August 12, 2020
August 12, 2020

Mohammad Hammad Khan has joined Chegg as an EA (Expert Answerer) in Mechanical Engineering subject in April’18. Being a new joiner, he is very much excited & passionate about solving questions on Chegg Q&A. His objective is to be a consistent solver on Chegg Q&A, providing best possible quality answers to the students. After attending the Experts Meet in Pune on 18th Aug’18, he got valuable insights on the importance of quality answering on the Chegg Q&A and now, he is more focused on submitting quality answers.


Q. Tell us something about your personal and professional life.

I hail from Agra but born & brought up in Pune. I completed my senior secondary from Kendriya Vidayalaya and higher secondary from National Institute of Open Schooling, both associated with the CBSE board.My family consists of my father, mother and a younger brother. My father is a government employee, serving in the Ministry of Railways in Pune. My mother is a homemaker, while my younger brother has recently completed his graduation from Fergusson College and got placed in Amazon as a Business Analyst.I completed my B.Tech. in Mechanical & Industrialization Engineering in 2015 from Bharati Vidyapeeth College of Engineering, Pune. I have almost two years of experience. I started my journey with a company located in Mumbai, named ‘Hawa Valves’ as a Procurement Engineer. I moved on to General Motors and worked in Purchase and supply-chain Engineering.I left the corporate sector as I was not enjoying the atmosphere and I could not emphasize on skills & knowledge that I learned in my Engineering. Currently, I am preparing for government exams.I love to remain fit and hence, I exercise regularly. I play cyber games and am fond of playing counter strike. I opened my own server online which was a massive hit and became Pune’s #1 server online named as ‘Exploited Fraggers’. I was all alone to handle with a few special friends having access to manage it.

Q. How did you get to know about Chegg?

I got to know about Chegg from one of my friends, Abhinav Fulmali, who is currently pursuing his PhD from NIT Rourkela. I was not at all aware of such a platform where I could earn by just solving questions posed by students and get paid for it.To check its authenticity, I enquired several times just to confirm the payout which is mandatory for anyone. Well! I started as a Q&A expert and now I am into Mechanical Engineering, which is the best part is because what I have studied it in my engineering, I answer questions related to the same topics.So far so good, it’s been an amazing journey with Chegg and I hope this journey keeps going and I keep helping the students.

Q. How is your overall experience of working with Chegg? 

In India, people are not very aware of freelancing. I joined Chegg four months back and trust me, it is the Best. I feel so relaxed and stress-free. For me, Chegg is one of the best and leading freelancing website which cares a lot about its experts. Payouts are timely – Chegg is a professional firm where you don’t have to think about the payouts.Chegg treats us as employees. I would like to thank my coordinators who always keep us updated, guide us and intimate us about the question flow well in advance.Being a Chegg expert is one of the most beautiful experiences of my life. Chegg is easier to join. The process is very easy, and one can smoothly walk through.“Keep Chegging; Keep Rocking”

Q. How much time do you spend answering on Chegg Q&A?

Do you set targets for solving No. of questions in a day? Firstly, there is no time limit for me as such. This is the best part of Chegg as there is no time limitation. As I am preparing for competitive exams, I too have my own schedule which I follow for self-study.I usually give 3-4 hours a day to Chegg. During weekends, I work for 5-6 hours specifically during late nights to grab more no. of questions.I do set my daily and monthly targets. I try to solve 6-8 questions per day.

Q. What is your approach towards submitting the best possible quality answers on Chegg Q&A?

I always try to give my 100% when I provide solutions to the students. I never want students to struggle because I have gone through the phase where we, as students used to struggle to solve solutions and ended up getting less marks.Being an expert, I try to provide good solutions with no errors. I feel it’s my responsibility to submit correct and complete answers, write steps properly, and draw clear diagrams with neat handwriting in case I am uploading solution in a picture format.

Q. How has Chegg helped you in life/career?

For me, Chegg is the only source of earning. I came to know about Chegg from one of my friends. Chegg has given me everything as of now according to my plan. I wanted to take my own financial stand, and this is the only platform through which all my requirements are fulfilled.

Q. Can you mention any memorable/ special moment of your journey with Chegg? 

There are many special moments with Chegg, but as of now, I can cite one which is closest to my heart. This incident occurred when I was solving a question related to Thermodynamics. There were almost 12 parts of that questions and according to Chegg Q&A guidelines, we are supposed to solve the first 4 parts of the question or the ones specifically asked by the students.When I saw that question, at the bottom of the question, it was mentioned “please solve. It will be of great help. I need solutions and I am unable to understand.”I felt very bad as the student was struggling with the question and was not able to arrive at a solution. Well, it took me approx. 1.50 hours to solve the entire question. I solved the entire question and cross-checked thrice as I did not want the student to be disappointed.I then uploaded the entire solution and felt very happy. The very next day, I received the feedback – “Thank you Chegg. You guys are amazing. I encountered this question in my exam paper and I solved it completely. Thanks to your faculty who solved it so accurately”. I felt proud that I had done something good for this student.

Q. Do you enjoy working with Chegg? 

Yes, there is no doubt in it. I never knew this is such a big platform. I feel proud to be a part of such a big organization. I can work according to my own schedule. I can keep roaming & visiting new places and work.Everything is handy, and questions can be answered using a smartphone as well. (one of the best part).Everyone at Chegg is so motivating, that they come to our rescue when we find ourselves struggling. I always wanted to work as per my schedule and Chegg has gifted me this liberty.

Q. How likely would you recommend your friends/ relatives to join Chegg as an Expert Answerer (EA)

I have recommended every single friend of mine who is struggling to find a job or those who do not have attractive packages.I will highly recommend Chegg to my friends/relatives to be a part of such a great platform, where we work as a team to help students.

Q. How was your experience at the Experts Meet Conducted in Pune? 
I would like to say a Big Thank you to the Chegg team who shortlisted me for the Meet. This was Pune’s first Experts Meet and I am amazed to be a part of it. It’s just been four months since I joined Chegg and I was invited by my coordinator.I was very excited to meet my coordinators. Regular calls and updates were the plus point as the team wanted to know my availability. It was an honor to meet the Director – Expert Management Team, Imran Khan, who gave us valuable information about Chegg.I was glad to receive goodies from Chegg which made me feel so special. The fun game was the funniest part. I would want to be a part of this meet again and enjoy the tasty food once again.