Voice of an EA – Chandan Kumar
August 11, 2020
Voice of an EA – Ram Avatar Singh
August 12, 2020

Who were your previous employers? Describe your life prior to joining Chegg?

I have a rich experience working for big companies like L&T, Kotak, Capgemini, TCS, and Infosys. Infosys was my last employer. Though I was handsomely paid, I was not really happy because I was depriving my little daughter of parental care. My Husband, Mr. Prashant, who works for the Indian Navy, was in Mumbai and often goes sailing. I used to work from Pune. We were so busy professionally that we hardly could spend time with our daughter. So, we took this tough decision of sending our daughter to our hometown, Ujjain. Every second weekend, I used to travel to Ujjain to spend time with her.The companies I worked for are the top most companies that any IT Engineer would dream to work for, but I felt void in life. I was a quality associate. I used to spend eight hours a day documenting and communicating with the clients. Sometimes, I used to stretch up to 2:30AM and work more. Even though I spent those extra hours, I only got what was defined. “Jitna karega, utna payega!” We live in Dolphin hills. The location is beautiful and invites sleep…. Despite the tranquil settings, I couldn’t suppress my zeal of answering as many questions as possible in the season. I used to wake up at night and solve as many questions as I could. I’ve set 10 questions per day as my deadline, apart from other priorities. I never compromised on quality and I solved 250 questions. Despite that, I earned a lot.

Did you find our first newsletter helpful? If yes, in what way?

After reading the first newsletter, I was very much inspired and I thought I needed a tremendous change in my working process and time management, in order to increase my targets for the month. From next month, my little one will be going to school and then I will have a different time schedule to achieve bigger targets.

Would you recommend your friends to join Chegg?

Yes. I did recommend in the past. I would certainly recommend Chegg to those who are good at delivering quality solutions. For moms who wish to work from the comfort of their home, being EA at Chegg is the best opportunity.