August 12, 2020
Quality Champion – April 2020
August 12, 2020
Q. How did you get introduced to Chegg?
I was introduced to Chegg by a family friend and have started my journey on 22nd May 2017. I am currently working on the Finance domain. I have answered several questions so far on the Chegg Question & Answer board. I have provided quality solutions in TBS as well.

Q. Explain your initial experience with the Chegg Q&A Board?
When I first started answering, I used to get a lot of thumbs up, especially with the theory questions. This boosted my confidence and made me realize that students are liking my explanation and language. I do not like to give lengthy verbose answers, which bore the students. I give necessary information that covers the concept the student seeks.

Q. How did Chegg help in your progress?
Chegg made me discover my hidden potential. There are questions I’ve answered in this platform which I initially thought was not possible. It has improved my critical thinking ability. Some concepts which I didn’t bother to clear during my college years, I’ve studied them now, because of the questions I get, for instance, the concept of triangular arbitrage. Also, there are questions that I’ve answered, which are partially related or unrelated to my subject.

Q. How was the Expert Meet experience?
The Expert meet was a lovely time. It was fun knowing experts from various fields and hearing their experiences. I learned a lot. Also, receiving lauds from senior
I can recall some questions from the concept of engineering economics. This is not financed but economics question. However, I googled the concept and with a little bit of study, was able to answer the subsequent questions.

Q. Cite something from your personal life.
Apart from being a finance teacher, I also like to sing. It is my passion. I participate in cultural programs occasionally. Apart from answering on the Chegg Q&A Board, I spare some time to practice singing and socialize with family & friends.

Q. Would you recommend others to join as Expert Answerer? If yes, why?
I’ve recommended a lot of my friends and family members to join Chegg. I also introduced my sister-in-law who is currently working as a biology expert.

Q. In short, what is Chegg for you?
A life changing work opportunity, letting me balance my personal and professional life by providing the work-from-home option.