Voice of an EA – Pankaj Tiwari
August 12, 2020
August 12, 2020
Q. How were you introduced to Chegg?
I, Vasudeva Rao, have a B.E. in Civil Engineering from SRKR Engineering College. My roommates, who were active Expert Answerers on the Chegg Question and Answer board, introduced me to Chegg. We are a few friends, sharing a rented apartment in Vizag and preparing for the mains exam of the Indian Administrative Services (IAS).  All of us work for Chegg simultaneously.
Q. What is the best thing you like about Chegg?
Being an IAS pursuer, I am quite competent in my subject and I help a lot of students when they approach me for subject help. The nature of EA work is similar as I get to help the students online.I am a nocturnal person and love to actively work during the nights. As the question rush begins on the Chegg Q&A board, I answer as many questions until dawn. My answering rate gradually improved over a period of time and now I have the highest rate of answering amongst my friends. The more I work, the more I earn and this is the best part of working for Chegg. Answering questions related to the subject knowledge I possess definitely helps me upgrade my subject knowledge. As we receive questions from various topics related to civil engineering, we gain a deep insight on all the topics. This practice is a blessing in disguise, as we get to revise all the topics.


Q. How do you balance your personal life and professional life?
I spend the prime time of the day in my study room and prepare for the IAS exam. Once done with my preparation, I switch over to Chegg. I answer the question on my notebook neatly, take a photo of the answer image and upload. In case of an emergency, I pause and attend to that.  Later I get back to answering. Such freedom is rare. Working for Chegg makes my life comfortable. I can easily balance my personal and professional life.On an average, I take half an hour to solve a civil engineering question. Some questions take a longer time. There is never a dearth of questions on the site. The good thing is we can work at our leisure with less pressure and at our own pace.

Q. How has Chegg helped you in your overall progress?
I belong to a middle class family and hail from a remote village in Srikakulum District, where people are deprived of even the basic amenities like power supply and internet. That is the reason I relocated to Vizag and rented a shared apartment for Rupees 2000 per month.IAS preparation is a gargantuan task. Committing oneself to a full-time job and simultaneously preparing for IAS is practically not possible. Financially, my family cannot support me in my pursuit. My father is a farmer and earns meager pay. My parents have raised me until this point and it is not fair on my part to depend on them any further.  My uncle and my friend also supported me financially for some time. I felt it is high-time that I should start earning and stop depending on others. I also have a sister who is still going to college and I have an obligation to save money to settle her down in life. These financial fears always clouded my mind and I struggled to concentrate on my career path.That was the time when Chegg came to my rescue. Chegg provides an ideal role for subject experts like me. I am now earning well and supporting my parents too. Chegg was like a savior for our family. This is the only source of income for me and I am extremely happy that I joined Chegg. We never had a television at home. Now, with my earnings at Chegg, I recently purchased an LED Television set and gifted to my parents. They are extremely happy and are proud of me.

Q. Cite a memorable moment.
We are four roommates and all of us work for Chegg. We have a common study room with a router installed. Every day at 1 AM when the city is silent and sleeping, we wake up and take up our positions at the four corners of the room with our laptops – all geared up to work on the Chegg Q&A board. We appreciate each other with a high-five on getting the answer right. Our deep discussions and those grappling moments with the questions are always memorable.  Working together with like-minded buddies is always fun and memorable. Working in unison, keep us awake and our spirits alive, thus helping us from falling asleep.To reduce the skip rate, we leave no stone unturned. On the Chegg Q&A board, we receive questions related to different topics of the same subject. Suppose I received a question from an unfamiliar topic, I seek instant help from my friends to get an idea and then quickly solve it. Likewise, I help my friends too.On the 10th of every month, we receive our pay checks and so all of us party at our favorite restaurants. We do not work on that day but just go out and enjoy ourselves. We watch a movie and come home late.


Q. Do you receive feedback on your work?
Students share their feedback by posting comments for the answers. Sometimes students will ask for clarification, in these cases, I will help clarify the concepts for them. Chegg’s In-House team also critiques my work and provides timely and corrective feedback on my work. We have a senior EA working from the same apartment we live in, and he also guides us.

Q. If Chegg offers a full-time opportunity would you avail?
Yes, definitely. Chegg is a knowledge hub and I would be proud to be a full-time employee. Moreover, I am a night owl, and that makes me flexible to work in any shift.