Voice of an EA – Vipul Singhal
August 12, 2020
August 12, 2020

Q. How has your journey with Chegg been till now…?
Well. It has been amazing because I was an employee of Chegg and worked there as an SME. I moved out to pursue my education – a Post-Graduation from JNTU, Hyderabad. I couldn’t leave Chegg so, I started working as a freelancer.

Q. How much time do you spend on Chegg daily?
I take out a minimum of 3-4 hours daily and dedicate myself to work on the Chegg Q&A Board. I try to crack as many questions as I can in those few hours. Chegg is a great platform and has become the most important part of my life. I cannot live without Chegging.
Chegg is life because it helps me to follow the best mantra to be successful – Learn – Solve – Earn – Repeat…

Q. How are you being benefitted by the Expert Meets?
Expert Meets makes us realize that we are a part of Chegg. “We are One Team”. Expert Meets allow us to connect with Chegg more. I am thankful to Chegg management team for organising these Expert Meets. It is nice to meet our coordinators in-person. This event is a great platform to make our bonding with Chegg even stronger. I feel motivated listening to the experiences of the fellow expert answerers. It is encouraging to see that some Big Timers are also working for Chegg. This Expert meet was truly a memorable one.

Q. Share some challenging moments.
The journey with Chegg was amazing but I also faced few challenges. I wasn’t aware of the coding software MATLAB and EES before. Answering on Chegg Q&A Board requires knowledge on the coding software. It was a nightmare for me to learn this software.  My never-give-up attitude helped me learn the software and I answer hundreds of questions using the software.

Q. Share something from your personal life.
I am a Post-graduate student and the only son of my parents. My father is a retired government employee and my mother is a homemaker. I can say from the bottom of my heart that I am financially stable after joining Chegg.  I invested some money in Mutual funds and even pay for my life insurance.
With the earning at Chegg, I bought my Post-Graduation project equipment. Chegg helped me to pay my semester fee, hostel fee, project funding, and many more. I love travelling, so I self-funded to visit different places in South India, along with my friends.

Q. What do you bear in mind while answering questions on the Chegg Q&A Board?
One thing I always keep on high priority – Keep students satisfied with all my answers. The Company also grows when its customers are satisfied. Benefits reciprocate to the company and the employees when the customers get satisfied. I solve questions with utmost care to ensure that students are satisfied with all my answers.

Q. Have you introduced anyone to Chegg?
I have already introduced Chegg to more than twenty friends and I will continue to do so. But will only refer to those who are good at academics. I will introduce Chegg as a great place to learn and earn.