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Competitive exams are like a path to various doors that lead you to your designated position in life. Competitive exams gained their hype as they are backed by the government or state. Giving or appearing for competitive exams is common in India. You can see most of the students after 12th or their graduation getting into preparation to crack some of the most intellectual and designated exams. It is obvious to see that in India every student wants to achieve a bright and safe future. It is not like if you don’t sit for the competitive exams then it is not possible to attain what you desire. Competitive exams and their rewards are just different from the rest of the career path. 

Some of the competitive exams are controlled either by the state or central government. Various banking exams, railway exams, and many more are included in Competitive exams. Even if you are a graduate and looking to build your career by getting recruited by top colleges and services then there are ample exams that you can go for. GMAT, MAT, and the most famous UPSC are some of the exams that you give after graduation. We will be discussing each and every competitive exam in detail. This will allow you to go through every little detail and lay down a clear trajectory for the exam. 

We have seen a trend where many students after completing their 12th look forward to appearing in such examinations. Some dream of entering into defense services in order to serve the nation and some want to work for the government. Such competitive exams are a key to entering some public sector companies, state governments, and many others. If you are one of those aspirants looking to appear in the competitive exams no matter what point of life you are at then this article will help you through.

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What is the importance of competitive exams? 

Earlier in the days the government jobs or public sector companies just used to send in the eligibility criteria and opens up the application intake. Candidates used to fulfill the requirements and appear for the interview as a part of the process. This makes them suitable ones to get the job. But things changed as soon as the number of candidates increased over time. Since the number of positions was limited in both the government sectors and the public sector, new methods of selecting the candidates were introduced. 

The job was elite and only a few candidates could get a hold of it. So, just an interview cannot decide who can be the perfect person for this position. These competitive exams were induced in order to figure out the best in best persons that can get this job. Since the jobs are limited, people who get them should be tested in every aspect. So an exam is set up that will be followed by an interview. This is a basic selection process for most of the entries in different sectors and even colleges. 

Another reason that increases the importance of this is the certain loopholes in getting jobs in such sectors. Many people tend to use their relations or friends to get into the desired position. In India, it is very common to see people making requests from their reliable sources and then getting a place. This not only makes this process appropriate but also takes the chance from a deserved candidate. So to eradicate these loopholes from this process competitive exams were taken into consideration. This ensures a transparent chance for each and every candidate. 

List of various competitive exams.

Now coming to the list of competitive exams that you should know. We have formed all the necessary lists of exams that you can choose according to your qualification. 

Union public service commission (UPSC)

If you are one of those people who look to serve their country then this is what you should focus on. UPSC is a government body that is responsible for conducting all the civil service examinations. As an Indian, you must have heard once in your life about cracking UPSC exams. It is most common as one out of two aspirants looks forward to cracking this competitive exam in life. 

UPSC is for the individual who wants to make a challenging and endeavor-filled career in their life. You get a great opportunity to do better for the country. Giving a helping hand in the progress of our nation from the front line. Your contribution will be immense and valuable for the growth of administrative departments in India. So following all such you need to start early to get this competitive exam cracking.

Basically, UPSC is a body that looks for candidates from all over the country for their various government departments. For instance, if you wish to join the police department then IPS, the Indian police service is what you should aim for. After cracking this UPSC exam you can choose your desired department to serve. IAS, the Indian Administrative service also falls under UPSC. Many candidates in India aim to become IAS from the very beginning of their life. To become an IAS your first and foremost step is to crack the UPSC exam and then fall in the top ranking list. This will make your path easy to becoming an IAS. Other government services that are managed by UPSC are the Indian revenue service (IRS), the Indian foreign service (IFS), and much more. 

Requirements for candidates.

Let’s talk about all the requirements to appear for this competitive exam. Firstly you should be an Indian citizen and graduation is a must. If you wish to give or appear for this exam then you can apply in your final year of graduation as well. Age limits are different for each category for General is 32, OBC is 35, SC/ST is 37.  

UPSC exam has a simple breakdown of exam patterns. The first exam that the candidate will appear in the UPSC prelims with total marks of 400, is the first step towards your dream of becoming IAS or IPS. After clearing prelims comes the UPSC mains exam with total marks of 1750. The candidate clearing both the exams and managing to surpass the cutoff is headed over to the next and final stage of the personal interview. This is the last stage before you can see yourself as IAS or IPS. Dedication and practice can easily help you in getting that rank you desire. 

Banking Exams

In India, the most common and stable occupation one can choose is the job in the bank sector. Banking exams are the most common pathway of getting into this field. If you are looking for an increment in salary, promotions, and job opportunities by a central or state government then it is the best job option for you. Banking exams are a great path that allows you to pursue this career. 

Such banking jobs allow you to move from one city to another within a certain time period. It is one of the basic requirements that you need to get relocated. Through banking exams, you can get into the public sector or government banks and even into several private ones. Every bank has its own banking exams. For instance, if we take SBI bank then it is a government bank that conducts its own banking exam. You can apply for the post of SBI bank PO after giving SBI’s banking exams. SBI PO is responsible for the business interest of the bank and other supervision work. For this post, you need to give banking exams that include preliminary and main stages followed by an interview. 

You can also appear for the SBI clerk that includes the job role of direct interactions with persons in the bank. You will be given a daily job and your priority is to handle customers. The banking exam procedure is the same as the SBI PO. 

There is cutthroat competition in this banking sector. There are many candidates that apply for such banking exams. So you need to work really hard to crack this examination and the interview. 

Railway exams

The leading transport of our nation Railways is one of the biggest candidate recruiters. It is the kind of job that is available for the 12th pass students as well. It is not necessary that you are a graduate to apply for these railway exams. The board that controls all such railway exams is known as RRB, Railway recruitment board, and RRC, Railway recruitment cells. RRB is the board that looks after every technical and non-technical post. There are a number of vacancies available each year. Earlier the railway exams used to happen on pen and paper but now it is completely shifted to computer-based. 

There are different Groups in which the railway operates. Some include RRB Group D, RRB NTPC, RRB JE, RRB ALP. Each group has its own different qualifications and eligibility criteria. RRB junior engineer posts require an engineering degree. Whereas NTPC candidates must have their 12th pass for undergraduate and graduation for the postgraduate post. Looking at the RRB Group D then you can apply for it even if you are just a 10th pass from the institution. 


Now let’s shift towards the examination that will take you to your dream universities abroad. Yes, there are several competitive exams that can get you into the top colleges and universities. GMAT is one of the exams that is taken by the individual who wishes to pursue management courses. Candidate appears for GMAT only if he/she wants to send their application of admission in any foreign college. GMAT  stands for Graduate management admission test. Most of the business schools all over the world recognize this exam and select the students on the basis of their GMAT scores. 

The GMAT competitive exam includes some of the basic topics that give an overview of your command of algebra, geometry, English, and other components. If you are great at critical thinking and can analyze the information then GMAT is easy to score. The exams consist of 4 different sections that include Analytical writing assessment, Integrated Reasoning, Verbal, Quantitative reasoning.  

MAT, Management aptitude test.

This is another competitive exam for all the management students that wish to pursue their masters in management. MAT is a great option for the students as they can appear multiple times a year. Hence widening the opportunity for students to score a great rank. The months are February, May, September, December. The MAT was first recognized in 2003 and the All India management association controls and governs the exam. 

It is the second most popular competitive exam for management students. CAT, the Common Admission Test is still the most popular in India. You can choose from either of the competitive exams. There are many Indian universities that accept MAT scores along with CAT. If you aim for IIM then you should go with CAT as it is more widely accepted than MAT in India. 

Last words

Getting started or preparing for the competitive exams is the first step that you should choose. If you want to stand out of the crowd and be a part of some of the major government sectors then competitive exams are a must. Even if you wish to see yourself in a good university and then various exams that can make your profile look good. If you are a student and want to earn while you prepare for any of the listed competitive exams then Chegg India is a great platform where you can start. 

Chegg India is a leading site where different students ask their doubts regarding a certain subject. You can be the Subject matter expert, SME at Chegg India and all you need to do is answer those questions. You can choose from various subjects like Business, Mathematics, Science, Engineering. It is a great opportunity for the students that are looking to polish their basic knowledge of the desired subject. To get started just Sign Up here and learn more about Chegg India.

So, lastly, if you want to succeed in these exams then you need to be determined. Make a routine of setting your goals and keep practicing the topics for the different exams. You can even look for the previous paper and solve mock papers for a great understanding of the competitive exam. 

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