August 12, 2020
August 12, 2020

Quality Champion – March 2020


Quality Champion is shortlisted based on Highest Positive Feedback received from students.

Ganesh Babu Vuppidi has been working with Chegg since July 2015 as a Subject Expert in Finance. He is a teacher by profession. Chegg might be an earning platform for many, but for him, it is more than that. Chegg facilitated Ganesh’s passion for teaching by helping him grow financially and empowered him to provide quality answers to students.


During his initial days, he answered around 10 questions a day. His peers were way ahead of him answering more than 100. He started research and referred to books written by the best authors to learn and practice topics that he wanted to improve further. This not only helped him in answering more questions but also immensely contributed to enhancing his subject knowledge. This is the reason for the exemplary quality in his answers.


In his own words, “If Chegg were not referred to me by my friend, my life would have been full of struggles. Thanks to Chegg for giving such great teaching, learning, and earning opportunity. The gratitude I have for Chegg cannot be put in words and this is still an understatement.”