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December 3, 2020
Top Performers – September 2020
December 3, 2020

Quality Champion – September 2020


Honey Kumar has been working with Chegg Q&A board as an Expert answerer in Earth Sciences since January 2020. He holds a master’s degree in Geography from Central University of Punjab, Bathinda. Moreover is currently preparing for Civil Services Examination. He is an enthusiastic reader with interests ranging from History to Philosophy, Biology, Astronomy, and Earth Sciences.

In his words, “My journey with Chegg started in a very dramatic coincidence when I randomly visited my cousin and he suggested that I work as a tutor online. Initially, I had my reservations regarding online affairs, but then gradually it all started taking off. My interests beyond Geography started paying off.

Above all I was able to attempt a wide range of questions, and since then there is no looking back. Chegg has made me independent in financial terms. Chegg has given me exposure to what international standards of academics are.

My success at Chegg is to a great extent fueled by the quality of my work, which I always adhere to and prefer above anything else. A million thanks to my coordinator and Chegg supporting team!”