August 12, 2020
August 12, 2020

Q. How did you get introduced to Chegg?
I started my career with Chegg in November 2016. I completed my B. Tech in computer science Engineering from IIT and there I came to know about Chegg through my friend. I have been consistently performing and have solved more than 8000 questions. I also maintain an average CF score of 90%.

Q. Are you into any full-time job apart from Chegg?
Yes, I am a software engineer and I am working for an E-commerce company as a software developer in Bangalore.

Q. Describe your experience with Chegg.
The journey has been fantastic. During my initials days on the Chegg Q&A Board, my answering count was low.  However, I picked up very soon and started answering more and more questions, simultaneously, mastering my skills.Not only answering questions on the Chegg Question and Answer board but interacting with Chegg experts in our WhatsApp group and answering their queries is just amazing.The questions I receive on the Chegg Q&A Board questions are application-oriented and are very interesting. I usually spend six hours a day on the Chegg Q&A Board and during the weekends, I contribute more. The comments I receive from the students are quite motivating. I am happy that I am helping a student on the other side of the globe.Overall, it’s a wonderful experience and I look forward to contributing more and more.

Q. How did Chegg help you in your overall growth.
Chegg made me financially stable and I have seen a tremendous growth in my subject knowledge as questions on Q&A Board always push me to learn more and study new concepts.Initially, I used to answer questions from C, C++ and Java only, but with constant hard work on Chegg and learning, I have mastered new languages such as Python, R programming, Data structures, MATLAB, and Assembly Language.From solving one question a day to 50 questions daily, I have achieved a series of milestones in my Chegg Career.

Q. Express in your words what’s so fascinating about the Chegg Q&A Board?
The Chegg Q&A board is an Ocean of Knowledge. The questions posted by students come from vast topics and programming languages. The best thing about Chegg is that it has an abundance of opportunities for every subject enthusiast, ranging from students to professionals, housewives to freelancers.Solving big questions has helped me grow in my professional career. It has helped me master my skills.

Q. Share a memorable moment.
(With a smile) It was when I was announced as the top performer for the month of November last year. I received applauds and appreciation from fellow experts in my WhatsApp group. With my Chegg earnings, I travelled to many places with my friends and those trips were quite memorable.

Q. Share a challenging moment.
Once I skipped a question after realizing that it would take more than two hours to solve it. However, my never-give-up attitude pushed me to take it as a challenge and solve it. I solved it within two hours.Whenever I skip a question, I ensure that I note down the topic and update myself during my free time, so that I make myself capable of cracking such questions. I also solved Text Book Solution assignments, but I like to work more on the Chegg Q&A Board.

Q. Express in your words how special is this EA Meet for you?
It was a pleasure to meet my coordinators after two years. I had a great time interacting with my fellow experts and my motivators.

Q. What steps do you take to maintain quality in the answers?
My motive is to help the student grow in their career and so I provide them with the guidance with the best of my abilities. I double check my answer for accuracy before submitting it. Sometimes we make a calculation mistake which might be a minor one but can really affect the student’s learning.I make sure I follow the Chegg guidelines and provide necessary diagrams, comments and everything that makes the answer student-friendly.

Q. Have you ever referred others to Chegg?
Yes, I did refer many of my friends to join the Chegg Family.

Q. If you get better opportunities in life, will you give up on Chegg?
I will always continue working for Chegg as it boosts my confidence as I help students.I also like to help students who are craving for subject help and I consider Chegg to be the right platform to reach out to them.