August 12, 2020
August 12, 2020

Q. How were you introduced to Chegg?
I came to know about Chegg through my hostel mate, who is working as an Expert Answerer (EA) for Chegg. Observing him answer various kind of questions on the Chegg Question and Answer board, I got motivated to join as an Expert Answerer.

Q. What else do you do apart from working for Chegg? 
I am pursuing my Master of Technology in Nano-Technology from Andhra University. Earlier, I worked for Reliance Industry in Mumbai. However, I discontinued my job to pursue further studies. I reside at the campus hostel, where many students work on the Chegg Q&A Board like me. We also prepare for other competitive exams, so we together work towards honing our subject knowledge.
Being in my final year, I have only three classes a week. I am left with ample time to work on the Chegg Q&A Board. I am also working on my final year project.

Q. Narrate your experience working for Chegg.
At Chegg, I gain more than what I give. I receive a wide variety of questions related to a topic. Answering them helps me master the topic. This practice gives me a lot of confidence on the topic and I do not have to revise again for my competitive exams.

The questions touch base almost every topic in electronics and the questions also stem from various categories like MATLAB, analytical, simulation, Nano-Technology, modules, design, programming, etc. Chegg renews my knowledge and I do not have to invest in tutorial centers to prepare for competitive exams. Chegg is helping me save a lot of time and money.

Q. Tell us something about your family.
I hail from Bheemavaram, and my parents are farmers. My brother works as an engineer and is settled in Singapore. They are glad that I am working for Chegg. I do not depend on anyone to pay my university fee. I pay my college fee with my earnings at Chegg. I also bought a laptop for myself, amenities for home, and every festival I gift clothes to my parents.

Q. How is working for Chegg different from working elsewhere?
Working at Chegg as an Expert Answerer is a pressure free job. Chegg gives ample time to analyze and answer the question. I can work at my own pace and there is none to boss over me.   It is also very flexible. Even when I go to my village, I take my laptop and my notes along with me and start working from home.

Expert Answerer requires the heart of a teacher. My motto is to deliver accurate answers to the students, and explain the methodology to reach to the final answer, rather than just providing the answer. I anticipate the confusion points of the students and add notes to address them. End of the day, it gives me immense satisfaction.

Chegg requires dedication. I got addicted to Chegg. Many times, I burned the midnight oil to answer questions on the Chegg Q&A Board. As I stay in a hostel, I have friends to discuss and clarify in case I get stuck in answering. We also play Volley Ball, Cricket, and Track for recreation.

Q. Cite one memorable moment
I once received a question related to Operation Amplifier concept. Usually, such questions provide either positive or negative feedback to solve. But this one had both the feedbacks, which was quite challenging. I referred three textbooks and finally answered it. This was the first time I encountered such a question in my life. This concept was not covered even in our Indian Engineering Service coaching. I owe a lot to Chegg.

My subject is Nano-Technology, which is an emerging technology in India. It is very advanced in many other countries. The questions I receive on the Chegg Q&A Board links up electronics and Nano-Technology as well. Such questions are fantastic.

Q. What is your goal in life?
I found my niche in teaching and I find immense satisfaction in teaching. I also taught in an engineering college and I want to build my career as a subject teacher. Communication is the key in teaching. The teacher should simplify a tough question and make it easy for the student. The teacher needs to help the student apply the basics to answer a tough question.

Q. Have you every introduced anyone to Chegg?
I have introduced few of my friends to Chegg, they are active EAs – one from power systems, the other from instrumentation, and another from remote sensing. They got motivated to join Chegg, just by observing me answering on the Chegg Q&A Board.

Q. If Chegg offers fulltime opportunity would you avail?
Definitely, I would avail! This is a fabulous job and it is the right platform to apply my subject knowledge.