October 28, 2020
ba in psychology

BA in Psychology-Your Complete Guide to help in your Career

BA in Psychology is an undergraduate degree for students who have completed the required graduation basics at a degree granting college or university. It takes about 4 years to earn the BA in Psychology degree, yet in some colleges it could be completed in more or less time if the college allows for the same. In general, the completion of the degree requires about 3-5 years. Let us look at some details in BA in Psychology.
October 28, 2020
Scope of Psychology

Scope of Psychology- Eligibility, Course, Syllabus, Job Opportunities

There is great scope of psychology since people today are so busy into their lives that they are unable to keep a track of their mental state and as a result of this they fall into the ugly trap of mental depression hence, they look for a psychological therapist who can listen to their mental state and advise them on their behavioral issues.