August 12, 2020
Voice of an EA – Sooraj Kushawaha
August 12, 2020
Q.How did you come to Chegg?
A friend, who is already working here, referred me to Chegg. He said this job helps both in making money and in gaining knowledge. I joined about a year ago and have been answering on Chegg’s Q&A board ever since.

Q.Where else do you work?
I joined an electrical services company but left it after three months as the job never supported my growth.
I always wanted to go for a full-time job, but as Chegg helps me financially and allows me to work from the comfort of my home, I joined Chegg and started preparing for competitive exams to get a job in the government sector.

Q.How is being an EA different from working as an employee elsewhere?
The difference is simple. Chegg allows working from the comfort of our homes and provides an opportunity to earn more than a full-time job.
Two things, one, we don’t have job pressure being an EA @ Chegg. Two, we can set our own earning goals and work. The opportunity is limitless. Neither of these is possible in a full-time job.
Comparing remuneration and payments, Chegg pays very well as compared to the full-time job that paid me much less.
I could earn a 6-month salary in just one month at Chegg. After my M.Tech, I declined offers to join as an Assistant Professor as Chegg pays me more than that.

Q.How much time do you spend a day on authoring?
If I sit committedly, I spend around 12-15 hours a day solving the questions. Most of the days, I work overnight.
The maximum number of questions I answered in one day was 43.

Q.How do you balance your personal and professional life as an EA?
Working on answering student questions at Chegg helps me in my other pursuits like preparing for competitive exams, so I never really had to balance both.
prefer working during nights on Chegg Q&A board, because at this time, students in U.S. are active, but also because it helps me avoid personal deviations as faced during the day. Moreover, I am a bachelor chasing my dream goals, so I never had much of a personal life to balance with.
I live together with four of my friends, who are also working as EAs @ Chegg.

Q.Did you get any poor quality rating for your solutions anytime in your past? What do you do and what was your experience?
Only once I did receive a poor quality rating, but that was more related to formatting errors, rather content related.
I always prefer taking a question only when I am sure I can answer. Students usually comment on my answers either when they get it wrong or when they find it confusing, independent of the quality of the content. Then, I reply clarifying their doubts.

Q.Could you tell us a memorable and a challenging moment in your tenure?
Sometimes I get questions from the same project that I had done during my Masters. I feel like jumping with joy. Though on the surface level, the problem would appear to be difficult, it would be very simple for me, as I had already mastered it during my project. Those were my most memorable moments.
Other kinds of happiest moments are when we receive appreciation or any other compliments from students for our solutions.

Q.How does Chegg help you in your progress?
Chegg provided me a strong support when I was unemployed after my Masters in Engineering.
The job itself (as EA @ Chegg) is motivating, I always feel energized to solve more and more questions. Chegg has that motivating factor.

Q.Do you recommend others to join as an EA? If yes, why?
Yes. I always refer people based on two factors – one, their subject knowledge, as students should only get answers to their questions that are of the best conceptual quality, and two, their economic condition. I try to refer top rankers who are looking to earn some extra money. They are not only sincere at work, but also are hardworking, and Chegg takes good care of such EAs.
So far I referred around 20 of my friends to join Chegg. They are all active now and are doing well.