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Careers and Scope after B.Sc. Physics
November 8, 2020
Quality Champion – September 2020
December 3, 2020

Voice of an EA – Nupur Mukherjee


Q. How did your journey begin with Chegg?

From a casual relationship to a serious commitment! That’s how I describe my journey with Chegg. It all began when one of my friends randomly shared the registration link of Chegg on our WhatsApp group, with a single info that it is an online teaching portal.

It was upon the insistence of my mother that I wrote a follow-up mail to understand if I was eligible to work on the Chegg Q&A platform. Once the test, screening of my documents and other formalities were through, I was extremely glad to make it to Chegg.

My mother highly motivated me to brush my knowledge and take this activity seriously as it could help me regain my lost identity. With a definite push from her end, I gave it my best shot. After joining our Chegg Business & Ops’ official WhatsApp group, I could gauge the appropriate time to log in, the flow of questions during the day and got acquainted with the do’s and don’ts on the Chegg Q&A board with the help of the moderators. Gradually, the speed of my work increased as well as the quality. It’s always encouraging whenever moderators feature your name as one of the Toppers of the day. This is how my journey began and progressed at Chegg.


Q. What was so fascinating about working for Chegg?

Imagine someone rising at the wee hours of the day to start with the Office-like work, without any need to get ready and all-decked up for the workplace. Well, that is the charm of Chegg. Flexibility to work from home and not worrying about our physical appearance or impression is something that is welcoming to me. I save the time otherwise spent on commuting and dedicate the same more wisely on the Chegg platform.

It is this flexibility that fascinates me the most about working for Chegg.


Q. How many questions do you manage to answer in a day?

Answering questions at an opportune time is like a habit to me ever since I have started working for Chegg. I try to tap most of the questions in the early morning hours because utilizing that time of the day is most rewarding for me. In the peak season, I have been able to answer as many as 38 while the average remains at about 15-16 questions per day.


Q. Tell us something about your education.

My alma-mater is St. Ann’s High school, a convent school in Jamnagar, in the vibrant state of Gujarat. I have spent 14 years in this institution, right from my Kindergarten to my Higher Secondary in the field of commerce.

Thereafter, I pursued my bachelor’s in commerce from SIES College in Mumbai, followed by my two-year full-time Management degree, with specialization in Finance. I completed my Master’s degree in Commerce, from Mumbai University, with Business Management as my area of specialization.

Q.  What else do you enjoy doing, apart from answering on the Chegg Q&A board?

While Chegg Q&A takes a considerable amount of time during the weekdays, I have arranged my timetable in a way that gives me enough scope to socialize with people and utilize my leisure hours productively. I love quizzing, watching documentaries, listening to retro songs, reciting poetry, competing in various events organized in our Community, etc. Last but not least, I also enjoy the ‘Humour’ element in life. That keeps me going.


Q. How Chegg has contributed to your earning?

When I first began working for Chegg, I was a bit sceptical about the earning factor. In the initial days, a decent four-digit figure was all that I targeted for. I often regretted my decision of putting my paper in the Corporate House, I worked in previously. However, I realized that within a span of six months, I gradually got back to the state wherein my Chegg earning managed to surpass the former figures I used to earn in the corporate firm every month. Earning from Chegg contributed to my level of satisfaction career-wise.

My family loves to travel a lot. In these 1.5 years of association with Chegg, I have been able to sponsor a complete trip to Andaman and Nicobar Islands for my in-laws on their wedding anniversary and a trip to Kutch with my husband and kid.  With my Chegg earnings, I also bought a joint property with my husband last year. I further ensured a steady investment plan for my son’s future education. Chegg earnings have given me the power to keep throwing surprises occasionally for my near and dear ones. The grand festive season of Bengal, Durga Puja, is around the corner and these earnings will be highly effective in bringing smiles and adding sparkles to the festivity. So yes, in the end, Chegg has made me financially independent. I found a way to divide my earnings between investments, essentials and leisure in a balanced way.


Q. Have you ever introduced anyone to Chegg?

I am not only passionate about working for Chegg but I also love to let my friends know how rewarding this platform is to all of us. It is especially beneficial for the ones who are seeking opportunities to work from home, mostly the home-makers. Many of my friends are highly educated but we belong to a community wherein transfers are frequent on cards. Due to this, women make a lot of compromises to choose between career and personal life.

I started with introducing my friend, who is a Doctor to the Chegg platform. She opted for Human Anatomy and Biology. Similarly, another friend, who is a Clinical Instructor opted for Nursing branch of Chegg. I introduced 2-3 friends to Management and Business Operations subjects as well. While few have been active contributors on this platform, some chose to take it slow. But I am glad that I was able to successfully initiate them to the enthralling world of Chegg.


Q. How Chegg helped you in your overall growth?

I had a very promising career in the field of banking, working in the audit team, after getting campus placement from my B-school. Compensation was equally encouraging. However, there was a point in life, when I took a break from my career to concentrate more upon my personal responsibilities. It was at that point, Chegg happened to me.

When I first began working with Chegg, I pulled out my Management and Commerce study material, and superficially went through it to refresh my concepts. I wanted to compose comprehensive answers so that it would not leave any area of doubt on the student’s part. Growth with Chegg happened at every point, starting from re-learning the concepts to applying the same to reach out to the students in an effective manner. I observed a strict discipline with my working hours for benefiting the most out of it. I set my targets, daily, weekly as well as monthly and tried to achieve the same. These targets were challenging but achievable. Chegg has helped me with my overall growth.


Q. Share your experience with the Chegg Question & Answer Board?

The Chegg Q&A board is user-friendly and very convenient to use with the latest upgrades on the board. Now there is no need to visit the homepage of my account repeatedly to keep track of my performance as I can view the statistics easily.

I am thankful to the Chegg Q&A platform, as I have experienced great knowledge enhancement. I have mentally placed myself in the U.S for connecting with the students and their questions more effectively. The U.S politics, legal system, business and Government never appealed me in this way before. I gained knowledge about the Commerce and Trade laws of the country. Also, the amendments in the Civil Rights act and its importance in the field of Human Resource in management, their healthcare sector. Importantly, the feasible marketing strategies that differ from that of India, etc.

Whenever a student complements my solutions in the feedback, it makes my day. It reassures me that I am doing my best to help the students succeed academically. I may not get a scope to interact with them personally, but it is through my work and effort that I feel their existence.