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September 21, 2020
Scope of Psychology
Scope of Psychology- Eligibility, Course, Syllabus, Job Opportunities
October 28, 2020

Voice of an EA – Aayush Poddar

Q. How did you come to know about Chegg?

I came to know about Chegg through Chirag Bansal, my batchmate in the University. He explained to me the modus operandi of the Chegg Question and Answer Board. The deal maker for me was, when he added that questions on the Chegg Question and Answer board cater to more applied forms of learning than being limited to theoretical form, like classroom lectures.

He shared with me his bank statement to undergird the authenticity of Chegg. However he made me promise that if I ever took up Chegg seriously, then I would owe him a treat. As far as my memory serves, we really splurged right after my first payday.

How much time do you dedicate to Chegg?

 I dedicate around 4 to 8 hours to Chegg every day. It depends largely on my sleep-cycle. The pace of the questions and the ensuing adrenaline rush make it difficult to leave the Chegg Q&A board until I decide to throw in the towel.

Q. Describe your overall experience with Chegg.

My overall experience with Chegg has been phenomenal. It truly helped me continue within my field of Biotechnology without compromising on my earnings, considering the fact that the sector/industry isn’t quite as developed in India as compared to other countries.

Q. What is the best thing you like about Chegg?

The best thing that I like about Chegg is the healthy competition between all experts from the same field. The lack of negativity and knowing that any expert excelling at their craft is tantamount to students achieving success on their chosen career path, is truly an inexplicable feeling to possess.

Q. Cite a memorable moment.

A memorable moment was when one of my answers on Chegg had around 7 to 8 thumbs-up with just 1 thumbs-down for unknown reasons. What makes it even memorable is that one of the students commented, “Who the hell gives a downvote to such an amazing answer!”

Q. Share a challenging moment.

A challenging moment was when the most rudimentary fundamentals pertaining to Biotechnology were tested. Even after multiple attempts at solving the problem, I was unable to arrive upon a solution that matched the given options. In the end, I went with the answer that I was arriving upon after incessant computations and reiterations, mentioning a disclaimer that for some reason I was not being able to find the matching answer within the given options. To my surprise, the student commented that there was some mistake in the way the question was framed and thus his professor was surprised how he managed to get the right answer! That was the moment when I my faith and confidence in my subject knowledge was challenged but later vindicated.

Q. Tell us something about your family.

I am the only child of a typical middle-class Indian Marwadi family. My father is self-employed/independent consultant and my mother works for an MNC. My parents, relatives, and cousins studied diverse subjects; from Fashion Designing to Commerce to Nanotechnology. My interactions with them over the course of my life has largely shaped the person I am today, by instilling within me a passionate love for education and knowledge in all its forms.

Q. What have you bought from the earnings you got from Chegg?

Man, what a question! I clearly recall giving my first-ever salary to my mother. After that, I was able to take my family out to dinner at a posh restaurant. I bought a smartphone, a bicycle, a backpack, hiking shoes, sunglasses, and plethora of other things. In a nutshell, it was financial independence at its best. The cherry on the top was to fund my own trip to visit my girlfriend who stays in a different city.

How do you spend your spare time?

In my spare time I watch television shows and movies religiously, go for intermittent bouts of cycling, listen to music, and most of all gorge on delicacies whenever and wherever my path might happen to cross theirs.

Q. What measures do you take to give to the student their money’s worth?

The measures I take to give students their money’s worth include (but not limited to):
1) Ensuring that there are no typographical errors/mistakes especially in Multiple-Choice Questions.
2) Ensuring that the answer does not encourage rote system of learning, but rather offers an opportunity to the student to learn the concept through the detailed elucidation. I aim to offer solutions in such a way that their professor might not have had the liberty to provide them.

How has Chegg helped you in your overall growth?

Chegg has helped me in my overall growth by making me realize, almost epiphanically, that my true calling lies in the field of education. To this effect, I am planning to become a Professor in a reputed educational institute, so that I can keep dispersing knowledge.

How do you introduce others to Chegg?

I introduce others to Chegg the same way my friend, Chirag, introduced me to it. Firstly, by explaining to them the modus operandi of Chegg and alleviating their skepticism regarding its viability. Secondly, and most importantly, by making them treat me once they start to make a livelihood via Chegg. Therefore, situation becomes win -win for all.