Voice of an EA – Bhaskar

I never felt that working for Chegg was a hindrance to my regular activities… The effort was the same, but working for Chegg gave me more satisfaction… It is addictive. One of the reasons is good earnings, but the main reason is Chegg provides a platform to learn something new every day… You get and assured income, at the same time get the enjoyment of answering questions from your favorite subject… steady workflow as an EA at Chegg makes you rich…
– Bhaskar, EA (Mathematics)

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Best Teachers always remain Students

“Once you stop learning, you start dying“, is one of Albert Einstein’s famous quotes. It’s true, when we stop learning, we are in a dearth of knowledge, and eventually we stop growing intellectually. After graduation, we sub-consciously feel like we are done with our formal education and it’s time to move on in life. This is […]

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CHEGG: The New Face of E-Learning

E-Learning has been making inroads into the erstwhile static location and paper based education services sector. Projections show that by 2019, half of the college curriculum would be e-learning based. Chegg India has been the forerunner in the e-learning sector, and has latched on to the early bird, that was earlier known as Cramster; which now reaps rich dividends.

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