August 12, 2020
Top Performers – April 2020
August 12, 2020
Sharon Valli joined Chegg as an Expert Answerer at its inception in India. Her journey with Chegg started in 2011 when she was recruited during a campus drive at Dr. Bullaya College in her final year. However, at the same time, she got placed in Wipro as well, which she had to forgo because of some familial constraints.

Q. Please describe your experience with Chegg during the initial phase.
During the early stages, I was quite overwhelmed by the magnanimity of the operations at Chegg. It was a rough patch that I had to conquer; I was unable to work on the system and the initial 10-15 days were quite demanding. But I never gave up trying, with the help provided by Prasanna Kumari Mithra, Chegg ex-employee, I was able to get through that rough patch.

Q. How did you spend the first month in Chegg?
I received an assignment consisting of 100 questions, as my first and foremost assignment in Chegg. I was a meritorious student during my college days and was liked by all the lecturers/professors. I was initially discouraged to pursue work at Chegg by some who aren’t even aware of the glorious Chegg platform, but thankfully, I ignored them and requested my HOD to give me 10 days off so that I can start my first Chegg assignment. Initially, I took my brother’s help, who works as an SME in the Accounts department, but soon I was able to understand the system, and started working on my own.

Q. What was your reaction when you received your first pay cheque from Chegg?
The moment I received my first pay cheque from Chegg, which was a sizeable amount, my happiness reached the sky. I communicated the same to my faculty members and friends, for which I received immense appreciation. My confidence further increased when I received the next payment, after solving 300 questions, and this time it is three times my first pay cheque.
Q. What is the most fascinating part of your journey with Chegg?
The knowledge I have gained over the last 7 years cannot be weighed in any terms, and I know I cannot get this knowledge anywhere else in the world. In order to thrive at Chegg, one needs to possess up-to-date knowledge on every single development in the chosen subject. Chegg has helped me in ways one can’t imagine – Cannot imagine a life without Chegg.

Q. What is the maximum number of questions that you’ve solved in a month?
I solved 1,200 questions in a month once, for which I was compensated with 88,000 rupees.

Q. Tell us about your educational qualifications.
Currently, I am pursuing PhD. I have a Masters degree in Physics, and I also have a Bachelors of Education degree.

Q. Cite some of your happy moments at Chegg.
Every month I receive a message stating that the salary has been credited to your account. I cherish those texts of happiness immensely. I work hard throughout the month, and getting compensated not only provide validation, but it also means that my solutions are being accepted.

Q. How do you feel about the coordinators at Chegg?
I am very thankful to my coordinator, Prasanna Kumari Mithra, who inspired and motivated me, both professionally and personally, and helped me reach where I am today. Life without their inspiration would be very tough. I would also like to extend my gratitude to both Jitendra sir and Umesh sir who have been my guiding light throughout my journey at Chegg.

Q. Tell us a little about your personal and professional life.
I work as a professor in Ambedkar Institute of Management Studies. I have four siblings: two elder brothers, an elder sister, and a younger brother. My elder brothers also work for Chegg as SMEs in the Accounts department. Each month my brothers and I compete, and the person who answers the maximum number of question wins. Not to boast, but I always win.In my free time, I go to Church and offer my prayers to God, and I also organize events in my Church.

Q. Do you have any friends at Chegg?
Yes, I do. In the previous EA meet, I met Bharathi, who is also a Chegg Q&A Expert in the Physics department, and we became friends soon. Even though we haven’t known each other for a long time, we are quite close to each other; she inspires me and motivates me to keep on working for Chegg. Lately, she has been recommending me to work on the Chegg Q&A Board.

Q. What suggestion would you give to new joiners?
Dedication is the key to success. Accept this as a challenge and I guarantee, Chegg will take you to the next level. Accept the fact that it’s a pleasure to help students who are eagerly waiting for your valuable answers. I am very happy and content to be a part of the Chegg team.