August 12, 2020
August 12, 2020
How did you come to Chegg?
It is a long story. Back in 2012, I was about to lose my job due to shutting down of the college I was working for, as a lecturer. Those were tough times as almost every educational organization faced a downtrend in student admissions into Life Science courses. I was in search of a job and trying almost every popular online job portal.One day, to my surprise, I received a call from a company called Cramster. The selection process was long with around three tests, an induction and a quiz. I could complete all levels with a good score. After a month of my joining, the company became Chegg.My life was in deep trouble, when Chegg saved me. What I am now today is just because of Chegg.
chegg saved me
Where else do you work?
I don’t work anywhere else – I work full time as a Chegg Expert and I don’t find any need to take up other jobs.

How is being an MNE different from working as an employee elsewhere?
Other employment only offers financial independence, but here at Chegg, we learn while we earn. For example, take Biology; it is a very vast subject with many interdisciplinary topics. I get a great opportunity to learn and work on different topics of various disciplines.

How much time do you spend a day on authoring?
8 to 10 hours. I spend my full time on Chegg’s assignments. I used to work for around 6 hours earlier but now a days, I spend more than 10 hours.

How do you balance your personal and professional life as an MNE?
Being a woman, handling many household duties while doing a job simultaneously is a nightmare. But Chegg has given me the chance to enjoy the job without leaving my home. I spend my time working during the day, at my own comfort at home; and once I am done with my work, I enjoy my personal time, no time schedule attached. So, enjoying both worlds without breaking our own comfort at home is a breeze.I respect my work and deadlines. If at all I come across any sudden need to attend at home which happens very rarely, my territory manager, who is very friendly and co-operative, doesn’t mind adjusting the deadlines.

Did you get any poor quality rating or send backs for your solutions anytime in you past? What do you do and what is your experience?
Yes, I do get send backs when I work on difficult chapters that are hard nuts to crack.Whenever I face such situations, I try to improve immediately, I update myself where I am lacking and submit the solutions within the stipulated deadline.

Could you tell us a memorable and a challenging moment in your tenure?
Recently, I finished 1500 solutions of Medical Terminology just in a month. That was my most memorable moment.The most challenging moment was once when I received an assignment on one of the most difficult chapters with mathematical problems, which were so difficult that even most experienced teachers could not solve. I had to refer a lot of books, do a lot of research but could finish all of them. The point of celebration was that I received one of best ratings for those solutions in Quality Check.

How does Chegg help in your progress?
My lifestyle and income graph is progressing very steadily. I am now living with all comforts. Before Chegg, I used to have a hard life style which is completely changed now, after becoming and growing as an MNE.I equally enjoy my personal life. My personal and social relations are perfectly balanced with my job as an MNE.

Are you happy being an MNE? How has the role made your life easy?
I am very happy being an MNE. The point that makes me feel happy is that the role is equal to that of a subject expert, elsewhere. I enjoy saying that I am a subject expert to people who ever I meet.

One of the great moments that made me feel proud was once when I was given a book that had been left incomplete in the middle by the experts due to its difficulty level. I finished it and received the best rating I ever had.

What about procrastinating your work?
I never think of putting work aside, as I am much addicted to this due to the comfort this job offers.My husband helps me too in meeting tight deadlines.Besides my addiction to work, I often get motivated by the thought that my work is being served to students all around the world. It sounds cool, doesn’t it?

Would you opt for an opportunity to take up the job of a full-time expert in Chegg?
No. I had offers to join as a full-time subject expert in Chegg, but I can’t take it as full time employees are stressed-out for time and work under various pressures.
Above all, everything is at my ease and comfort, including my own schedules, holidays, and family time, which are not at all possible being a full-time employee.

Do you recommend others to join as MNE? If yes, why?
Of course, yes! Here at Chegg, we have a lot of opportunity, especially to learn a lot while earning. I already recommended many people who are currently enjoying being MNEs at Chegg. Furthermore, those who love the subject love this job and vice-versa. It is a great opportunity for self-satisfaction.