Voice of an EA – Sai Bramari
August 12, 2020
August 12, 2020
Q. How did your journey with Chegg begin?

Chegg has gained repute more through word of mouth rather than through advertisements. I heard about Chegg from my husband’s friend. I found Chegg to be very interesting and so I encouraged my husband also to start working with me on Chegg.We, as a couple fulfilled most of their dreams with the money we earned from Chegg. It took us a while, but now, we understand the needs of the students and provide all the necessary information that would benefit them. We are grateful to our coordinators who are always within reach and provide timely guidance. We are also thankful to Chegg for the timely payment. We are in fact, addicted to Chegg!I have completed my post-graduation at NITW in 2007. I have 5 years of teaching experience. I love sharing knowledge my knowledge, and that is, probably, one of the reasons I joined Chegg.

Q. How many questions do you manage to solve in a day?

Initially, it was not very intense, as I began very slow. But with time, the count of questions I solved gradually increased. It depends upon the volume of questions. Generally, I manage to solve 30 questions a day.

Q. Share your experience with the Chegg Question & Answer Board?
Chegg is a global platform and I get to answer a wide variety of questions related to Calculus. I receive questions from every facet of calculus. I am also being benefited as I expand my knowledge by answering all these questions.I joined Chegg on 15th December 2015 and am currently working on two subjects: Calculus and Math. I solved more than 4000 questions so far and have maintained an overall CF score of 76% with 95% SME feedback score.

Q. As a teacher, what goes in your mind while answering a question for a student?

At the end of the day, my agenda is to help students. I do a thorough research before explaining the answers in a language that is understandable to a student. I receive very interesting questions related to calculus that test my ability as a teacher to explain to the students. When I am unsure of the answer, I do not attempt the question. I focus more on quality rather than quantity. I am proud to say that I have received a satisfactory score on my quality

Q. Cite a memorable moment.

Chegg always gives me a lot of memorable moments. Fulfilling my dreams with the money earned from Chegg is always memorable. But I must say that the time spent with the experts at the EA meets are the most memorable moments.  “The meet was awesome. It was a good opportunity to get our doubts clarified.  It was a day a fun. Heartful Thanks to Chegg for inviting me to the EA meet. I feel so proud to be among the gathering . It is a good chance to meet all experts at one place and the Chegg team.”

Q. Please share something from your personal life.

I have kids and I should not deprive them of parental care. As Chegg allows me to work from home, I have ample time to spend quality time with my kids. I love spending time with my family.

Q. Have you introduced anyone to Chegg?
As mentioned earlier, I introduced my husband and shared with a lot of friends about Chegg.

Q. If Chegg gives you a full-time opportunity, would you avail?
Yes. When I came to know about Chegg office in Vizag and Delhi in the Expert meet for the first time, I felt a happy vibe being amid these masterminds. I said to myself that if I were given a full-time opportunity, I would never let that go.