Quality Champion – August 2020
December 3, 2020
Voice of an EA – Rutuja Utagikar
January 18, 2021

Top Performers – August 2020


Sudheer Neelam is a B. Com graduate. He has been associated with Chegg as an Expert Answerer in Operations and Management subject, for nearly two years now. He has been performing exceptionally well; thanks to his sheer dedication and interest towards his subject. He has excellent time management skills. For Instance it reflects in how well he manages his studies as CA and CMA student. In addition at the same time working as an active answerer on the Chegg Q&A platform. All the knowledge he gains from his studies has made him a better Expert Answerer on the Chegg Q&A Board. Sudheer finds working for Chegg an unmatched rewarding experience – working from the comfort of one’s own home.







Shashank Sharma is an Chartered Accountant with more than 8 years of professional experience. He has been working as an Expert Answerer with Chegg Q&A Board since February 2020. His answers reflects his subject expertise. Which he has gained through years of academic excellence and experience. Shashank targets to spend 8-10 hours every day on the Chegg Q&A Board. After that he aims to answer maximum questions, maintaining superior quality in all his solutions. Quality is his top-most priority, and he strives to help the students with the best of his knowledge.

He tries to implement his learnings and insights gained from his rich experience to improve his answering quality. In his words, “Chegg has provided me with a platform to utilize my knowledge & experience. Moreover helping me in improving my efficiency and subject knowledge consistently. In addition I find Chegg as the best platform for using and upskilling one’s abilities. In conclusion it is one of the best platforms that gives equal opportunities to anyone who wants to excel in the subject of their interest.”






Anshu is a student at Delhi University, pursuing Bachelor of Science in Mathematics and has been an Expert Answerer with Chegg Q&A Board for a year now. She finds Chegg as a great opportunity to explore her knowledge and gain the best out of it. Anshu likes to use her position as a teacher and imparts knowledge to all who can benefit from it.

She has learnt a lot from the mistakes she committed in the initial days as an EA. Importantly, all those learnings now help her put up an exemplary performance on the Chegg Q&A Board. Moreover Anshu uses these learnings in her academics as well. After that she has gained some fruitful strategies, tactics, variations, and management skills that help her perform better.

In her words, With constant efforts and consistency, I manage to answer the maximum and the best I can. Therefore the compensation that I receive for my  answers is like a ‘reward for my performance’ . In Conclusion it helps me manage my personal expenditure moreover save some bucks for my family as well. I feel glad to be associated with Chegg and look forward to learning more!”