August 12, 2020
From the MD’s Desk
August 12, 2020
Q. How were you introduced to Chegg?
I am Satya Krishna Murthy. I work as an Assistant Professor at an Engineering College. My friend, who serves as an Expert Answerer (EA) in mathematics, introduced me to Chegg. He told me about the quality work being done at Chegg and how to join. I approached the Territory Coordinators and they guided me on joining Chegg as an Expert Answerer (EA).

Q. How is teaching in a college environment different from Chegg?
At college, I am usually assigned one subject and I teach the same subject every semester to a new batch of students. This way, I don’t get a chance to study related subjects of electronics, in-depth. At Chegg, I receive a plethora of questions from various subjects and thus have this glorious opportunity to delve into other subjects too. Answering has sharpened my programming skills in MATLAB and C Language. This is the best part of Chegg. I keep learning new things and this raises my confidence levels.

Q. Do you work on TBS or Q&A?
I work primarily on Q&A and also on textbook solutions (TBS). TBS takes more time than Q&A, because TBS requires typing of solutions according to Chegg standards, whereas Q&A allows us to post handwritten answers. I enjoy working on Q&A.

Q. What is the time you spend on Q&A? What is your daily routine?
My day begins at 6 a.m. I freshen up and rush to catch the college bus. I reach college by 8 a.m. I come back from college by 6 p.m. Then, I sit to work on Q&A from 7 p.m. to 1 a.m. – and, at times, even longer! I try to grab as many questions as possible during that time. I can’t spend time answering on Q&A in the mornings because of my busy work schedule. I am rescheduling my timetable to make some time for working on Q&A in the mornings and increase my answering rate. So far, I am able to balance myself well, despite the tedious schedule.

Q. How did Chegg help you improve your Subject-skills?
At Chegg, I get access to international textbooks, and I am greatly indebted to Chegg for this. The textbooks contain a wealth of knowledge. These textbooks have questions that test our programming levels, which is not common in the textbooks used at my college. The textbooks provide practical experiments and application of the concept in a real-time environment. Solving of the questions require a standard software. Thus, it helps me explore and learn new concepts, new methods of solving, new programming commands and techniques. These textbooks are research level textbooks and are highly advanced. Solving questions in Chegg textbooks leave us with immense subject knowledge and command to get through the first stage of Ph.D at ease. Chegg has helped me gain exposure to international subjects.

Q. What are your specific career goals?
I wanted to pursue a Ph.D from IIT or NIT. A Ph.D requires encompassing knowledge on various subjects and also in-depth programming skills for research. Chegg is helping me to lay a strong foundation for pursuing my Ph.D – Thanks, Chegg!

Q. How did Chegg enhance your personal life?
Private jobs in the present days are insecure. Chegg has been a back-up for me and has helped me live life with a lot of confidence. I believe such confidence is the key for soaring high in life. I will never discontinue working for Chegg.  My father is a retired post-master and my mother is a homemaker. I have a brother and a sister. My brother is a lecturer in an IIT Academy, and also works for Chegg as Mathematics-EA. My earnings at Chegg helped my family to progress in life. I bought branded clothes for myself and also new appliances like a washing machine for my home. Sometimes, I give the pay-check I receive from Chegg to my parents so that they enjoy shopping too. Chegg has enhanced our lifestyle and status.

Q. What is the most memorable time with Chegg?
Once I got a set of questions and I was clueless on how to solve them. Without giving up, I studied the subject and tried to solve all the questions. When I received the report, I was surprised to see that I got a five star rating. That was the most cherishing moment.Authoring solutions for me is like authoring a textbook. It includes a lot of research and hard work. Getting a five star for such work is very memorable.International students read my answers and give good feedback and comments. Reading such comments is truly blissful, because I am able to cater to students around the world. It is very satisfying as a teacher to see not just Indian students, but also international students being benefited by my teaching.

Q. Have you ever recommended anyone to Chegg?
When I joined Chegg, I told my brother and roommates, but they were initially dubious saying that online jobs are fraudulent.But when I received my first pay-check, they were pretty excited and my brother and three of my roommates immediately joined. They started to recommend others too. (Smiles)

Q. If you were given an opportunity to join as an in-house expert, would you avail the opportunity?
Chegg is rapidly growing and I also heard that Chegg is now traded on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE: CHGG). It is a privilege to work for Chegg and I would definitely avail the opportunity. (Smiles)