August 12, 2020
Voice of an EA – Sai Bramari
August 12, 2020

Q. How were you introduced to Chegg?
I got to know about Chegg through an online job portal. The job profile of an Expert Answerer (EA) posted by Chegg on it was captivating. I also browsed through the Chegg website and found out that Chegg assists students when they get stuck in solving subject questions.

Q. What were you doing before joining Chegg?
I have a Ph.D in Bio-physics from the National Institute of Mental Health and Neurosciences, based in Bangalore. I taught M.Pharmacy students at the National Institute of Pharmaceutical Education and Research. I also wrote scientific writings and articles for US-based pharmaceutical companies. Now, I am working as an Expert Answerer in Biology for Chegg.

Q. How is working for Chegg different from working elsewhere?
The work of an Expert Answerer relates to teaching and this is what I delight in. As we grow in our career, we specialize on a specific subject-related area. Answering on Chegg Q&A board not only enhances my intellect, but also refreshes my basics. That is something very unique and interesting about Chegg. Moreover, I can work from home at my convenience which is, indeed, a rare opportunity.

After completing these academic milestones along with my work experience, I can’t imagine sitting idle at home. Chegg provides an intellectually challenging platform for people like me who can only work from home.

Q. Cite a challenging incident.
There was a question about DNA replication and the enzymes involved – it was like food for my brain! I explained it to the student with a proper diagram and the student responded with a thumbs-up! It was a good feeling that I could help the student. Likewise, I receive all kinds of questions – high school level to graduate level – that require a lot of on-the-spot thinking, problem-solving, and subject knowledge foundations.

Skipped questions are generally the toughest questions and they are left unsolved. Though they require more time to solve, I love solving them. Easy ones can be answered by anyone – I strive to help students on the problems that are most challenging to them. I work on the Chegg Question and Answer (Q&A) board in the morning after my five-year-old child has left for school. I also work in the night once everyone has slept and the house is silent, as this is when I can pull my thoughts and concentrate on answering questions.

Q. How does Chegg satiate the teacher in you?
My mother is a chemistry lecturer and I acquired my interest in teaching from her. My husband is an ophthalmologist and my father is an audit officer. All my family members are highly-educated. Accordingly, it’s something that’s always been highly prioritized in my life.

Interacting with students on the Chegg Q&A board satiates the teacher in me. Students, whether Indian or International, have a hunger for knowledge. Even while answering on the Chegg Q&A Board, I ensure that the student is satisfied. Moreover, teaching has reciprocal benefits. Teaching and learning always go hand-in-hand. We learn when we teach. Thus, we grow in our subject knowledge and teaching ability. Teaching is a noble profession, what you gain here is something very special.

Q. How did Chegg make your life easy?
Financially, when you are dependent, it is not good always. Chegg made me financially independent. At Chegg, you need to be disciplined and show enthusiasm towards work. The more you work, the more you earn.

Q. If Chegg offers fulltime, would you avail?
Definitely! In fact, I have already put in a word to the HR team. They said that they would inform me when there are openings. Working for Chegg is a pleasure.