Most Common HR Interview Questions and Answers


As a fresher or an experienced job seeker, everyone needs to attend the interviews, they can be a technical, management, and human resource. A conversation between the interviewer and the interviewee is known as an HR interview. The interviewer asks the interviewee questions to choose a qualified human resource. An interview sometimes based on the HR interview question and answers. 

It is not enough to have a good academic background and professional experience to guarantee you a job. Every company holds an HR interview round to evaluate your attitude, strengths, task management abilities, and expertise and see if you’re the best candidate for the job. In most companies, the HR round is the final step in the hiring process. But qualifying an HR is not easy. 

HR interview 

Basically, professional interviews are of two types, based on questions asked by the interviewers they are line managers and HR managers. Line managers are usually specialists in the role you’re interviewing for and can ask technical or specific role questions. HR administrators, on the other hand, are more concerned with the company’s principles and community, and culture. 

In certain companies’, the HR interview occurs before the interview with the line manager. This means that HR can have a significant impact on the next round, particularly if the interviewer is a long-serving and effective senior member of staff. 

Line managers can seek support from an HR colleague in deciding between candidates with similar experience and expertise.Other aspects of your offer, such as your ability to work as part of a team or how well you could fit in with the company’s culture and values, may suddenly become very important in this situation.  

Another thing to keep in mind is that many line managers are already qualified to ask HR-style questions, so their opinion can well be reflected even though there isn’t a committed HR expert on staff. The below are some of the most important HR interview questions and answers asked in many interviews. 

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hr interview questions and answers
July 13, 2021
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Table of Contents

HR interview questions and answers for Freshers 

As an applicant, you will be expected to give a short introduction, respond to a few HR interview questions and answers about your job role or profession, and then discuss salary, incentives, benefits, deductions, business rules and regulations, requirements, and so on with the HR. The purpose of the HR interview questions and answers are designed to assess applicants’ basic skills and engagement in the job, as well as to explain different aspects of their application and resume. 

Tell me about yourself or introduce yourself? 

This is the first question, and it will almost certainly be asked in each interview round. Telling the interviewer about your goals, skill sets, skills, and achievements is the easiest way to address this issue. Avoid mentioning something that has already been listed in your resume, and avoid sounding as though you have mugged this answer. 

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What are the strengths and weaknesses?  

In an HR interview, this is one of the most often asked questions. When addressing this question, be truthful. Don’t be hesitant to list your abilities, just aim to limit it to three or four by focusing on the most important one that will support you in this role. When mentioning flaws, try to present them as strengths or plan an answer to the question, “How do you prepare to resolve this weakness?” 

Why are you interested in being a member of our group? 

This question will reveal how much research you’ve done on the company. You will speak about the company’s achievements, work culture, employee attitudes, work-life balance, among other beneficial aspects. 

Why did you apply for this position? 

I’ve been watching your company’s progress for a while and that you have a great software development team.  

This, I thought, would be the best setting for me to put the skills I have acquired through my internship and Master’s degree to use.  

So, I’d been checking your jobs page regularly, and when I saw this work ad, I decided it was finally time to give it a shot.  

I have web development experience and am very interested in the projects you list in the work ad one of them was the topic of my thesis. I believe I am a good match for the job and that I will learn and improve in your environment. 

Why are you leaving your new job? / Why did you quit your last job? 

The best candidates would offer strong reasons for leaving their former position. It’s a red flag whether they’re negative or derogatory to their boss. Of course, there is a compromise – sincere applicants will always offer an honest response, and their former employer may or may not be to blame for their work partnership ending. In these HR interview questions, it’s all about attitude. It would be rational, for example, if an applicant said that they quit their former job because their boss did not pay their employees a fair market wage. However, it would be a red flag if they went on a blog about how much of a liar their predecessor was. 

Tell me about this gap in your resume? 

This is one of the typical HR interview questions that may point to something unusual or interesting about a candidate’s resume, such as a work that lasted just a few months or seemed unrelated to the candidate’s experience, or an outright gap in the candidate’s employment history. These HR interview questions are intended to explain these issues and ensure that there are no red flags. 

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Interview skills 

There are a few simple steps you can take to improve your chances of interview performance. 
To start, keep in mind that a job interview should be a two-way conversation. They’re not only a way for employers to test you, but they’re also a way for you to assess the work, the company, to see if you’re a good candidate. Preparation and training are important for a good interview. The tips below will assist you in preparing for an interview. 

Self-assessment you must consider yourself and your previous experiences so that you can express what you have to offer a potential employer. 

  • Think about the following topics: 
  • How do your current and previous experience contribute to the job? 
  • Your current and long-term career objectives 
  • What abilities and knowledge do you have to offer? 
  • The abilities you’d like to enhance or grow. 

  • Preferences in terms of place, wage, and lifestyle. 
  • Your preferred types of individuals and environments. 
  • The following are the things you need to check before when you are attending for an interview. 
  • Before the interview: research the company, Practice interviews, Dress Professionally. 

  • During the Interview: First impressions, Smile, Body language, Speak clearly, Listen before answering, Give brief answers, Be truthful, Know your resume, Keep things at a professional level. 
  • After the interview: Back in touch, Thank the interviewer.

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General questions and answers in HR Interview 

What motivated you? 

I am motivated by a variety of things. My ability to be the strongest version of myself always drives me to meet my own desires. It motivates me to keep going as I see how positive I am every day. 

Tell me about your dream job? 

My one and only dream career have always been one that keeps me occupied and allows me to add to the company’s growth. 

Are you a team player? 

Without a doubt. Although I will deny that I can perform independently with no supervision, I am also the kind of teammate that any leader will want on his squad. Whatever job is delegated to me, I make certain it meets or exceeds the requirements. I still make it a point to communicate with teammates when necessary. 

What is your working philosophy? 

When it comes to working, I have only one philosophy: any task, no matter how small, must be completed on time and correctly. 
Describe your management style with a few words? 
My management style is defined by promptness and flexibility. To ensure that my objectives are met, I carefully prepare and schedule all down to the last detail. Although I stick to a rigid sense of time constraint, I still make fair exceptions and provide for contingencies. 

How would you know you were successful in this job? 

Being good means achieving established objectives. Being good also means not only meeting but also exceeding expectations wherever possible. 

Are you able to work extra hours if necessary? Prepare for the night shift and weekend work? 

I accept that being asked to work for a long period of time has a genuine reason, so I’m fine with it. It’s a simple act, but it means a lot to the group. I’d be happy to help. My [key talent for the position] abilities are exceptional. My previous employers have conferred upon me many honors and certifications. As an employee, I am able to work under pressure and with no supervision. 

Some more most common HR interview questions and answers 

How can you describe your capacity to function under intense stress? 

I am well aware of the nature of the position for which I am applying, as well as the pressure that comes with it. When I’m under pressure, it doesn’t discourage me; instead, it motivates me even more. 

Tell me about a problem you had with a supervisor. 

Sorry, but I don’t remember ever having such a disagreement with a supervisor. 

What makes you think you’d be good at this job? 

I am very trusting in myself and my abilities to achieve nothing other than excellent results because I enjoy this work. My years of experience aided in the development of these abilities. 

What about coworkers irritates you? 

My coworkers and I still get along fine. I am a person who is open-minded and considerate. 

Do your qualifications more closely match this work or another job? 

I believe my qualifications are the perfect match for this role. 

What’s in your job has disappointed you? 

I used to feel like I wasn’t offered enough problems to focus on. I was a little sad because I was so excited to try something new. 
What qualities would you look for in a manager for this position? 
I’d look at two things: the potential to do the job correctly and the best manner with which to do so. Without the right mentality, skills would not result in positive results. 

What role do you tend to play in a team? 

When it comes to being a team member, I am fairly adaptable. I may serve as a boss, an advisor, a communicator, or a secretary, or some other position that will help the team succeed. Because each player would be able to assume the role of others in times of need if they recognize the various positions. 

What was the most difficult decision for you made? 

It was a time when I had to choose between joining a group of workers opposing a business problem and standing away from it. I ended up serving as a mediator between the workers and our direct boss, and I’m happy I did because it turned out well and there were no more workplace disputes. 

Are you willing to make sacrifices for this company? 

That is what I would be able to do to the best of my capacity. When management wants me the most, I can handle personal issues on my own without causing friction. I can not, however, compromise on my principles. 

What characteristics do you want in a boss? 

My boss is someone that I can comfortably talk to, who can make firm choices, and who is open with me. A boss with a great sense of humor is indeed a good thing. 

Are you applying to other companies as well? 

Yes, really. I have applied to some of the top firms, like [….]. Above everything, I’m hoping and praying that I’ll be able to get a job with your firm. 


In the above article, The most common HR interview question and answers, we had discussed all the related information of the HR interview questions, what are the things that need to do preparing for an interview, how to attend interviews, and what type of questions will ask in HR interviews, etc., 

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