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August 12, 2020
Voice of an EA- Srinivasa Rao
August 12, 2020
Q. How did you come to know about Chegg?
My friend introduced me to Chegg.  We were classmates when we studied Master of Pharmacy at Andhra University. After university, she joined Chegg as an MNE and then she recommended that I join as well.  This was way back in 2013.

Q. What exactly do you like about Chegg?
Yes. I love this job very much. We can communicate and interact with the students around the world. We can share our knowledge and also update our knowledge. When students like our answers, they appreciate. When students find something wrong in the concept, they critique. This is a great opportunity to review our answers, correct and thus improve our own knowledge. Interacting with international students is the best part of working for Chegg.
Our local standards of subjects should always meet the international standards and Chegg makes this possible. When we work on international books, it enhances our grip on the subject.
I work both on TBS and Q&A. The Q&A board demands quick answering and it is very interesting. Our Territory Managers maintain a good rapport with us and the communication lines are always open. Timely payment is ensured. This is a platform where I can earn and learn at the same time. I am very thankful to Chegg.
I learned some subjects like genetics only for the sake of answering for Chegg. Chegg encourages us to constantly learn and thus update our knowledge.

Q. Do you work anywhere else?
Currently, I am a PhD student at Andhra University.  As a research student, I take classes for pharmacy students at Andhra University. I sometimes teach in other private colleges also.

Q. How many hours per day do you spend on Chegg Website?
Normally, I spend 10 to 14 hours to answer questions on Chegg board. After finishing my regular classes, I have ample amount of time to work on Chegg board.
For Q&A board, I begin working from 3AM to 12:30PM. Then, in the evening from 6 PM, I continue answering for some more time. Currently, I am also working on TBS. The lot has 1066 questions and I have promised to complete answering it in a month’s time. (smiles)

Q. How is the exposure of working for Chegg helping you with your PhD Project.
Sometimes, students post research questions and also experimental type questions. Since I am a research student, I can provide accurate answers to the students. I like answering such research questions. Chegg demands high quality answering in terms of content. I always strive to meet upto Chegg’s standards and endeavor to satisfy every student.

Q. Do you have any memorable moment here?
Sometimes, students give comments like – ‘Your answers always make sense’, ‘excellent answer’ etc. It is very satisfying to read such comments. There was this time when I had answered 67 questions on Q&A Board in one day and I felt it was a good achievement.  During a peak season offer extended in December last year, I earned a sizeable amount and that was very memorable.

Q. How are you able to manage your regular life and Chegg life?
I am happily managing myself. Working for Chegg is always a pleasure because we can work at our own pace and time without any stress. Moreover, working from home is very comfortable.

Q.How did Chegg help you in your financial growth and make your life easy?
After M.Pharmacy, I got several job opportunities in Hyderabad. My parents were reluctant to send me to Hyderabad. So, I joined as a faculty in a private college. The work was very stressful as I had to stand and teach for 8 long hours. The college is also very far from my hometown and I could not manage my time properly. During those days, my family was in deep financial crisis. The same time, I got my PhD admission. PhD registered students are not allowed to work anywhere. I had to quit my job. It was during those very challenging times in my life, that I joined Chegg. I was the only one working in the family and the entire family survived because of Chegg for one and a half years.

Q. Have you ever recommended anyone to join Chegg?
Oh yeah!!!(smiles) I recommended 4 members. One is working from Europe. His Visa doesn’t allow him to work anywhere in Europe. So, he is working from home on Chegg Q&A board. My friend depends entirely on Chegg for financial support.

Q. How are you able to balance student life, family life, and professional life?
I didn’t find much of a difference between researching as a PhD Student and answering on Chegg board. As a PhD student, I go through research articles and experiments. When it comes to answering subject questions at Chegg, I do the same.
My Father is a businessman and also an agriculturist. My mother is a homemaker.  My brother is a house surgeon. Now, he is also working as an EA at Chegg. My sister lives in Vijayawada. My Parents take care of a major part of the household chores and so we have ample time to answer questions on Chegg website. As I work from home, I get to spend quality time with my family too.

Q. If you were given an opportunity to work full-time, would you join?
I definitely want to have a long term association with Chegg. If I were given a good pay, I would surely join.