August 12, 2020
August 12, 2020


Vijay T.S.
Managing Director, Chegg India

Dear Experts,

We are living through unpredictable times. I hope that you and your family are steadily but surely thriving, staying united and supporting one another.

At Chegg, we put students first and I am proud to say that amidst the current global situation, your unrelenting support has helped us uphold this motto. Your unflinching commitment and tireless efforts have helped provide constant aid to students in need. It is indeed inspiring to see how you have not only stood up to adversity but have also been an indispensable part of the students’ academic pursuits in trying times like these.

We also believe that giving back to the society and local communities is imperative, and therefore, we have chosen to partner with SEEDS India Foundation to empower communities in need and provide essential hygiene items.

As we all settle into our new normal, a significant change is also affecting students’ lives. Most universities are now enrolling students into online courses and are trying to establish a fair student evaluation system which can cater to the challenges posed by COVID-19 threat.


As guides, experts, and mentors, we believe it is our duty to help students learn, especially at this time of need when they’re looking for someone to hold their hand through these rough waters. While we diligently perform our duty, it is also crucial to understand that we must adhere to Chegg’s Honor Code. Please take a moment to revisit the same. It is our individual and collective responsibility to foster learning with integrity and discourage any kind of academic dishonesty.


We sincerely hope that this unprecedented COVID-19 situation gets in control quickly, and our regular lives and livelihoods get back to normal soon. Praying for the wellbeing of everyone. Please take all precautions and stay safe.