Voice of an EA – Bhaskar
August 12, 2020
August 12, 2020
Q. How were you introduced to Chegg?
I am Keerthi. I joined Chegg in 2012 and have been working as an Expert Answerer for the past four years. I am good at electrical and Math subjects. After completion of My B. Tech in Electrical Engineering, a friend of my brother introduced me to Chegg. First, I was quite tense when I visited the Chegg office in Vizag, as I was a novice to online jobs. The Chegg staff made things comfortable for me and explained my roles politely and clearly. I gave the test and fortunately I was qualified. I was given assignments and there began my journey with Chegg.

Q. What else are you doing apart from working for Chegg?
While working for Chegg, I also pursued MBA from Andhra University and graduated with flying colors. After attaining my MBA, four of us designed and developed a mobile application startup. We have been working to market the app. Currently, Chegg is the only source of income for me.

Q. Since you have been working for four long years, tell me how is working at Chegg different from working elsewhere?
Timings at Chegg are flexible. Flexible timings are not common elsewhere. We can work any time of the day. Unlimited work is available round the clock. As you sow, so you reap. The more you work, the more you will earn. This is the best part of Chegg. I am able to utilize my time to explore and focus on other activities of interest, which is impossible with other jobs.

Q. How are you able to balance your professional life and personal life?
During the day, I work for two hours on Chegg site answering around 10 questions. Likewise in a month, I would answer 300 questions.  Also, I dedicate my entire weekends to work for Chegg. I receive a sizeable amount of payment for the work done. Moreover, I am left with enough bandwidth to focus on other personal works. I have enough time to spend with my friends and go out with them.

Q. Have you ever receive poor rating?
My work was poorly rated once. But then I immediately contacted the staff and they directed me to the evaluator. The evaluator clearly explained me where I’m going wrong, in a polite manner and I was back on track.

Q. How did Chegg help you improve your subject?
First of all, I am grateful to Chegg for giving me exposure to International textbooks of very high standards. I got my basics right in my college but answering at Chegg helped me build my knowledge, as the textbooks go in-depth and are very application-oriented. I also improved my communication skills and my writing skills. I also learned how to manage my time and submit the assignments on time.
I always had a thirst for improving my knowledge and Chegg quenched my thirst. Knowledge is what matters.

Q. Cite a Memorable time?
Everyone likes the first salary (smiles). As a B.Tech graduate, I pursued many jobs. Girls have lesser opportunities in the core field. Sometimes, we were asked to pay large amounts of money to get a job.  My jobless condition caused me to be depressed. But then Chegg revived my hopes. At Chegg, I heard, “if you prove your talent, you will be hired”. I was pretty much impressed by that. Finally, I was through and got the job.
Moreover, I bought new clothes for my family with the first salary and that was very memorable. I bought a laptop. I also bought a plasma TV for my parents. I supported myself during MBA.
My Father is a retired head-constable. My mother is a house-wife. My brother is an architect. Our family underwent a financial crisis after my father’s retirement, but then Chegg came along side and saved us.

Q. Cite a Challenging time?
The level of education at Chegg is of international standard and the questions we receive pertain to different levels. A couple of years ago, I received an advanced textbook – level 5. I thought of returning the book. But then, the manager encouraged me to take it as a challenge and prove my worth. That was very motivating. I took it home and managed to solve. That was the time I earned the highest. My mother also gave me enough support and encouragement, as I tried to crack the tough questions.

Q. Did you ever get bored of answering?
People like me who have a thirst for knowledge and a heart for teaching will never get bored of answering at Chegg.

Q. Suppose Chegg offered a fulltime job, would you avail?
I initially applied for the job of a full-time in-house expert, but at that time positions were not available. I will definitely avail. Exploring new avenues is my hobby. Thinking out of the box, expanding the knowledge, analyzing and breaking the conventional approach is my kind of attitude. Chegg is for that.

Q. Did you recommend anyone to join Chegg?
Yeah I recommended Chegg to five experts. Every time I recommend Chegg to someone, I tell that Chegg is a treasure for the talented. Chegg values knowledge rather than superficial professionalism. They also ask me many questions related to payment. I told them my experience and they get convinced.