Top Performers – May 2020
September 21, 2020
Quality Champion – May 2020
September 21, 2020

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Adarsh Kumar | Psychology
Adarsh Kumar is an expert answerer (EA) in Social Psychology. He completed Bachelor of Arts (Major in History). He is currently working as an Inspector in Central Board of Indirect Taxes and Customs, Govt. Of India.

In his words, “In my journey with Chegg, I will be reaching a milestone by completing two fabulous years with Chegg in the month of September. Initially, I had my apprehensions regarding online jobs, but Chegg has proven to be very reliable. Therefore Looking forward to celebrating my second anniversary soon. ‘Roti, Kapda, aur Makan’, is what Chegg means to me. In addition to that, due to the nature of the subject that I teach and the diverse questions I attempt, Chegg helps me to assess myself and my surroundings better.

All I have to do is follow the honour code of Chegg and understand the needs of the students. In other words I answer with authenticity to avoid plagiarism. Students take notice of the efforts and appreciate accordingly. Similarly I must appreciate the efforts of the people working behind the scenes. Keeping aside some hiccups, payments are always on time. Coordinators work along with Experts to ease their burden. In conclusion Thank You Chegg for this learning and earning experience.”



Pravin Mandora | Finance
Pravin Mandora owns a commerce institute in Gujarat and is backed by a rich teaching experience of 21 years.
Starting his journey with Chegg in March 2018, he has answered more than 23K questions. He was introduced to Chegg by one of his students, who is also answering on the Chegg Question and Answer Board.

In his words, “Chegg platform is worthy for all those who have strong subject knowledge and want to help students on their chosen subject. I am thankful to Chegg for this wonderful opportunity.”




Akhil Gupta | Accounting
Akhil Gupta is an expert in Accountancy, currently working as an Assistant Professor and a Financial advisor.

In his words, “It’s almost a year of my association with Chegg, helping students learn the subject with ease alongside adding income to my account. This is possible only through continuous learning, I always try to learn new topics and new subjects. I always try to hone my skill in making students understand the subject by providing them with detailed and easy steps. In conclusion the best thing with Chegg is, it helps students learn how to reach the answer rather than just providing the answer.




Hardeep Singh | Accounting

Hardeep Singh is an Expert Answerer in Accountancy. He is a Chartered Accountant and has completed B. Com(H) from Goenka College of Commerce and Business administration, Kolkata. He has taken a break from studies and wishes to pursue a PhD in Finance.

In his words, “I usually work full time with Chegg during the peak months, especially from October to December. Apart from Chegg, I devote my time to my family, business, and my startup project. I have been working with Chegg for more than 3 years now. The importance of Chegg in my life can be understood by the fact that I cannot even spend a single day without working on Chegg. Chegg has helped me learn new concepts and regularly update my knowledge. Chegg allows me to manage my personal and professional life and helps me pursue my other areas of interest. For me, quality is of utmost importance.

The golden rule is – never compromise with quality just for increasing numbers. I attempt only those questions that I am 100% sure of answering correctly. I try to explain and break down my answers in the easiest possible way for students. One must be consistent on the board for achieving the best. The more we solve, the more we learn, the better we get. Though born and brought up in the Coal Capital of India, Dhanbad- Jharkhand, I spend most of my days in Kolkata. I wish to continue my association with Chegg forever.



Jose Pushpanayagam | Psychology
Jose Pushpanayagam has completed Psychology M.A. (English), M.B.A, M.SC (Psychology), PhD (Pursuing) and has worked as an Assistant Professor, Counsellor and Soft Skills Trainer. He is associated with Chegg for 2 years and 9 months.

In his words, “Chegg has come in as a boon while I was working as an Assistant Professor and preparing for my PhD. I quit my job as an Assistant Professor after working as a part-time expert for 1 year and 6 months in order to work as an Expert Answerer (EA) with Chegg and pursue my PhD. Above all Chegg has not only improved my earning potential but has given me the flexibility to work at my own pace and time. It has helped me spend quality time with my family. Moreover It has also helped me acquire knowledge in many new areas related to psychology.

Last but not the least, the payments are made on time without any delay. Therefore I always ensure that I provide enough information in order to ensure that the answer meets the required criteria. In addition I refer to other sources in order to confirm my answers before submitting, even if I’m sure about the answer. In conclusion I feel happy and content with my work at Chegg. The coordinator is very prompt and responds to the queries at any time.”