August 12, 2020
August 12, 2020


Q. Tell us something about yourself and your tryst with Chegg.

An IT professional, I began my journey with Chegg in October 2016. Therefore I was working in a small-scale firm based in Pune when I got a mail from Naukri Portal to join Chegg. I found the company to be genuine by exploring about Chegg, online. After that enrolled myself immediately. I got motivated to receive my first salary after solving eight questions in the first month.

Q. What else are you involved in apart from Chegg?

It was my misfortune that the company I was working for, shut down, and I was left solely with the option of working with Chegg. From then on, my journey with Chegg began and has been unstoppable since then.

Q. Explain your initial experience with the Chegg Q&A Board?

Initially, I was proficient in C programming languages. However when I started exploring Chegg Q&A board, there are several types of questions available on different programming languages.  After that to solve more questions, I started learning new languages. Therefore now, I am solving questions based on C, C++, Java, Python, Linux, Shell Scripting, Data Structures, and Computer Networking.

Q. How would you rate your experience with Chegg Q&A board?

If I were to describe my experience with Chegg Q&A in one word, it would be “Splendid”.  Chegg has proved to be a turning point in my career growth, as I achieve newer milestones each day.

Q. How has Chegg helped you?

Firstly, Chegg has made me financially independent. Secondly, prior to joining Chegg, I had some debts, but thankfully, Chegg came through as a boon in my life – a source of money and knowledge. Thirdly, I have been able to clear my Education Loan with the help of Chegg earnings. After that, I have also bought a new phone and am able to pay EMIs for my two-wheeler loan. Above all my earnings from Chegg have enabled me to fulfil the needs of my family too.

Q. Cite the role of Chegg in your life?

Chegg has played a significant role in steering my career in the right direction. I have always wanted to become a good programmer but lacked adequate practice. After joining Chegg, my coding skills have exponentially expanded.

Q. Share a few lines about your achievements

I have solved more than 4,325 questions throughout my journey with Chegg and have achieved not only quantity but also maintained an excellent answer quality with a CF score of 87%.

Q. Narrate one memorable moment working on Chegg Q&A… 

Q. What specific measures do you take to teach programming skills to your students?

While answering student’s questions on Q&A board, my motive is to provide step-by-step solutions with well-documented and commented codes, so that when a student refers to his solution, he/she can not only get the detailed answer but also understand the approach towards solving that question.

Q. What are your favorite topics?

My favorite topics include logical questions, design problems based on languages like C, C++, Data Structures, Java and Python. I also enjoy solving command-based questions on Linux and Shell Scripting.