Voice of an EA- Srinivasa Rao
August 12, 2020
August 12, 2020
Q. How were you introduced to Chegg?

I came to know about Chegg through Naukri.com. I was impressed reading the job profile of an Expert Answerer (EA). I browsed and found out that Chegg provides subject help for students globally. On 22nd July 2015, I cleared the test and started my journey with Chegg. Currently, I am working on four subjects: Algebra, Calculus, Pre-Algebra, Pre-Calculus.

Q. What were you doing before joining Chegg?
I have done M.Sc. in mathematics from SK University campus college in Andhra Pradesh. I am a Gold medalist in my post-graduation.
Before marriage, I worked as a lecturer in SSBB college in Guntakal, that is, my hometown, then I worked as a part-time lecturer in VET college for 2 years in Bangalore.

Later, I was compelled to take a break as God blessed me with a baby boy.It was difficult for me to manage family, a kid with my job so I took a long break from my work. However, the mathematician in me drove me to look for work-from-home opportunities.I started working for various companies as a content developer for about six years, but I was not much satisfied with the services. Then, I got to know about Chegg and it was a life-changer.

Q. How is working for Chegg different from working elsewhere?

As a lecturer, I don’t find much difference between teaching in a classroom and teaching online. In both the set-ups, the method varies, but the content remains the same. Whether the classroom or the Chegg answer board, I address the students and help them.However, to be active on Chegg and answer every question, I need to be thorough with all the concepts. It is challenging to work as an Expert Answerer, but it makes me feel proud once the task is done.The flexible timings at Chegg are perfect for nursing mothers like me. I can now balance my home and my work very well. I can work with less pressure and that too, at my convenience and pace. At the same time, I can take care of my kid and family too. Per day, I spend six hours or more on Chegg and Chegg has become a part of my life now.

Q. How was your experience on the Chegg Q&A board?

It has been an amazing journey with Chegg. I have solved more than 6,500 questions so far, with CF score of 86%. I never compromise on quality, because I know that the career of the students is at stake. When I write answers on the board, I ensure accuracy. Students post questions which are unique and difficult. After answering such questions and receiving a thumbs-up, I celebrate the moment. The comments of the students are motivating, and they drive me all the time to give more. I am active on Chegg WhatsApp groups and help other experts by answering their queries as well.

Q. In what way did Chegg make your life better?

Chegg has helped me grow professionally and financially. It helped me to learn and earn while sitting at home. Best thing is that most of the questions posted by students on Chegg are application-oriented. I had to be thorough with all the new concepts to answer such questions. Addressing global students has boosted my confidence levels.Financially, I became more stable after joining Chegg. I purchased two bikes for my husband with my Chegg earnings. He loves bikes and goes for long rides. The latest one is “Avenger”.

Q. Have you enjoyed being part of the Expert Meet?
I enjoyed the expert meet. It was a memorable day for me, meeting my coordinators and the managers. It was an awesome experience.I was surprised to know that my answers helped 2.5 million students. I learned more about Chegg and its current growth and its future trajectory which boosts my confidence. Sharing my experience with fellow-expert made me feel proud of myself and listening to others experience motivated me lot.