August 12, 2020
August 12, 2020

1. Tell us something about your personal and professional life.
I am an Electrical Engineer. I completed my graduation in 2014. Apart from being an avid answerer on the Chegg Q & A Board, I run my own online business. I am an expert in Advance Math.

2. How did you get to know about Chegg?
I was introduced to Chegg by a friend of mine. From the time I began answering on the Chegg Q&A Board, I have been enjoying and cherishing my association with Chegg.

3. Tell us briefly about your overall experience of working with Chegg.
It’s been a great experience. Initially, I was able to answer only a  few questions but later, I could answer a good number of questions and at the same time, adhere to the quality standards set forth by Chegg for experts. I am having a wonderful time here as the quest for learning never ends. I learn and I earn too, and this is what excites me the most.

4. How much time do you spend answering questions on the Chegg Q&A board? Do you set targets for solving a particular number of questions in a day?
I maintain a good balance between my business and Chegging. I spend almost 3 hours in the morning and the evening on Chegg Q & A Board. As far as target is concerned, I set a target of answering 50+ questions during the peak season.

5. How has Chegg helped you in life/Career?
Chegg has always helped me, and it continues to help me every single day. it has given me wings to be financially independent and academically strong. I quit my previous job as an Assistant QA Manager and started pursuing my dream of starting my own business venture at a young age. Chegg has given me the confidence to believe in my dream and move on in life. I attribute the fulfilment of my dream to Chegg.  I take pride in sharing the fact that I own a business, and it is doing well.

6. Cite a memorable moment from your journey with Chegg.
I have had the opportunity to answer so many questions, even questions posed in languages other than English. I sought the help of Google translator to answer such questions. This made me feel proud of myself. I also love to see the valuable comments and feedbacks that students across the globe provide on my answers. Their words of appreciation make me smile and push me to do better every time.

7. How do you make sure that you provide quality answers? Would you like to suggest something to your fellow Cheggers?
I make sure that I follow a step-by-step approach to answer questions. I totally understand and abide by the fact that I am not answering the questions for myself but am answering for my students. I try and look at the answer from a student’s perspective. If I identify a student confusion point or a concept, I try and explain it liberally. I bear in mind that “We put Student first”.

8. Do you enjoy working with Chegg?
Yes, I love working with Chegg.  My feelings are ineffable. All I can say is that my day begins with Chegg and ends with Chegg.


9. How often would you recommend your friends/ relatives to join Chegg as an Expert Answerer (EA)?
I often recommend Chegg to my friends who are good at their subject and are able to deliver good results. I don’t like to recommend Chegg to people who just dream of deep pockets. I believe in sincerity and hard work and absolutely no shortcuts.

10. How was your experience at the Experts Meet conducted in Delhi? What is your biggest takeaway from the Experts Meet?
My overall experience was great. The ambience was impressive. We were welcomed and greeted warmly by our coordinators. I got to know and learn a lot about how Chegg’s model works and how we are really contributing to Chegg. I interacted with many other Chegg experts and learnt how others juggle between their professional lives and personal lives.
Lastly, I feel privileged to have got an opportunity to work with Chegg. It’s a platform where we can make the best use of our learning potential and simultaneously help students with their subjects.