities
  • Product Retail Manager Resume
  • Referred by First Name Last Name; your name
  • Job position (you are applying for)- your name- your prior experience
  • Social Media Expert Looking for Next Position- mention your prior experience
  • Research Analyst Resume
  • Thank You – Job Title Interview

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How to apply at Chegg India?

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Your email subject line is one of the crucial steps in your job-seeking process. Work with the tips provided to you above in this mail. Coming up with a concise and apt subject line can do wonders for you. It can take you one step closer to the job you dreamt about. Mess it up, and it can act as a curse more than a boon, devoiding you from your dream job and landing you in the trash section. Bear in mind that it is not the only thing necessary to land a job, no matter how perfect the subject line is. A perfect subject line, along with a well-crafted resume, is the deadliest combination.

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