Voice of an EA- Sirisha

I am lucky to have Chegg in my hometown… Working for Chegg has always been a pleasure… Especially for women like me, working from home is a blessing. There are no night shift hassles and no traveling time loss. I am left with ample time to concentrate on competitive exams… I am Earning and Learning at the Same Time. At Chegg, I can be a homemaker and a breadwinner too…
– Sirisha, EA – Electrical Engineering

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Voice of an EA- Sainadh

Chegg helps me to upgrade my subject knowledge as I answer questions related to my subject… We couldn’t pay house rent for four consecutive months. Now, thanks to Chegg, life has become more easy. I managed to clear two huge loans…
– Sainadh, EA (Electrical Engineering)

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Voice of an EA – Siva

Chegg gives me sufficient time to take care of my father and the truck… After joining Chegg, I bought a laptop, we constructed a new house, I bought a washing machine for my Mother, and an air conditioner for my new house… At Chegg, I solve tough level questions so it gives me great confidence in the subject and I am sure I will secure a good job in groups…Working for Chegg is always fun….
– Siva, EA (Mechanical Engineering)

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Voice of an EA – Srinivas Palli

Working for Chegg fills me with an unwavering assurance and confidence to face life… I have had an exponential monetary growth after joining Chegg. It is like I am getting a 100% hike every month… At Chegg, I was awestruck by the timely payment… After joining Chegg, life became lighter as my financial status has become brighter…
– Srinivas Palli, EA (Computer Science)

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Voice of an EA – Siva Prasad

Chegg helps me financially and allows me to work from the comfort of my home… We don’t have job pressure being an EA @ Chegg… We can set our own earning goals and work. The opportunity is limitless… Chegg pays very well as compared to the full-time job that paid me much less … I could earn a 6 month salary in just one month at Chegg…
– Siva Prasad, EA (Electrical Engineering)

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Voice of an EA – Srinadh

Chegg is my back up whenever I need financial support…I work from my home and take as many breaks as I want.
I always wanted to be a full-time EA for Chegg as I enjoy paying my full attention to help the students with my expertise…Those are the moments of utmost satisfaction of this job…Chegg fulfilled my desire…
– Srinadh, EA (Physics)

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