From the Manager
August 12, 2020
August 12, 2020
Q. How did you come to know about Chegg?
I was introduced to Chegg by my school teacher, who was already working for Chegg as EA. My teacher told me to meet the Territory Manager. I qualified the test and joined. When I joined, I was doing B. Tech Electrical (3rd Year).

Q. After finishing engineering graduation, what made you join in an academic hub like Chegg?

After B. Tech, I was in search of jobs. I got opportunities in software companies, which I was not interested in. I did not want to deviate from my core subject and settle in a software job. I believe “if we do not use the subject, we will lose it.” Currently, I am in search of jobs in government sectors like railways, where my core subject competence is given the utmost importance. Chegg helps me to upgrade my subject as I answer questions related to my subject.Every new edition of a Textbook at Chegg upgrades with the latest technology. Suppose the technology of a power plant is specified in one edition the next edition would have the upgraded technologies introduced in the power plant. Thus, my knowledge on the power systems keeps on upgrading. This is the best part at Chegg and so I choose to work at Chegg and this gives me a lot of happiness.Though I did a project during my under graduation, I had minimal knowledge on the technicalities as I was weak in my basics. After going through the fundamentals in Chegg books, I improved on my basics. Now, I have tremendous confidence on my subject.

Q. How did Chegg help you in your overall growth?
Answers of my first assignment at Chegg weren’t very impressive. I thought I would be fired. But the trainer was very patient and taught me how to develop helpful solutions at Chegg. Answering questions back in school was different from answering for a student at Chegg. At Chegg, we answer with the purpose of teaching a student. We try to explain each and every step and address all the student confusion points. I learned this style of answering and problem solving skill only at Chegg. Chegg also helped me improve my language writing skills. In my school days, I used to memorize paragraphs to write the test. I never knew how to write on my own. At Chegg, copying content is plagiarism. In order to avoid plagiarism, I started writing sentences on my own. I am now confident of writing answers on my own. I also learned how to use a computer. Thus, I am greatly benefited by Chegg.

Q. What do you do apart from working as a freelancer for Chegg?  Do you work anywhere else?
I work only as a freelancer for Chegg. My day begins at 5am when I answer on the Q&A Board. From      9am, I work on TBS.  In the evening, I give home tuitions for 10th standard students. Then again I will be working on TBS. Sometimes, I work up to 4am to complete the given targets. On an average, I spend 8 to 10 hours a day on TBS and Q&A.

Q. How did Chegg make your life easy?
I have two sisters. My mother went through a lot of hardship in bringing us up. She is a senior language teacher in a School. She took education loans for our engineering studies. Our beginnings were humble. The money we earned by teaching tuitions was hardly sufficient for our house maintenance. We used to walk few miles every day to attend school and also to work, as public transportation was very expensive.  Initially, we used to struggle to pay our monthly house rents. We couldn’t pay house rent for four consecutive months. Now, thanks to Chegg, life has become more easy. I managed to clear two huge loans. One of my sisters now works for a software company and the other works as a teacher. My family is doing well now.

Q. What was your most memorable moment?
Once I earned a sizable amount by answering problems in a textbook. In one month, I answered 700 questions. My earnings by working for Chegg from home were considerably more than that of my friends working elsewhere. I am so proud. My friends who work elsewhere lack the freedom I have at Chegg. My friends have a lot of pressure at work whereas I can work at my own pace and at leisure. I am working from home with less pressure and earning more. I am also improving my subject at the same time.All electrical related subjects are very challenging. Once I received a very tough set of questions related to power systems. Initially, I had no clue on how to solve these problems. Then, I took it as a challenge and studied the subject in-depth. I had to refer a lot of books to solve the problems in a chapter. I watched IIT videos on the internet and finally solved 22 out of 30 questions correctly – the Chegg review team helped me to correct the other problems. This is the most challenging moment.

Q. What are your plans for your future?
I am preparing for IES and seeking a job in government sector. Though I get a job elsewhere, I will never discontinue answering because Chegg has given a path to my life. I will continue to work as an EA. I sometimes answer TBS from my mobile. I wish there was a mobile app for Chegg Q&A Board so that I can answer even on the move.

Q. Did you ever get tired of answering?
Never! Sometimes, I receive Software based questions; such questions cannot be explained within two hours. Answering using software is easy, but I need to explain the procedure to solve the question and then prove that the answer is correct. Sometimes, students ask me to refer to a textbook for further information to solve a question. When I did not have the textbook, I skip the question.

Q. Did you ever recommend anyone to join Chegg?
I did. But they couldn’t qualify the test. Answering at Chegg requires high standard.

Q. If you are given a chance to work full time at Chegg, would you avail the opportunity?
Definitely! Chegg is a knowledge center and I would be proud to be a fulltime employee. Moreover, being a resident of Vizag, I would be grateful to avail this opportunity to work in my hometown. I do not have to go to other cities to seek for job like my friends did.