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One of the most difficult tasks for students is to choose career options after completing 12th. Because based on this decision, your future goals and job opportunities may vary. So not only students but parents are worried regarding this decision. Choosing career options after completing 12th is a difficult task. There are many opportunities available but choosing the best for yourself is tough. Students need to choose according to their field of interests, and thinking about future job opportunities and salary is also important. Because this is the first step towards achieving your career goals, it would be best if you chose what’s best for you. But many students don’t have a proper idea about career options after 12th, best opportunities, best streams, etc. So in this article, I’m going to tell you about the best career launcher options by giving information. I will help students take their first step towards their career launcher. 

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January 14, 2022
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Table of Contents

Career launcher options after 12th Science 

Students who had science stream in their 11th and 12th have lots of opportunities in their graduation. Like- 


This is a great career launcher option after your 12th. To become an engineer, you need to complete B.Tech degree. To take admission to good Engineering colleges, one needs to score good marks in JEE exam. This is a 4-year degree program. There are several streams under this course like Electrical, Civil, Mechanical, Computer Science or IT, Petroleum, Aeronautical, Biochemical and more. One needs to choose according to their interest. After completing this, you can work as a software engineer in top or core companies. Even you can do higher studies by clearing the GATE exam. Lots of job roles and opportunities are available in this course. Nowadays, maximum students choose this course as their career launcher option. 


If you are good at studies and had science in 11th and 12th, you become a doctor. This is the best job launcher option after your 12th. But one needs to study hard and secure a good rank in the NEET-UG exam to pursue an MBBS degree. 


Science Students can also choose BBA/BCA as their career launcher option. This is a good option if anyone is interested in finance, economics, management, and business. This is a 3-year degree program. After this, you can do an MBA. After completing this course, one can get a job in different companies. Lots of job roles are also available. And salary is also good, especially after completing MBA. 

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Best Career launcher options after BSc and job Opportunities 

There are so many courses to study in BSc. The standard BSc courses are BSc Chemistry, Mathematics, Physics, Zoology, Microbiology, Statistics, Psychology, Computer Science, Botany, Home Science, etc. There are also professional courses in BSc like BSc Agriculture, Animation, Biochemistry, Forensic science, Multimedia, Medical Technology, Nursing, Interior design, Nutrition, Forestry, etc. Lots of options are available. Students can choose according to their field of interests and future goals. But the degree is beneficial for students to pursue any career options. 

BSc Mathematics courses 

BSc Mathematics is one of the top BSc courses. This is also a three-year degree program. After completing your 12th in science stream, one can study this course. This is a hard subject. 

Job opportunities 

This course can help you to pursue a career in operational research. Also, you can build your career in Accounting and professional services. After completing BSc mathematics courses, one can apply for several government exams. 

BSc Chemistry Courses 

BSc chemistry is one of the top-rated courses under BSc degree. It is a three-year undergraduate degree. After completing your 12th from the science stream, you can apply to this course. There are also different parts in chemistry like organics chemistry, inorganic chemistry, Biochemistry, etc. 

Job opportunities 

After completing BSc chemistry courses, one can become a chemist, Pharmacy Assistant, Lab Assistant, Toxicologist, Biochemist, etc. All the jobs are good and high in salary. Also, more job opportunities are available in India after completing this. 

BSc Physics Courses 

This is also a three-year degree program. After completing your 12th in science stream, you can study this course. This is one of the toughest courses under a BSc degree. 

Job opportunities 

After completing the BSc physics courses, students can pursue higher studies or jobs. Lots of job opportunities are available in India. One can go for teaching after pursuing this course. Also, one can become a Research Assistant, Lab Technician or Supervisor, Consulting Physicist, Accelerator Operator, Technical Assistant, Radiologist Assistant, etc. 

BSc Biology Courses 

This course also has a three-year degree program. Lots of job opportunities are available after completing this. Also, it is one of the demanding courses under BSc degree and has different parts in it. Like Botany, Zoology, Microbiology, etc. 

Job Opportunities 

One can become a biology content Developer, Biological Technician, Conservationist, Ecologist, Botanist, Geneticist, Horticulturist, Molecular Biologist, etc. Salary is also good for every job profession. Students can apply for these, or they can go for higher studies. 

BSc Computer Science Courses 

This is also a three-year degree Program. This course has so many job opportunities in India. It has become one of the top-rated and trendy courses under BSc. 

Job Opportunities 

After completing a BSc in Computer Science, students can become Data Scientist, Application Analyst, Information Systems Manager, Web Designer, Technical Support Representative, Database Administrator, Software Engineers, etc. Also, you can apply to Private companies for different job roles. This course has many opportunities, so it is a great course to study for your graduation. 

BSc Agriculture Courses 

Nowadays, BSc Agriculture has become a trendy course to pursue. Many students pursue this course in graduation. This course has many job options in India and also a high-paying job. So students prefer to choose this course for better career opportunities. 

Job opportunities 

After completing your graduation in BSc agriculture, you can become an Agricultural Officer. The salary is 9 lakh per annum. Then ICAR Scientist, Agriculture Analyst, Agriculture sales officer, marketing executive, Research assistant, Project associate, Agriculture Technician, etc. So students have so many choices to apply and appear for. Salary is very good in each field. This is a great course choice for any student who wants to pursue a BSc degree. 


Students can also become an architect by completing a B.Arch degree. If anyone is interested in this profession, this is a good career launcher option. The salary of an Architect is also good. One gets Rs 4 lakh to 10 lakh per annum. 


You can also become a pilot if you clear the NDA exam. This is a very good and powerful career launcher option. Also, the salary is good. 


After completing 12th, students can also pursue this course. This course deals with knowledge about medicines. It is a 4-year degree program. This is a great career launcher option for students. 

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Career launcher options After Arts 

If any student had arts in their 11th and 12th, they also have good career launcher options. Ars students think they have fewer opportunities, but that’s not true. They also have lots of opportunities. Like- 

BA Courses- 

One can do BA after the 12th. Students can choose different courses like History, Geography, Sociology, Bengali, English, Economics, etc., as their career launcher options. This is a 3-year degree program. After this, you can do MA. 

Hotel Management-  

Many art students choose this as their career launcher. Because hotel management has lots of chances and job roles, this is a 3-year degree program. 

Government Jobs- 

After completing your 12th in any stream, if anyone wants to do a government job, they can also apply. There are few government jobs students can apply for after the 12th. So this can also be a good career launcher option if anyone wants to do a job immediately after passing 12th. 

Career launcher options after Commerce 

Top Commerce Entrance Exams 

If you want to pursue top commerce courses in top colleges, you have to clear certain exams. Here are some top commerce entrance exams- ICAI, ICSI, CFA, ICWAI, SET, DU JAT, IPU CET, ACET, etc. 

Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com) 

Most students want to choose this degree after completing their 12th. This is a 3-year degree course. You can gain knowledge about Accountancy, Statistics, Management, Human Resource, Economics, Computer, etc. This is one of the demanding courses after completing 12th. Also, many job opportunities are available after completing the degree. So can take admission in any good college to pursue this degree. This is one of the best Commerce courses available. 

Bachelor of Laws (LLB) 

If you are interested in knowing the career options to follow after completing your 12th commerce stream, this is one of the best degrees. Especially if you want to become a Lawyer or pursue Law as a profession in the future, then this is the main degree. Here you will study different laws like Family Law, Constitutional Law, Property Law, Company Law, Administrative Law, etc. This is one of the best courses to pursue after your 12th commerce stream. 

Chartered Accountancy (CA) 

Chartered Accountancy is one of the best degrees to pursue after completing 12th from the commerce stream. This is one of the hardest courses also. You have to clear a hard exam to gain its title. Chartered Accountancy is one of the highest paying jobs in India and one of the best careers to pursue. You will learn about Accounting and financial management, advanced accounting, Auditing and Assurance, Business Laws, Information Technology, Corporate and other Laws, etc. 

Bachelor of Economics 

Most commerce students choose this as a career option. This is a 3-year degree program. You will learn economics details, financial concepts, Political economy, Statistics, etc. This is also an easy and demanding degree program for commerce students. Also, there are many job opportunities available after completing this. 

Journalism and Mass Communication 

It is one of the trending courses nowadays. After completing their 12th from the commerce stream, students can choose this as a career option. Especially if you are interested in starting your career in journalism and media houses, then this is the right one. This is a 3-year degree program. You will learn about Media and Indian polity, Public relations, speaking, media interaction, etc. So you can also choose this as your career option. 

Choosing Nursing as a Career Launcher option 

It has also become a trendy career launcher option nowadays. Lakhs of candidates choose this course in their graduation. Because both science and arts stream, students can choose this as their career launcher option. Science stream students can go for BSc nursing courses. Because through this course, you can directly eligible for the nursing profession. And lots of opportunities are available there. It has also become a demanding job in India nowadays. Because If you study this course, you will get a job surely. So this is a great option for the students for employment. 

Job opportunities 

You can become a Nurse, Nursing Tutor, Nursing assistant, Junior Psychiatric nurse, Nurse Manager, Staff Nurse, Supervisor, Deputy Nurse, Military Nurse, Community Health Nurse, Etc. Lots of options are available for BSc nursing students. Hence it’s a great chance as here the number of vacancies and opportunities are more. 

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This article has discussed all the possible career launcher options and their future job opportunities. So the students get to know about all these, which can help them choose their career options easily. Choosing your career option after completing 12th is not an easy task. Your whole future goal and opportunities can depend on this. so taking the right decision for you is important. There are lots of opportunities available. One can choose Engineering, BBA, BA, LLB, MBBS, Nursing, Agriculture, Commerce, etc. But it would be best if you chose according to your interest and plans and goals, opportunities, salary. Every field has lots of chances. To clear students’ confusion, I tried to put every detail of these in this article. 

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