August 12, 2020
August 12, 2020
Q. How did your journey begin with Chegg?
I started my journey with Chegg on 6th November 2017 and AM currently working in Finance subject. I answered a lot of questions so far on the Chegg Question and Answer Board.
I got to know about Chegg from Naukri. I found one of the emails I have received regarding hiring as a freelance expert. I thought it would be great to impart my knowledge TO the students in the US.  Initially, I was a bit apprehensive as I wasn’t aware of how to go about it. Eventually, with the help of the coordinators, I got useful insights and that’s how I improved on the process of answering.

Q. Could you share something about your education and achievements.
I completed my Bachelor of Engineering in (Electronics and Communication), MBA (Operations research and Strategic management), M.Phil. (Management), and am currently pursuing PhD (Management). I am also a PMP n ITIL certified with over 16 years of corporate experience in quality assurance and control, project and program management. I worked for Siemens and Fidelity investments in various capacities. I have written Various research papers in project portfolio management and stakeholder management and published in research journals. I review various conference level research papers. I am currently working with various non-profit organizations in the advisory role, PMI member. I also do freelancing as time permits.

Q. How was your experience at the EA meet in Bangalore?
It was a pleasure meeting Chegg management team, fellow experts and especially my expert coordinator- Mohina. The entire event was executed very meticulously by the entire team with a well-drafted agenda. We had supper in the morning along with biscuits. This was a very sweet gesture as people come from far off places to meet their fellow Cheggers.

Q. What is the best thing you like about Chegg?
Quality of knowledge gained in a very simple and flexible approach. I love the fact that one can work at ones’ own pace with utmost ease. There are no restrictions on timings.Also, the role of an expert answerer at Chegg enables us to impart our knowledge and at the same time, acquire more knowledge from the kind of questions asked. At Chegg, Knowledge Sharing, Learning, and Earning go hand in hand!

Q. In what way did Chegg make your life better?
Chegg has helped me enhance my knowledge and hone my writing skills as I pen down answers for the benefit of the students. It is a great combination of concept sharing and learning. We have reciprocal benefits at Chegg. We gain knowledge by sharing knowledge. This kind of perk is rarely available anywhere else.

Q. Have you referred any of your friends/family to join Chegg?
Yes, I did discuss among my circle and referred to some of them. They were super excited to hear the concept of learning while they can earn at Chegg.Initially, they were apprehensive. The work-from-home idea with immense learning experiences was difficult to digest for them. Eventually, I showed them the payslips I received, and they then they started believing the fact. Laughs.

Q. What was so fascinating about Chegg?
First, the amount of new knowledge you learn is tremendous! Also, brushing up your skills to earn more is never a task. Second, you can earn in your free time. We are not time-bound, and we can work whenever we want to. Third, the students comment saying, ‘Thank you’ and give thumbs up. It is like re-enforcing the fact that “Hey! You know what, you
did a great job!”. I cannot describe in words, the feeling as a teacher.

Q. How do you spend your free time?
I write blogs of my interest, love reading research related papers and volunteering activities with non-profits.

Q. Cite a Challenging Moment.
The most challenging part is to give unique answers every time no matter the question was once answered and to make sure to adhere to Chegg guidelines. For me, it is like writing an exam!Initially, it was quite difficult to understand the expectations, but with the guidance of coordinators, I was in-line with the mission to help students in their studies with the best quality answers!