August 12, 2020
August 12, 2020
Q. How did you come to know about Chegg?
I am Lalitha – an M. Tech (Electrical Engineer) from Andhra University. Just like any other fresher, I too was on the lookout for a job in my core sector. I attempted many competitive exams to land into a government job. One fine day, I heard about Chegg from my friend, whose brother was working as an in-house expert. When I started working for Chegg, I discontinued searching for other jobs, and started depending solely on Chegg.

Q. What do you like about Chegg?
At Chegg, I can work at leisure without any pressure. It is pretty comfortable working for Chegg, as it allows me to work from home at my own pace and time and this is what I like the most about Chegg. Chegg doesn’t impose any restriction on working hours or on the number of questions to be answered. The more you work, the more you earn!When I first heard about Chegg, I felt it was a great opportunity to earn, even as a student. I was still a final year engineering student then. (Reminiscing)When I started earning, I stopped depending on my parents for monetary support. The earnings at Chegg made me more independent and much more confident. Moreover, working from home allowed me to concentrate on other priorities. I have been working since 2011 as an Expert Answerer (EA).

Q. How does Chegg help you in your overall growth in your subject?
I work on Textbook Solutions as well as on Q&A Board. My day generally begins at 4AM and I answer on the Q&A Board throughout the morning; and then in the evenings, I work on TBS. At Chegg, I am challenged with questions of all levels.Sometimes, I handle questions of very high standard as compared to what I learned in my college. International students follow advanced level textbooks which are comprehensive, as compared to textbooks of Indian colleges – Chegg gives me an opportunity to have exposure to international textbooks and thus expand my knowledge. I am greatly indebted to Chegg!
Chegg Q&A is a unique platform wherein international students bombard me with a variety of questions related to my subject. This helps me to think out of the box and explore more. I can say from the bottom of my heart that Chegg has helped me grow subject-wise. Working for Chegg is a great privilege. I will never discontinue working for Chegg. Why would anyone do such a thing?

Q. Have you ever received poor rating?
Once, my solutions were rejected because I wasn’t adhering to the guidelines. The in-house team is very efficient in checking the quality and in identifying potential errors in solutions. Their constructive feedback helped me get back on track very soon.

Q. Any challenging moments?
Yes, there was this time, when I was answering questions of an advanced level textbook. I took almost a month to solve all the questions in a chapter. I lauded myself with a pat on my back for being able to solve all of them. I was very happy that I could crack all the questions.

Q. What else do you do apart from working for Chegg?
I am currently assisting some professors in carrying out research works.My dad works for Vizag Steel Plant. My mother is a homemaker. Chegg allows me to enjoy family time, which is diminishing for many, these days. I can work from home and also help my mother with the dishes and the cooking. I spend time and play around with my siblings. My eldest sister is also into teaching profession – an Assistant Professor in an engineering college and simultaneously works for Chegg as an EA. My younger brother is preparing for competitive exams. He is also interested in working for Chegg.

Q. What are your future goals?
I want to get a government job, for which I am also preparing for many competitive exams. Whatever I do, I will never discontinue working for Chegg.
Once I faced an interview in a corporate company. During a job interview, I revealed to them that I work for Chegg. They were curious to know about Chegg. When I explained about the nature of work and how we cater to international students, they showed an interest of joining as EAs. (Smiles)

Q. Tell us about a memorable time you had working for Chegg?
I earned a sizable amount in a month and I bought Jewelry with the amount I earned at Chegg. I took my friends out for a movie and we had loads of fun and I was the privileged financer. I could also give some money to my parents. This made them happy and I too felt valuable. (Chuckles)

Q. Suppose Chegg gives you a full time employment, would you avail yourself of the opportunity?
I am desperately waiting for a chance to work as a fulltime in-house expert. I would be more than happy to avail myself of such an opportunity. It is a privilege to work for a global academic company as Chegg.

Q. Did you ever get bored of answering?
My profession at Chegg is entertaining, so I don’t get bored. If I ever get bored, I go out, enjoy with my friends and get back to work, rejuvenated.

Q. Did you recommend anyone?
Yes. I recommended my sister, who is an Assistant Professor. Now, she is an active expert answerer. Very soon, my brother will also be working on Chegg Q&A board.