One of the hardest parts of our school life is choosing our stream in 11th. Because it is one of the valuable decisions. And It will impact your future decisions like your future studies and jobs etc. So everybody gets confused while choosing this. Not only students but their parents also seem worried while taking this decision. But there is a good option for those who are interested to take the science stream. Science is a good choice for students because it has lots of opportunities in the future. So in this article, we will discuss science, its all courses and job opportunities everything.

Science is the study of natural objects’ behavior, as well as the information we have about them. A branch of science, such as physics, chemistry, or biology, is known as a science.

Science has always been an important subject in India. So many things to learn in Science. So taking science stream in your 11th is a good decision as it will enhance your knowledge, also help you in your future studies and further job process.

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Opportunities after studying Science

Students who studied science in 11th and 12th grade have a plethora of options for their post-secondary education.


Engineering, for example, is a fantastic post-secondary career launcher. A bachelor’s degree in technology is required to work as an engineer. The program lasts four years. Electrical, civil, mechanical, computer science or information technology, petroleum, aeronautical, biochemical, and other fields are included in this program. One needs to choose according to their interest. You can work as a software engineer at top firms or in core companies after completing this. You can even pursue higher education after passing the GATE exam. This training offers a wide range of job possibilities and opportunities.

Medical Science-

If you are good at studies and had science in 11th and 12th then Medical Science is the best option for you. If you want to become a doctor then you can choose Medical Science after your 12th and complete M.B.B.S. To pursue an MBBS degree, however, one must study diligently and achieve a high score on the NEET-UG test.


Science students have the choice of choosing BBA/BCA as a career launcher. This is a wonderful alternative for anyone interested in money, economics, management, or business. This is a 3-year degree program. After this, you can do an MBA. Once you complete this degree you can work in different companies. Lots of job roles are also available. And salary is also good especially after completing MBA.

Bachelor of Science

For scientific students in 11th and 12th grades, a BSc, or Bachelor of Science, is one of the greatest employment possibilities. This is a popular option for those interested in pursuing a career in science and technology. Also, it has so many options available for higher studies and job-related. In India, the course duration is three years. To pursue this degree one must have a science student. There are numerous BSc courses to choose from. As a result, it’s a fantastic opportunity to include it in your further education because this degree offers so many professional opportunities in India.

Different Science Courses

There are so many courses to study in the Science branches in college. The standard BSc courses are BSc Chemistry, Mathematics, Physics, Zoology, Anatomy, Physiology, Basis Sciences, Microbiology, Statistics, Psychology, Computer Science, Botany, Home Science, etc.

BSc Agriculture, Animation, Biochemistry, Forensic science, Multimedia, Medical Technology, Nursing, Interior design, Nutrition, Forestry, and other professional degrees are available. There are numerous options accessible. Students can choose their choices based on their areas of interest and future ambitions. However, students can use the degree to pursue any job path they want.

Mathematics courses

BSc Mathematics is one of the top BSc(bachelor of science) courses. This is a three-year degree program. This subject can be pursued after completing your 12th grade in the science stream. This is a difficult topic.

Opportunities for employment

This program will prepare you for a career in operational research. You could also pursue a career in accounting or professional services. Also, one can apply for government jobs.

Chemistry Courses

BSc chemistry is one of the top-rated courses under BSc(Bachelor of Science) degree. It is a three-year undergraduate degree. After completing your 12th grade in the scientific stream, you can apply for this course. In chemistry, there are various aspects such as organic chemistry, inorganic chemistry, biochemistry, and so on.

Job opportunities

After completing chemistry courses one can become a chemist, Pharmacy Assistant, Lab Assistant, Toxicologist, Biochemist, etc. Also, all of the positions are good and pay well.

Physics Course

In addition, after completing these Physics Courses, there are many career chances in India. This is a three-year program as well. This course can be studied once you have completed your 12th grade in the science stream. This is one of the most difficult courses in a BSc program.

Job opportunities

After completing this physics course students can go for higher studies or for jobs. Lots of job opportunities are available in India. After completing this course, one can pursue a career in teaching. There are additional roles available for a Research Assistant, Lab Technician or Supervisor, Consulting Physicist, Accelerator Operator, Technical Assistant, Radiologist Assistant, and others.

Biology courses

Courses in Biology A three-year degree program is also available for this course. After completing this, you will have a plethora of work options. It is also one of the more difficult courses offered as part of a BSc degree, with various components. like Botany, Zoology, Microbiology, etc.

Job Opportunities

After completing this course, one can pursue a career in teaching. There are additional roles available for a Research Assistant, Lab Technician or Supervisor, Consulting Physicist, Accelerator Operator, Technical Assistant, Radiologist Assistant, and others. Courses in Biology A three-year degree program is also available for this course. After completing this, you will have a plethora of work options.

Computer Science Courses

This is also a three-year degree Program. In India, there are numerous career chances for this course. It is now one of the most popular and well-received BSc courses.

Positions Available Students can work as Data Scientists, Application Analysts, Information Systems Managers, Web Designers, Technical Support Representatives, Database Administrators, Software Engineers, and more after completing BSc Computer Science courses. You can also apply to private companies for various career roles. This degree offers numerous alternatives, making it an excellent choice for your graduation studies.

Courses in Agriculture

BSc Agriculture has recently been a popular course to pursue. This is a popular graduation course for many students. This education can lead to a variety of job opportunities in India, as well as a high-paying job. As a result, students prefer to enroll in this course in order to improve their employment prospects.

Opportunities for employment

You can become an Agricultural Officer after graduating with a BSc in agriculture and earning a salary of 9 lakh per year. Then there are the positions of ICAR Scientist, Agriculture Analyst, Agriculture Sales Officer, Marketing Executive, Research Assistant, Project Associate, Agriculture Technician, and so on. As a result, students have a plethora of opportunities to apply for and appear for. In each field, the pay is excellent. Any student interested in pursuing a BSc degree should take this course.

Basic Sciences

Basic Sciences in India is a program offered by the Indian government. It can be taken as an undergraduate degree or as an advanced diploma. There are four main areas of study:

1) Earth sciences,

2) Life sciences,

3) Physical sciences, and

4) Mathematics and computing sciences.


Anatomy is an ancient medical discipline that involves the study of human or animal structure. Students can also pursue its course. You can become a teacher, doctor, or Medical Scientist.


Any student interested in pursuing a BSc degree should take this course. This course deals with knowledge about medicines. It is a 4-year degree program. Hence, it’s a good option for students.

Other Job opportunities after Completing Science Courses

If one has completed their degree in any science courses then there are lots of job opportunities available. Students can achieve these jobs immediately after completing their studies. Like you can work as a Scientific Assistant, lab Chemist, Science Consultant, Clinical Research Associate, Statistician, Biology Researcher, and many more in different fields.

You will also get other job chances. Like in Biotechnology Firms, Chemical Industry, Industrial laboratories, Research Firms, Forest Services, Biotechnology Industry, Health care providers, Agriculture Industry, Oil Industry, Wastewater Plants, Geological Survey Departments, etc. In addition, the pay is excellent in all fields. Hence it’s a golden opportunity for Science students to pursue their studies in science streams and to grab a good job.

Lecturers in Government Colleges

One can also become a lecturer in any government college after completing graduation and post-graduation. This is an excellent work opportunity for recent graduates. To work as a lecturer in a government college, you must be eligible for both the UGC Net and the JRF. It is also one of India’s best graduate jobs. However, the job is both rewarding and enjoyable. You have plenty of free time and a high salary. The monthly salary ranges from 40,000 to 1 lakh rupees.

Government and private Jobs after Science

If one completed their graduation in any science stream then there are so many governments and private job opportunities available. Like one can appear for UPSC and Defence Exams. Then Bank jobs are also a good career opportunity for students. They can apply for bank jobs like Ibps, SBI, RBI Grade B, NABARD, etc. So Science graduates get this opportunity to appear in all these exams. Also one can apply for State exams. This is a great opportunity. Also, all these jobs provide a good amount salary and respect.

In terms of private jobs if anyone completes engineering then they will get a good opportunity to work with top companies. Even science graduate students get chances to work in top companies. Also, several job roles are available. Companies hire science graduate students every year. So pursuing a science degree can lead students to a lot of career opportunities.

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So in this article, we have discussed in detail all science courses and job opportunities. Students who want to pursue science have a lot of opportunities in the future. They can pursue their graduation also in science streams which will help them to get a good job. Also after completing your graduation one can study further. So having a science background will help students in their future to get a good job fastly. As many job opportunities are available. So taking science in your 11th is a good decision as it will decide your future studies and further job process. So already we have discussed all important details related to the science stream. Hope it will help you.

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