Interview Preperation

We all prepare for jobs. In India, we see private-sector jobs or government sectors jobs. However, all candidates prepare for the exam, and then comes Interview preparation. If I have to say honestly then 90% of students become nervous which is common. The problem is that many of us make mistakes during interviews. Some students do the hard work, but they lose because of unknown mistakes.

Do you know many students feel easy for the examination, but they have fear for the interview? I don’t have any questions, this is common in India.

Before you hire by any company they want to test your personality, skills, mental ability, etc. Because of the silly mistakes, you can lose your job. Negative thing creates negative thoughts.

Today in this article we will overcome the fear of interviews. Yes, this is to be done now. You have a talent. You just need to know how to represent yourself in front of anyone. Moreover, I will try to provide good information to you. I believe I can do this help for you people. Stay tuned!

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How to prepare for an Interview?

I remember I have given my external exam at college for admission. I got selected for a written test, but the next level was an interview. Well, that was my first interview. There are many levels of fear but moving my step forward. For the interview, I prepared some basic questions. Rest, I was controlling my fear. When my name was called suddenly my footsteps moved back, I was like I will not go for the interview. But then my mind said, just go and see what will happen. Given the interview and it was great, fortunately. The dean asked basic questions and I honestly said the answers. The fear is many types like what they will think, how they will judge etc. Overall, it ends with good. The interviewers were happy with me, I was also. The mood was like Thanking God.

But the reality is not going to happen this way always. You can ignore the above short story.

In this competitive world, the candidate works every moment just to get that position. Moreover, you always have to mix the ingredients, like smart work with hard work.

1. Do Smart Work

Before we move further if I say what you do when you have a goal. You want to clear any exam anyhow. Yes! You see the syllabus, right? Same way, interviews have also some basic syllabus.

  • Personality Test
  • Communication Skills
  • Body Language
  • Expressions
  • Sincerity

The above are some basic keys you must focus on before any interview preparation. Interviewers did not always test our knowledge. They also see what kind of person you are. They judge all your sides. So note these points and improve them.


2. Never Lie, Stay Honest

I don’t know why people think saying lying to interviewers will not affect you? Let me tell you if you are also thinking, so please don’t make this silly mistake; otherwise, you have to regret your lifetime. Lying is wrong in an interview. I will never advise you to lie. Whatever to be the question is, just said it with your word’s originality.

3. Eye-Contact

Essential, you must have to do excellent eye contact with your interviewer. It should be like something you also have the curiosity to talk with them. This eye contact and a gentle half-smile on the face show calmness. These things impress the interviewers.

Follow these Four Steps

1. Research about Company

When you know enough about the company. It’s a good sign. This shows the interviewer that you are willing to work over there. During the interview, they might ask questions related to companies. The question is often related to the company and its role. SO, doing research is important. Start your research by visiting the website. Find all things about the company. Find out the leadership of the company. What are their visions in the next coming ten years? Find the performance, the awards. Therefore, in this way you can show your interest. This research will give you the best profit in selection.

2. Speak To Company Employee

When you speak to any company employees, you will know more about the company. Any employee can tell you much better details about the company. You should know the company facts, Roles, Work Environment, and many more. You will get to know what our interview process is. Also, what type of questions do they ask for that particular role. Moreover, how many rounds are there related to that?  This information is precious to you. These techniques will help you to cover all things.

Now where you will find these people? LinkedIn, Ambition, or Glassdoor, these platforms help you to see another review of the company. Also, through these platforms, you can read the opinion and experiences of many employees. This platform will you for the interview round for sure?

3. Prepare Some Common Questions

A common question like Why should we hire you is the most common question. Also, a question like where you came from? Why do you want to work with us? From where have you heard about our company? What are your expectations? What should we expect from you? What are your skills? So yes, these are the common questions. You should prepare for all these questions. And give the correct answer.

4. Communication Skills

The most important thing in communication is the major of your interview. You all have to practice fluent communication with perfect answers. And if this thing is not possible, then please stay calm and take a deep breath. Think a moment, then answer. Always remember they will see your communication but in the end, all that matters is your answers for them. But please don’t skip this step.

DO’s in Interview

Okay! This section is very important too. So read carefully. Note the points if you find the correct for yourself.

1. Complete your homework

Without preparation, sitting in an interview is not a good thing. As I mentioned previously, researching the company you are meeting will show your interest. So yes, in a precise way this is to be done. Know all things, then represent them in your words.

2. Take care of Impression

See there are many types of interviews today like telephone interviews, video interviews, sometimes group discussions as well. So, Everywhere expression and then impression, these things work wonder. If you make both these straight. Don’t overload on anything too much. For the video interview, try to minimize technical issues also before the interview. Please make eye contact with your interviewer. So, the best thing for every way you can do is to smile confidently and appear interested and engaged.

3. Listen and Respond Correctly

It sometimes happens in nervousness, students can’t respond to the easy question. Like you have the answer, but you completely forgot at that moment, or you started hesitating to say. These silly things happen to all of us. If you are missing something, then ask the interviewer, can I please take a moment? They will give you. Also, try to listen to their questions clearly and try to answer if you don’t know the answer, just say No or sorry not be able to remember.

4. Sell your Strength and show

Make sure you communicate with your interviewer in a straight, precise and factual manner. If the interviewer smiles, then you can also change your expression slightly. Don’t show too much excitement, but be sincere and very calm. You have to tell your strength. Show them your capabilities and your qualities. Surely, they will ask how you are saying this, and you have to elaborate them by taking your life experience example. It’s a good way to represent your qualities and strength too

5. Prepare Smart and Open

Never think that whatever you will interviewer will believe. You never know where they belonged. You will get noticed, and they will separate you from another candidate when you will show your determination and thought power. Staying calm in any yard question is perfect. This thing shows that you are apt and honest in front of the panel. Preparing long answers are good, please note this point. You have to answer straight to the point. If they ask you for or measures then just say small background then direct come on measures. Also, please don’t make the question tedious in your way. Just like if they are asking about the beauty of your state you started adding politics, events, please don’t do this.


Don’ts in Interview

1. Don’t speak poorly about past or former employers

The interviewer always used to ask like why did you leave your last job? Or tell us about your previous work or employers? So, never speak bad words, this thing creates a negative impression in front of interviewers. Always answer like an expert that you are seeking a new opportunity, or it’s your decision or choice with that gentle smile.

2. Don’t speak too much

As I mentioned previously before, short answers are perfect in an interview. You should know this thing. If you speak too much about anything, then it will cut your point. So try to make your answer crisp as much as you can. This will give you benefits. Sometimes students think if they can’t answer one question and the next question they know very well, then they used to give all details. It’s because they think they will get selected, but this does not happen. Sometimes they deduct your marks. Don’t know the answer it’s ok and if you know the answer, then conclude in a limited way.

3. Don’t let your past disturb you

Rejection is common. Accept it and move on. This is the cycle of any job or sector, also our life. Something bad or mistake happened in your past, just learn from that. Repeat the thing in your mind that you will never repeat that mistake. Just think you will be better than before, and you can. Take your lessons and learn. Never cry the east.

4. Not showing Negative Approach

This is important. Your answers will show your approach. Whatever the questions interviewers will ask, they will judge your positivity somehow. In this way, show your optimism. You must have a positive attitude in your answers. This will help in your interview, for sure.

So yes, these are better Dos and Don’ts we concluded here. I hope these tips will help in your interview, and you can clear them.

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Final Words

Summing up here, we discussed a significant topic today. Interview preparation is something where all students fear. So, first, overcome your fear. Focus on strategy. Practice all your good points. Always make a positive approach. I hope this article will help you. Wishing you fortunes. Thanks!

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