August 12, 2020
August 12, 2020
Q. How did you come to know about Chegg?
I was introduced to Chegg by my friend. I am working as an Expert Answerer on the Chegg Question & Answer Board and answer questions related to economics. I hold an Engineering Degree from Viswanadha Institute of Technology and Management. I regularly follow the voice of an EA series and I am glad that I am invited for the interview now.Soon After college, some of my mates had secured jobs in Chegg – both as In-House Experts and as Expert Answerers. I went to Delhi to take up coaching for Civil Services Examination from a reputed institute. After finishing it, I relocated to Vizag and I was searching for a job. My friend, who knows my expertise in economics and my potential in answering questions related to economics, introduced me to Chegg. He said, Chegg is a haven for subject experts like me. Apart from working on the Chegg Q&A Board, I also teach students who approach me for subject help.

Q. Shed some light on your experience with the Chegg Q&A Board?
I receive a wide variety of questions – theory based questions, problem based questions, multiple choice questions etc. Whatever it is, I ensure that my answer is helpful for the students’ learning. All questions are answerable, just that some can be solved quickly and some take more time. Chegg is a platform where I receive questions from all over the world and answering them offers me a steep learning curve and sharpens my axe.
I have gained an exposure to diverse topics of economics just by answering questions. During my civils preparation, I was only exposed to Indian economy, but while helping Students on the Chegg Q&A Board, I had the opportunity to research on economies of various countries – Europe, Africa, America, Mexico etc. Doing a comparative study on all the world economies, thus helped me explore newer depths. Thus, working for Chegg provides reciprocal benefits. You teach yourself, while teaching students around the world.
When I was learning about the world economies, I also got to learn about world politics, because world politics and economies are always interlinked. Receiving such questions on the Chegg Q&A Board always makes my day. Recently, I received four such questions on diamond merchants in Argentina and Liberia; I relished answering them.

Q. What’s you daily routine?
I stay in a rented apartment along with my friends who are also working for Chegg. Around 6AM, I kick start my day with a cup of coffee. After a quick shower, I start answering on the Chegg Q&A Board. As there is never a dearth of questions and the in-flow is high throughout the day, I keep answering as many as I can. Simultaneously, I prepare for my Civil Services Examination.Weekends are a valuable time for me to relax. Mountain climbing and sea rides with my friends in the weekends make me feel livelier.

Q.What do you like about Chegg?
The flexible working hours, diverse questions, and the motivation from the In-House Team really gets my juices flowing for answering on the Chegg Q&A Board.My parents are glad that I am working for Chegg. I bought a smart phone for my parents with my earnings at Chegg and they are quite happy with it.

Q. Answering Questions on the Chegg Q&A Board is not like writing an exam or a scholarly paper, but with the purpose of teaching. What goes through your mind when you write answers for the students?
Great question! I always bear in my mind that I am writing answers to benefit the students. It shouldn’t be like writing an exam or a scholarly paper.One should develop the skill of breaking a tough concept into bitable sizes to make it helpful for the student. Every question is based on a key concept and every key concept has some important points to remember. I make a mention of them in the answer. This is helpful to the students to be better equipped to answer the question. I also try to use simple language to reduce the complexity and make it easier for the student. This is the strategy I follow to develop answers for the benefit of students. I refer a lot of textbooks related to the topic, develop my own answers and ensure plagiarism-free content.

Cite one challenging incident.
I was once posed with a question that asked to compare the economies related to food chains like – KFC, McDonalds, Mexican grill subs and draw some conclusions. I was just impressed by the way I answered it and received amazing feedback for the answer. It stated – “It was very helpful. Thank you” and it made my day. I complimented myself – ‘That’s cool…’Every time I introduce Chegg to someone, I share about this question and the wonderful experience I had in answering it. Students post the questions that would help them get a good grade in the test. They entirely depend on me and look forward to a correct answer. So, I answer every question with utmost care.It was only once during my tenure, I committed a calculation error which resulted in a wrong answer. The student wasn’t happy with my answer and questioned me back. I checked the error and corrected it. It was a hard pill to swallow but I learned a lesson that day and I am careful ever after.

Tell me something about your personal life.
I want to crack civil services examination soon and want to serve people by being a government servant. My aim is to eliminate poverty, make education affordable, improve safety for women, and eradicate hunger. I am a philanthropist- I used to lead a student organization that indulged in extending a helping hand to the orphans, the blind, and the hunger-stricken.

Have you ever introduced anyone to Chegg?
I introduced my friend to Chegg and he is earning ten times more than what I am earning. He always motivates me to increase my answering rate. He acquired such a lot of subject knowledge just by answering questions on the Chegg Q&A Board that now, he doesn’t refer to textbooks to answer most of the questions. I also introduced one more friend just today and he cleared the test and is all set to answer questions on the Chegg Q&A Board.

Have you ever felt bored of answering?

Never! As I already said, apart from monetary gain, I gain subject knowledge.


If you are given an opportunity to work fulltime with us, would you avail?
Definitely! it is a pleasure working for Chegg.