August 12, 2020
Voice of an EA – Sharon
August 12, 2020
How did you come to Chegg?
A friend referred me. He is already working as an EA with Chegg in EE department. He joined just a month before I joined. He never has much experience to share but he said that Chegg would support me.

Where else do you work?
Currently, I am not working elsewhere. Before coming to Chegg, I used to work in a petrochemicals company in the maintenance department. After joining Chegg, I left my full-time job, started to prepare for a competitive exam, which is my dream goal to achieve. Chegg gave me the confidence to quit my full-time job.

How is being an EA different from working as an employee elsewhere?
My job in the petrochemical company never got me a good salary. Work is also very less. I spent all the days getting bored and lost. After I joined Chegg, I am not only able to work in my own schedules, but also started pursuing my lifetime goal, to get through the IES exam to work as an engineer for the Indian government.Being an employee elsewhere I cannot upgrade myself or pursue anything other than the job, but Chegg supports me to chase my dream.

How much time do you spend a day on authoring?
I work for around 5 hours a day. Either from 4:30AM to 7:30AM in the morning or from 8:00PM to 12:00AM during nights. I am mostly comfortable during early hours as that’s when questions pour in.

How do you balance your personal and professional life as an EA?
I am currently going for day classes to prepare for a competitive exam in my own subject domain. I never felt it a burden to balance my personal and professional life as answering students’ questions at Chegg is like a practice for my other pursuit. Chegg never feels like a different career.More than anything, earning money is my first priority. So, Chegg comes first and then anything else.So, whenever I am interrupted during my work hours with Chegg, I first finish the task at hand and then see if the other task is important or not.

Did you get any poor quality rating for your solutions anytime in your past? What do you do and what was your experience?
Except for better writing suggestions, I never got a poor quality rating from Chegg. But I often receive comments from students, either requesting for further explanation or discussing confusion points. I immediately take up the requests and revert in the best possible way. Instead of having a conversation through comments, I would rather prefer to re-write the solution that clears the student’s confusion.

Could you tell us a memorable and a challenging moment in your tenure?
The most memorable thing was when I got a huge payment for a month’s work. I was the happiest person. That month I committed to myself to work out as many numbers of questions as possible, but I was unaware of the huge pay out the work would get. I cherish that moment every day.Sometimes, I come across some questions that were skipped by me due to their difficulty in the past. I feel lucky because I already knew the question and I knew how to solve it this time as it was there on my mind for quite some time in the past.

How does Chegg help you in your progress?
My present life is supported only by Chegg. I graduated four years ago and have been working ever since. The full-time job I joined right after my college was so laborious; I never had time to spend pursuing my goal to become an engineer for the Indian government. I barely had time to prepare for the entrance exam. I even lost my health and the salary was not that satisfactory. After joining Chegg, I started to feel the job like taking rest, as the work I do for Chegg is a part of my preparation for the exam which I wanted to achieve. My health has improved; I am now pretty comfortable and confident about reaching my dream goal.
Are you happy being an EA? How has the role made your life easy?
Yes, I am very happy being an EA at Chegg, as I said Chegg looks after me while I am comfortably busy working towards my career goals.

Do you recommend others to join as an EA? If yes, why?
I always refer people to join as an EA. Recently, I referred a friend of mine.I always share with people that working for Chegg is like studying and improving our knowledge in our own domain of expertise.If you have knowledge in a specific academic subject and you need good money, Chegg is the right place to work as an EA.

What about procrastinating your work?
No, I never procrastinated my work. I never had a thought of procrastinating, as more questions I answer more payment I get. This is the factor that drives me to stick to Chegg’s work.

Would you opt for an opportunity to take up a day job of a full-time expert in Chegg?
Right now, I cannot take up a full-time job due to my other career pursuits. But I am pretty sure that I will keep working for Chegg, not just because Chegg pays me well, but also it helps me keep myself updated with the subject knowledge.