August 12, 2020
Voice of an EA – Bhaskar
August 12, 2020
Q. How did you come to know about Chegg?
I came to know about Chegg through a friend. Before joining as an Expert Answerer (EA) at Chegg, I worked as a Physics lecturer for intermediate level students. I discontinued my teaching profession as I had to relocate to different places across India due to the nature of my husband’s job. I was also blessed with a boy (smiles) and so I was busy taking care of my baby.
After a long gap, I relocated to Vizag. Vizag being my hometown and I have my family around to take care of my child, I had this thought of restarting my career. It was then that my friend introduced me to Chegg. When I heard about Chegg, I didn’t show much interest initially, because I had a few misconceptions about online jobs that they are usually too good to be true when it comes to payment and that the opportunities to work from home would be minimal.
Later, when a few of my friends who were working for Chegg came along and told me that Chegg is a reliable place to work and that we can work at our convenient time and from home, I felt encouraged. I also browsed through the internet to know about the nature of work at Chegg, which I found to be very interesting and I joined.

Q. How is it different from being a lecturer in other colleges and donning the role of an EA at Chegg?
A lecturer’s time schedule is fixed, starting from 8 in the morning to 5 in the evening. There’s no flexible time to concentrate on other activities.
Chegg is very convenient. I can balance my home and my work very well. I can work with less pressure and at my convenience and pace. At the same time, I can attend to my household chores. I also have an adolescent son who needs my care and attention. I can cook for my family and spend time quality time with my son. My son is studying in intermediate and also preparing for the IIT entrance and he needs my support. I also clarify his doubts in physics and math whenever he gets stuck. I also have an elderly relative at home and I take care of her also. This is the best part of Chegg.

Q. What were your career goals?
I had a goal of getting a government sector job. I appeared for grade one level exams and I successfully cleared the first screening test but couldn’t clear the second level. In my past time, I used to study physics as physics has always been my passion.

Q. How much time do you spend on answering?
My day begins at 4 AM and answer questions on Chegg Q&A board up to 12 noon. In the evening, I again work on answering from 7 to 11. I am also able to balance my personal and professional life. My husband is also a physics lecturer and I have his support all the time.

Q. What is your experience with the kind of questions you receive on Chegg Board?
I am an M.Sc in physics and enjoy answering advance level questions. Chegg challenges me with all levels of questions related to the subject and truly is a great experience. Some advance level questions require a lot of brain storming. As soon as I receive the question, I mull over it and then try to solve the question at any cost. Skipping the question is my last option (smiles).

Q. In what way did Chegg help you improve your subject skills?
Chegg helped me become a student again. Chegg is helping me to recollect all the basics that I learned in college. Grappling with such questions has definitely had a great impact on my subject knowledge. Chegg drives me to dust my good old college books and thus refresh my basics.Chegg also helped me improve my computer skills and gave me exposure to a number of software. I learned how to use new commands in the software to solve the questions.

Q. Could you share a challenging moment during your answering?
Every time I receive a tough question, I take it as a challenge. I keep receiving a number of challenging questions. Some questions require software for solving. So, I had to use the software to solve and then post the answer.

Q. What is one good thing you like about Chegg?
Chegg also helped me improve my computer skills and gave me exposure to a number of software. Students also post questions which are really unique. When the student likes my answer and gives appreciative comments like – “It is very helpful”, “Wow! Thank you” I feel so satisfied. I feel like I am in the seventh heaven.
Chegg is a platform where I can apply my expertise. For many years, I was not in touch with my subject. Chegg helps me to apply my knowledge and not let it go waste. I am really happy that my hard work never went in vain. Thanks Chegg!!

Q. Could you share a Memorable Moment?
I keep recollecting my first month with Chegg. It was after a very long time, I again started to work. After working for a month, I had my own doubts about the payment. When I received the first pay-check, I was very happy. I became very confident and financially independent.

Q. How did Chegg help your family grow?
Recently, I bought a two wheeler with the money I earned as an EA. I am able to support my parents financially. My son is also very good in physics and math. He also discusses the subject with me when I sit for answering questions on Chegg Q&A board. Sometimes, he helps me during answering.  Thus, Chegg is also helping him improve his subject. As he is busy with his studies, he doesn’t have much time to spare.
Q. Did you recommend  Chegg to anyone?
I was travelling a lot and I was not in touch with many of my friends. However, I shared my experience with a couple of my friends who are also working as lecturers. If they had to discontinue their current jobs and switch over to online jobs, they would definitely opt for Chegg.

Q. Have you ever got bored of answering?
I am a physics enthusiast and I never feel bored of answering. Whenever I do not receive questions, I get bored. (smiles)

Q. Have you ever received poor ratings for your answers? How do you respond to such ratings?
I received a low score from the In-house team once along with some constructive comments. I took corrective measures and moved on.
Students also post comments if they face difficulty in understanding the answer. Such comments also helped me to make my answer more presentable for the student.