August 12, 2020
August 12, 2020

Pankaj started working as an Expert Answerer for Accounting with Chegg in November 2017 and he is one of the top performers in Accounting. He has proved his intelligence and spread his vast expertise to students by sharing his subject knowledge over the last 11 months by solving more than 3,000 questions. He is a chartered accountant by profession. His area of competence is internal auditing, accounting, finance and taxation. Majority of his industrial experience has been in Internal Audit.

1. How was your experience at the meet in Delhi?
It was a wonderful experience. This was my first Chegg Expert Meet and I was surprised by the core activities that were planned for the entire event. I enjoyed a lot. It was a wonderful experience, meeting my expert colleagues and cooperative coordinators. The venue of the meet was located centrally, and the arrangements were super awesome. The insights and facts that were shared by Vijay T.S. (Managing Director – India Operations) were motivating. It was good to know how Chegg started its journey, growth plans etc. I can say that Chegg maintains an elevated level of standard in its expert meets.

2. If given a chance to become a full-time employee, would you like to join in? if yes, in which profile?
It will be a great honour for me if Chegg provides an opportunity to become a full-time employee. I would like to become part of such a big organization whose goal is to make education level high by helping students to succeed in their academic career.

3. What is your best Chegg memory?
The best moments are several. Every time an answer gets upvoted, it is an exhilarating feeling. The upvotes and positive comments from students provide immense satisfaction and instant gratification for the time and effort put in on Chegg. The best Chegg memory is the new car that I bought from money earned from Chegg in the last eight months. Of course, every payday is a great moment!

4. What is your primary motive while answering a question?
Frankly speaking, in the initial days of joining Chegg, my primary motive while answering a question was additional revenue for supplementing my income. However, with time, I realized that by helping students, it has also enhanced my subject knowledge. My motive changed and I decided to upgrade my subject knowledge and deep dive more into the subject difficulty so that I can skip less and answer more. This also helped me extend my subject knowledge to more group of students keeping in mind “to put student first” and provide best quality answers.

5. How do you make sure that you provide quality answers?
To ensure that quality answers are provided to students, I do the following things: • I only attempt the question if I am 100% sure about the answer. • I always recheck my answer before submitting. • I ensure I follow Chegg’s honor code while answering a question. • I always make sure to provide step-by-step solutions with a detailed explanation for more clarity to students. • I always reply to students, if they still have some doubts/queries on answer submitted.

6. What are the questions you seek to answer?
I seek to expand my horizon of the variety of questions that I answer within the subject as it makes the whole experience interesting and challenging. I prefer to answer questions from costing, cash flow statement, capital budgeting, relevant costing, transfer pricing, journal entries, ledgers, financial statements etc.

7. How do you see yourself improve after joining Chegg?
I am a chartered accountant by profession. I have more than seven years of corporate experience. Before joining Chegg, my subject knowledge was not as good as it is now. Chegg has helped me enhance my subject knowledge.

8. Cite a challenging moment.
In October 2017, I came to know about Chegg from my friend and thought of giving it a try. It seemed to be very tough and difficult for me to solve the question with quality as most of the topics needed a heads-up for the subject knowledge. I thought it was not valued for money if I continue to work for Chegg. Somehow, I managed to solve ten questions in the first month. It was a very demotivating situation for me. But when I started receiving motivational messages on my answers to certain questions, I realized the earning potentials. It was a U-TURN for me and I thought ‘Let’s give it one more try. With time, the answering time got reduced and so far, I have submitted more than 3,000 answers and it is a proud moment for me.

9. Tell us something about your personal life?
I am a Chartered Accountant by profession. I qualified my CA in November 2010. After qualifying CA, I worked under several companies such as Omaxe limited, Samsung India electronics private limited. I live in Delhi. My hometown is in Narnaul (Haryana). My wife is also a Chartered Accountant. Now, we both are associated with Chegg as Expert Answerers for Accounting.

10. Working from home is a good opportunity, but you need to know how to manage yourself. how do you keep yourself disciplined?
For a working professional, it is very difficult in managing time to work as a freelance. To make myself disciplined, I set my daily targets for solving a specific number of questions every following month, based on the availability of questions. Then I plan to work hourly based on the set targets. My preferred working time on the Chegg Q&A board is from 10 PM – 11:30 PM, 04.30 to 07:30 in the morning and 1-2 hours while travelling from home to office.

11. What are your future with Chegg?
I am expecting a long-term association with Chegg. Apart from Q&A, I would also like to explore textbook solutions during the low question volume days. I am also working on different strategies to increase my answering counts and provide excellent quality answers on Chegg Q&A. Thus, I can extend my subject knowledge to a large group of audience.