Top Performers – January 2020
August 12, 2020
August 12, 2020
Q. How were you introduced to Chegg?
I am Vijay Kumar. I have a degree in Electrical Engineering. One of my friends told me that working as an Expert Answerer (EA) for Chegg is a good opportunity to learn while you earn. I felt it to be an interesting opportunity and so I signed up with Chegg.
After my graduation, like any other fresher just out of college, I aspired for a placement in a core sector. Getting a core job right away was not easy and so I was simultaneously preparing for Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering (GATE) and Engineering Services. Most of my friends settled in software related jobs, but I had no interest in such jobs.I found Chegg to be an ideal place for subject enthusiasts like me. At present, I am working on the Chegg Question and Answer (Q&A) board as an EA. I like the role of an Expert Answerer as it not only provides me a platform to explore the depths of my subject but also helps me impart the same to the students across the globe. I am happy to be a part of Chegg.

Q.What is your daily routine?
My day begins with a cup of coffee and the Chegg Q&A board. I answer as many questions as I can until noon. Then I resume to my preparation for GATE. Working for the Chegg Q&A board not only augments my knowledge, but helps keep monotony at bay. I studied in a missionary school that instilled in me a love for sports along with studies. So, in the evenings, I go out to play sports like cricket, shuttle, and basketball with my friends.

Q. How is your experience with Chegg so far?
I receive a wide variety of questions on the Q&A board, which range from that of a high school level to a post-graduate level – but definitely not beyond my sphere of knowledge. I have a good collection of textbooks related to my subject. I use them as a quick reference while answering questions on the Q&A board. On an average, I take forty five minutes to one hour to solve a question. Skipping questions is my last option.  The Chegg Q&A answer board interface is also very simple and easy to work on.I live with my parents and sister in a humble abode. Though I have a small corner to keep my books, I do not have a room of my own to study and work. We all sleep together and share almost everything. I work from my drawing room, which is frequented by many other people doing other activities – be it watching TV, having guests, or tea-time. All the same, I find myself so engrossed in answering, that these petty disturbances do not interrupt my flow of work, and I continue to answer with dedication (Smiles).

Q. Cite one challenging moment.
There was an instance when I received a question which appeared to be easy in the first glance. It was related to electromagnetic field. I clicked to solve the question without any hesitation. In the middle, I realized that I had got seriously stuck. It was not as easy as I thought. Then I quickly brushed through my basics related to the subjects. Finally, I managed to solve it within the stipulated time.

Q. How did Chegg help you in your overall growth?
The experience of being an EA at Chegg is very unique. Being bombarded with different questions covering all the topics of the subject at once is a rare opportunity. Answering the questions in this fashion helped me to have a comprehensive knowledge on my subject. Right from my college days, I used to have a good knowledge on subjects like electrical machines, control systems, power electronics, and networks, but I was not very keen on electronics. After joining Chegg, I have gained a lot of confidence on all my subjects. These concepts got registered in my mind so much so that now I do not have to review again for my GATE exam.
Moreover, before joining Chegg, I used to be a free bird and idled away most of the precious time by being at home, doing nothing. Now, I am glad that Chegg is helping me utilize my time for a genuine cause. I also limit my time on hangouts for working on the Chegg Q&A board. I learned to discipline myself. When the inflow of questions is high, I try to grab as many questions as I can.Moreover, working from home is a blessed opportunity for me. I need sufficient time to pursue my goals. I did not resort to software jobs despite many welcoming opportunities, just because they are very demanding. Software jobs demand continual up-gradation of knowledge and thus, I would not get any free time to concentrate on other priorities. Working for Chegg from home allows me to plan out well and lead a balanced life.

Q. Cite something interesting from your personal life.
I used to be among the top five rankers in schools and colleges. I won four consecutive general proficiency awards in school. I am also good in athletics. Whenever I find some free time, I go out and play.  We have a large playground in our church compound within our vicinity and we make the best use of it. Every Sunday morning I go to church. I am also interested in playing guitar and I want to attend some classes. I can now afford the fee for my guitar classes with my earnings at Chegg.My father retired recently and my mother is a homemaker. My father used to work as an attender in the school. I have a sister who completed her B.Tech and also a GATE aspirant. She is planning to go to another city for GATE coaching. Very soon she will also be working for the Chegg Q&A board. Earning is essential for me and I cannot depend on my parents all the time. At present, Chegg is my only source of income and I do not have to depend on my parents for money. I am financially more stable. With the money I earned at Chegg, I bought good clothes and shoes. Up until last month, I did not reveal to my parents that I work for Chegg. They always wondered from where I used to get my financial support (Smiles). Whenever they are in need of money, I used to extend my help. Now that they know, they are happy.

Q. Do you receive any feedback for your answering?
I receive feedback from the students and also from the Chegg In-House team on my answers. Sometimes I get appreciative comments from the students. It is nice that someone on the other side of the planet is learning from me. Our answering should ultimately benefit the student. Average level students, who really struggle to understand the subject, approach Chegg for help and hence, the answers should be written for their understanding. The Chegg In-House team gave me constructive feedback that helped me learn to develop student-friendly answers.

Q. Cite a memorable moment.
Memorable moment is when I get a series of questions which I know and I continuously solve without skipping even one.

Q. Do you ever get bored of answering?
I get bored only when I receive questions which are beyond my scope of knowledge, which is a rarity.

Q. Have you introduced anyone to Chegg?
I had introduced my sister to the Chegg Q&A board. I looked forward to introduce all my friends to Chegg but I hardly found one who sticks to the core subject. Most of them are drifting to non-core fields. In fact, it requires guts to excel in the core field. I am still looking out for the right candidates who are capable of answering subject related questions on the Chegg Q&A board.