November 7, 2020
Communication & Soft skills

Office Communication and Soft Skills you need to remember at work- Learn how to use them!

Soft skills are an aggregate of one's interpersonal, communication, emotional intelligence among many-which lets one work effectively and with a team to put their hard skills to optimum use.
October 29, 2020
employability skills

Employability skills and its Importance

Employability skills is not a score that is kept by the government or even companies, it is a personal score that is never calculated but is reflected in your work history. Your history, which shows how many jobs you have had, how long did you stay in each of them, what was the reason for exit, etc.
October 28, 2020
career after mba

Detail Analysis of Scope, Salary, and Career after MBA

Masters in Business Administration (MBA) nowadays is the highest in-demand post-graduate course and one needs to understand where they can take their career after MBA. Every other graduate, no matter the stream now opts for an MBA for their post-graduation. This fact is the sole reason that the career options after an MBA have grown ten folds. Every other high-end MNCs now instantly hire MBA graduates and offer them heavy and attractive packages with high perks.
October 28, 2020
soft skills training

What Does a Soft Skills Trainer Do?

Soft skills training involves teaching someone how to improve various attributes such as their speech, body language, behavior, etc. This training empowers professionals and gives them the confidence to seize opportunities and create an impressive image. Here are some common modules included in a soft skills training program