August 12, 2020
From the Manager
August 12, 2020

Q. Tell us something about yourself and how were you introduced to Chegg?

I am an IT Professional with a degree in Computer Science. I began his journey with Chegg on January 2017. Since then, I have solved 900+ questions while maintaining an excellent CF score of 91% – A brilliant combination of both quality and quantity.

Q. Describe your journey so far with Chegg.

My journey with Chegg has been fruitful in terms of self-development while helping students beyond the boundaries. I was very happy after meeting my coordinators in Pune and had a wonderful day, filled with fun and enjoyment. I am grateful to Chegg and I look forward to being a part of Chegg forever!

Q. Any specific methodology that you follow?

 I follow different approaches to solve various kinds of questions. I prefer answering questions, in which I have the utmost confidence. Mostly, I solve programming questions and make it a point to write a comment on every important line, to make sure that students get more clarification while viewing the solution. I also diligently test the solution with multiple inputs.When it comes to complex problems, I ensure that I simplify the difficult problem for a better understanding of the student and explain it step-by-step, so that students can gain clarity and understand the solutions in a simple manner.While solving an objective question, my focus is to provide more explanation of the correct answer and always provide suggestions to the students related to relevant topics for better understandability.I am proficient in Data Structure, Java, C++/C/Python/JavaScript/HTML and Basic Networking languages and endeavour to upgrade my knowledge and skillset with time.

Q. Pune Experts’ Meet and You:

All in all, I was ecstatic that Chegg had conducted a meet in Pune for the first time in three years and wish to meet again in the future. My commitment to provide quality answers is genuine and I promise to provide high-quality solutions to even the most complex problems.