August 12, 2020
August 12, 2020
Q.How did you come to Chegg?
I did my BTech in 2009 and MTech from Andhra University (2009 to 2011).  During my MTech, I took an offer to join as an Assistant Professor at an engineering college. I joined as a part-time tutor. My sister was working as a full-time subject expert at Chegg during that time. So, after completion of MTech, I too tried to join Chegg as a full-time expert, but the pay was less than what I was offered by the college. I was not only promoted as an Asst. Professor, but was also made the head of the department. Due to high demand of civil engineers, it was tough to find civil engineering faculty.
I started teaching and slowly got habituated to teaching students. I was the HOD (head of the department) in that college for two years. My pay package was too good – more than any other HOD in that college. Later, I got married, got a good husband .

Q.How is being an EA different from working as an employee elsewhere?
I used to teach students live when I used to work as a faculty in a college. Working at Chegg is no different for me. Teaching is all the same, explaining students, giving step-wise instructions. Now, after coming to Chegg I feel myself a lot upgraded as this job makes me keep myself updated with the subject content.
As a teacher at college, I can reproduce content from the text books while explaining to the students, but here at Chegg, I can’t copy content from some text books that made me a real author, who writes original content for the students. I feel proud to be an author.

chegg expert gets upgraded
Being head of a department is tough. I needed to stay at the college the whole day, got to look after administration of the department along with taking classroom sessions and handling student issues. I couldn’t even enjoy my breaks and leisure. I was answerable to someone. My personal life was badly affected by my previous full time job.
Chegg does it the other way around. I am not answerable to someone else. Even though, I make a mistake in any of my solutions, I can correct it in the comments while having a conversation with the student. Chegg gifted my personal life back to me at the same time keeping me very satisfied with my earnings and job.

Q.How much time do you spend a day on authoring?
I spend full time. I wake up at 3AM, sit on Q&A till 7 AM. Then I go to the kitchen to prepare breakfast and have breakfast with family and then sit back on TBS from around 9AM till 12PM. I take a lunch break, both preparing and for having it. At 3PM again, I sit on TBS till 7 PM. I work another hour post my dinner at 8PM, then I go to bed at around 10PM.
This is my daily routine that comfortably fetches me good earnings every month.

Q.How do you balance your personal and professional life as an EA?
I never miss an outing with family. We go to movies, parties, and family day-outs. I can happily work on weekends without losing all this. Chegg is the only organization that can offer such a lifestyle.
We even go on vacations and holiday trips where I usually carry my laptop. If I can manage to answer at least two questions per day during my vacation that takes nothing out of my vacation time, I can easily earn the travel expenses for the trip. I never felt an additional burden when we plan vacations or holiday trips.

Q.Did you get any poor quality rating or send backs for your solutions anytime in you past? What do you do and what is your experience?
Yes I had, in the beginning. I received poor quality rating on both TBS and Q&A answers. That was like a starter for me. That was like an alert not to be too lenient on the subject. Those quality reports always kept me out of deviation from delivering quality content.
Once I corrected myself, the results were rewarding. I started receiving “thank you’s” from students in the comments, thumbs-up ratings, good scores and encouraging words from Chegg team – all very motivating. I never lost hope ever since.
chegg exprt gets encouragement
Q.Could you tell us a memorable and a challenging moment in your tenure?
Answering Q&A board itself is challenging, which I always enjoy the most. Unlike TBS, you don’t have much time to refer to text books or any other source. I need to be quick and accurate. That really is an enjoyable task for those who, like me, love the subject. The challenge I enjoy by working on Q&A board is also one of the reasons behind my healthy mind. I feel active and energetic through-out, every day.
The earnings I get every month keeps me motivated and in fact, I keep challenging myself by increasing the target number of questions every month to earn more. Every peak season, all the 4 months, I make most of the flow, be it TBS or Q&A, every time I see the crazy figures in my bank account, I feel like that’s the flavor of life.
Coming to my personal life, all the things at my home are the ones I bought with the money I earned by working as an EA@Chegg. I bought an air conditioner, a scooter, a phone, and even jewelry .
My family supports me a lot. They don’t disturb me, if they see me sitting before my laptop, in fact, they switch the air conditioner on, and lock the door, trying to comfort me.
It can never be better than Chegg.

Q.Would you opt for an opportunity to take up a job of a full time expert in Chegg?
I would like to join but I think no other full time job pays like this.